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Graft amid lowly Chinese officials worse than by party elite

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 August, 2013, 8:55am

Corruption among "flies" - lowly officials - is more harmful than that of high-ranking "tigers", a new report by a government think tank says.

"Flies" deal directly with the grass roots and their "undesirable work style" such as abuse of power can severely undermine the image of the Communist Party and government, according to the report, carried by the Beijing Times yesterday.

Compared to tigers, flies are huge in number, and can spread bacteria over a wider range. Therefore their damage is far more extensive

"Compared to tigers, flies are huge in number, and can spread bacteria over a wider range. Therefore their damage is far more extensive," the newspaper quoted the report on social crisis published jointly by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Flies and tigers became a popular metaphor when the party's general secretary, President Xi Jinping vowed in January to crack down on corruption at all levels. "We should persist in beating tigers in tandem with the flies," Xi told a meeting of the central graft watchdog.

"This shows corruption … at grass-root levels remains the focal point of China's anti-graft work," the report says. "Beating flies is relatively easier but it must be a long-lasting practice given the sheer number of flies."

The report aroused lively debate on the internet. Some criticised it as being misleading about the mainland's corruption problem. "It is tigers who are shielding the flies. It's impossible to remove all the flies without targeting tigers," said one widely followed microblogger on Sina Weibo.


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A popular perception the CCP wants to continue fostering. Local party secretary in some backwater Guangdong county? RMB millionaire. Wen Jiabao & family? USD billionaires!
Absolutely, "flies" or lowly officials follow on the trailblazing models of their superiors and political elites. Focusing on lower level officials while turning a blind eye to top level officers is simply irresponsible. The rule of laws apply equally to everyone from Kings, party chairman and ministers to their underlings. Anything less than the universal, fair and open enforcement against corrupt practices makes a travesty of the very essence of justice! Citizens must not condone arbitrary application of laws by the CCPC!
Spot on. Commission a study to produce results that support a popular perception that local officials are corrupt, but top officials are much less so. The popular perception is useful to the CCP and probably not correct. The Chinese political system is rife with corruption from top to bottom, the Bo Xilai case is a current insight into that fact.


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