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People's Daily continues attack on US constitution

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 August, 2013, 3:39am

The People's Daily continued its blitz on constitutionalism yesterday, with its overseas edition running another front-page commentary attacking US constitutional governance.

The criticism comes amid an escalating debate over which political direction China is heading, ahead of a series of leadership meetings.

The article, titled "American constitutional governance is more in name than in reality", said "there is no such thing as democracy and freedom under US constitutional governance".

The US constitution ensured the masses were exploited by monopolies that held sway over production, it said. "Such non-existent constitutional governance is not compatible with socialism," it said. It was signed by Ma Zhongcheng, who penned a similar attack on Monday.

The article squarely rejects the introduction of constitutional governance, despite some party leaders and scholars endorsing it. President and Communist Party chief Xi Jinping recently said: "No one should be allowed to be above the constitution".

Ma said the spread of "constitutional-rule" ideas in China was fostered by foundations affiliated with US intelligence agencies trying to overturn socialism.

Analysts said the latest propaganda blitz was clearly an effort by conservatives to jump-start a debate about the party's new direction, and possibly the nation's, as its leaders reportedly neet in the seaside resort of Beidaihe , east of Beijing, to work out their political agenda for the coming decade.

The publication of such articles "suggests a deep division over the political direction of the nation between the liberals and conservatives", said Zhang Lifan , a political affairs analyst.



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ianson, learn to be grateful for the good life
that CCP has made possible for you here
and enabled your avoidance of the sorry predicament
so inadequately described by J Gardam
I suppose your credential isn’t even Oxon
and from your claustrophobic views
bet that you can’t even begin to appreciate
that whymak is in a league
several rungs above yours
andao, though you came from a tiny place
learn to speak up and before that
study what you want to talk about
otherwise you’d stay appearing like a timid insect
though that is less a nuisance than loud and IGNORANT bugs
The definition of constitution is dogmatically fluid
it differs in forms and substance even among “common law democracies”
and morphs within the same country from one time to another
Try to understand the significance of parliamentary sovereignty
and USC’s prescription on war and extrajudicial killing
If you hate constitutionalism then why do they have a constitution? Makes no sense.
Silly comments here. There is no word about Confucius in the article and as far as I know the government is not dragging Confucius into the story. The Chinese government is apparently lost. One says, respect the Constitution, the other says don't use it. Anyway as a matter of fact the Chinese Constitution – well written and better than the U.S. version – is officially an "illegal document" that cannot be used. To finish the farce, the Party should simply annul the Constitution. Or really implement the rule of law. Obviously the ones milking the system and driving Ferraris don't like to change it. As for "Serving The People", that was long time ago.
How is this ma zhongcheng confucius clown
@pslhk: do you need some fresh air or something?
Is the People's Daily seriously arguing against constitutional rule?! Are they still living in the 19th century?? Dear lord, can we chinese please get rid of the Communist party, so we can finally progress into the 20th century
Attacks like this in overseas editions are exactly why the CCP continually goes one step forward, ten steps back when it comes to their desire to win people over with their so called "soft power" push. Ridiculous.
So, literate stupid ianson, for sure you are not confucius clown.
So, brilliant whymak, the state of one's visage is somehow related to the quality of one's learning? Your comment tells us all the quality of your adulation for Communist Party mumbo-jumbo.
HiggsSinglet: Your hatred of Confucius shows your true colors: an ugly illiterate moron. Perhaps you're also suffering from Tourette syndrome.


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