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Why spending a penny could cost 100 yuan in Shenzhen

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 August, 2013, 3:45pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 August, 2013, 8:41am

People with a poor aim are to be fined if they miss their mark when using public toilets in Shenzhen, officials said – provoking online derision over how the rule will be enforced.

The penalty will apply to those who urinate outside the bowl of facilities in Shenzhen, although draft regulations did not specify a minimum quantity of spillage required to be classed as a violation.

“Such uncouth use of a public toilet will be fined 100 yuan (HK$126) by authorities” from next month, a city government official said on Tuesday.

Users of China’s weibo social networks poured scorn on the measures, raising the prospect of hordes of toilet inspectors being deployed to inspect performance.

“A number of new civil servant positions will be created. There will be a supervisor behind every urinating person to see whether the pee is straight,” wrote one poster.

Another added: “Very good measures. I expect they can create 20 jobs on average for every public toilet.”

Officials with the department responsible for details of the rules could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday.

The measures have also provoked more considered debate, with one user arguing: “It’s better to have no rule than a rule that cannot be implemented.”

The Beijing Times carried a commentary calling into question the necessity of making a law on something that “can be simply guided by social consensus”.

“The law should maintain the most basic restraint about the people’s private life,” wrote Shu Li, a legal worker.

Chinese toilet discipline can be notoriously wayward, with pictures of people defecating in public sometimes appearing on weibo.


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Its strange how the brain of Chinese leaders work? I know when someone powerful come up with these ideas all the comrades may be praising about it thinking its the solution of the century.
Anyways who gonna give the demo? probably some general with sharp pee shooting experience :)
Since you cannot be neat
An electrode's attached to the seat.
If you continue to splash like a fool,
a cinder will be made of your tool.
Placing this sign in the WCs ought to do the trick.
Some people are disgusting. As a construction worker, we often found Spanish speaking people (illegal immigrants?) using our Porta potties. After they were done, there would be urine all over the floor, as though they didn't even bother to aim for the bowl.
This should be enforced in Detroit....
You should ask a mainland Chinese what they do before toilet paper was introduced in China just two decades ago. Yuck!
They have toilet paper in China?
Talking about disgusting: I visited the new hospital in Shekou. NONE of the washrooms has soap - and only one has a liquid soap container. I filled that container myself. One month later, it was still almost as full as I had filled it...
I'm all for it. Wish we could do it here in the States. Forget about the traffic cameras and fine people 25 dollars for missing the mark and 200 for not washing their filthy hands after taking a wiz or wiping their behind! I'll also add a note to all those parents that allow their pre-potty trained children to sit on counters etc - fine those sob's 500! Think of how many many hours / productivity / and not feeling like dog doo could be saved if we didn't have to put up with people who are too lazy to practice simple hygene practices. Hey! Just a thought.
Gee, how naieve can you be? Do you think in our case (western men) the smell of urine wofts downwards and therefor we are capable of peeing straight?
I've been in China only 14 years, so what am I talking about... But I've seen trough urinals and gutter urinals and peeing walls and holes in the ground where they sit over and it doesn't matter... they manage to pee on the floor before, around and behind.
There are plenty well educated Chinese that are equally disgusted about this behaviour. The perpetrators are usually uneducated, nearly illiterate peasants that are kids to parents that were even less educated and more illiterated probably. Unfortunately there are so many of those here. But the worst ones are the usually uneducated, nearly illiterate RICH peasants, that think that money makes them something...
They should reverse the law. Fine people that actually DO hit the mark. Probably in that case Chinese men will aim better, since they will want to break the law anyway.
You call this a wonderful thought? Frankly, I don't see a thread of thinking process in it. You are the tragic one.
So in China, everyone must go in the government approved "stool"house. As in "stool-pigeon"?
China is the greatest example of control government run control freak commies. Who gets to decide if you have hit or missed the target while inside the government run Potty?
Or put another way, who in the government has the job to monitor (via some government approved 'secret' spy camera) who is properly hitting the mark and who is not? After all, in a Big Brother Land of Total Control (including bowel movements, how many children you have, if you own a Bible, etc) wouldn't such a camera be necessary to make sure that no one defecates on a picture of the Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung. Dung is human excrement in English. What about the President. What if someone just uses the paper and then slaps it on the wall like wallpaper to protest the fact he can't escape your Chinese Communist Paradise?
Or even worse than that, they smuggle in a Bible and read it surreptitiously because it is the only place where he/she can get any real privacy in your police state?
That is right! So where is the one place left that must have a "security camera" installed?
I rest my case...(;~))



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