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Bo Xilai

Chinese Communist "princeling" Bo Xilai, expected by many to take a key leadership position in the leadership transition of 2012, was expelled from the Communist Party in September after a career that saw him as Mayor of Dalian City, Minister of Commerce and Party Chief of the Chongqing municipality. His wife Gu Kailai received a suspended death sentence in August 2012 for murdering British business partner Neil Heywood. 


'Let my father defend himself' says son of graft-accused Bo Xilai

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 August, 2013, 1:49pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 August, 2013, 6:14pm

Bo Guagua, the younger son of former Politburo member Bo Xilai, has made a rare public comment ahead of his father's corruption trial tomorrow, saying he had been unable to communicate with his parents for a year and a half and drawing attention to their "clandestine detention".

In a statement released to The New York Times on Monday, the younger Bo, who lives in the US, bemoaned his mother's conviction on a murder charge and said he hoped his father would have "the opportunity to answer his critics and defend himself".

Bo Xilai has been at the centre of arguably the biggest scandal to shake the Communist Party in decades. His wife, Gu Kailai , was convicted last year in the poisoning death of a British businessman.

In July, Bo Xilai, former party chief of the southwestern municipality of Chongqing , was charged with bribe-taking, corruption and abuse of power. The party announced on Sunday that his trial would start tomorrow in Jinan , the capital of Shandong province.

Political analysts said the outcome had almost certainly been decided already by party leaders, and Bo Xilai, 64, is expected to get a long prison sentence.

Video: China high-flyer Bo brought low as trial finally nears

Bo Guagua, a graduate of Harrow, Oxford University and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, has just enrolled in Columbia Law School. The third generation of an aristocratic Communist family, he had led a privileged life until the downfall of his parents.

"It has been 18 months since I have been denied contact with either my father or my mother," said Bo, 25. "I can only surmise the conditions of their clandestine detention and the adversity they each endure in solitude. I hope that in my father's upcoming trial, he is granted the opportunity to answer his critics and defend himself without constraints of any kind.

"However, if my well-being has been bartered for my father's acquiescence or my mother's further co-operation, then the verdict will clearly carry no moral weight," he added.

Gu was convicted in August last year of poisoning Neil Heywood, a British family associate who died in a hotel room in Chongqing the previous year. She received a suspended death sentence, which often equates to a life term.

In his statement, Bo Guagua discussed the fate of his mother publicly for the first time since the scandal broke early last year.

"My mother, who is now silenced and defenceless, cannot respond to the opportunistic detractors that attack her reputation with impunity," Bo said. "She has already overcome unimaginable tribulation after the sudden collapse of her physical health in 2006 and subsequent seclusion.

"Although it is of little comfort to my anxiety about her state of health, I know that she will continue to absorb all that she is accused of with dignity and quiet magnanimity."

Bo was referring to an illness that appeared to have struck Gu in Beijing when her husband was commerce minister. Family associates have said that the illness was debilitating, and that Gu became paranoid and was rarely seen in public afterwards.

After releasing the statement, Bo Guagua declined to answer any further questions, although he did confirm his enrolment at Columbia.

In September, when the party announced some of its findings against the father, Bo said in a brief statement that his father was "upright in his beliefs and devoted to duty".



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I don't think Melon Melon is in any position to make any requests or statements.........he would be lucky if he can protect his own butt once this thing is over...........he is still living off corruption money from his parents so he should worry more so about himself for now...............
They should seize all his assets including the ones in the USA. Obtaining financial profit by deception, tax fraud, fraudulent deception, wilful blindness... The list goes on. Send the pumpkin back to the farm!
I am almost certain multiple news sources around the world have reported Melon Melon to be driving an expensive porsche model while in the US. And his fellow harvard students LOVE his connections in China.
Mr. Guagua (love his name-:) said, his education was "funded exclusively by two sources—scholarships earned independently, and my mother’s generosity from the savings she earned from her years as a successful lawyer and writer." so, Guagua is smart and her mother is rich (or was rich).....
He tooks 3 million? that is nothing if you are exposing the billions stolen under Weng, as Bo Xi Lai did. He is being punished for exposing corruption under/by Weng Jiabao. May Jesus and his holy Mother protect the Bo family. ****www.workers.org/2012/world/china_0426/
Jesus and Holy Mary won't have time for this petty stuff.
they'd better spend time to save EU from going into bankruptcy...
or Egypt, Syria into implosions..
have you made your confession? LOL
If Bo Melon Melon is really that concerned about his father, mother and everyone close to him, he should fly back to China for the trial, or is Melon Melon just ultimately like most people, trying to protect himself and not willing to sacrifice himself in order to support the parents that have spoilt him for so many years.
Let's face it, Mr. Melon Melon has grown accustomed to a certain way of living in the US and is well aware that the trial could mean the end of his fantasy lifestyle. Who wouldn't be worried if suddenly they can no longer afford paid degrees and excessive spending. What he isn't aware of is that the money should not have been his family's to begin with, but of course, like most corrupt ministers (both in China and Hong Kong), they often have amnesia to that point.
"he should fly back to China for the trial, or is Melon Melon just ultimately like most people, trying to protect himself and not willing to sacrifice himself in order to support the parents that have spoilt him for so many years."

What do you except Melon Melon to do? He can't do anything and the fate of his parents are already set in stone. Hopefully he learns some hard lessons from the failure of his parents.
Every trial in PRC is a trial for the integrity of the country. Every trial in CCP is a trial for the integrity of the party. Both the accuser and the accused are examined by the people outside. Actually both sides could be charged with the same reason but the power decides the role of accuser and the accused. Therefore, will it be possible for Bo Xi Lai to defend himself? I wonder.
This is the son that drove around Harvard streets in a Porsche and got ticketed while trying to claim that rumours of him driving a ferrari in Beijing were false. Yeah right. Columbia should be ashamed of itself, and the dirty money that Columbia is now connected to through association with a convicted political felon will be something that they regret over the long term. American universities are selling their soul and the ironic part is that they so called connections they are hoping to gain from these princelings will lead to their demise as leaders of free thought. Columbia University is now a joke.




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