Four stabbed to death, 11 injured in rampage on bus in Chengdu

Man attacks fellow passengers on bus before being shot and wounded by police

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 27 August, 2013, 4:50am

Four people were stabbed to death and 11 were injured when a 41-year-old man suddenly attacked fellow passengers on a bus in Chengdu on Sunday night.

The bus driver slammed on the brakes to let passengers escape and the attacker, whom police identified only by his surname, Li , fled down the city's Caojia Alley, stabbing bystanders in his way, police said, according to report in the Sichuan Daily.

The driver ran after Li with a mop and other witnesses gave chase, grabbing stools and other makeshift weapons. Hearing the commotion, police arrived and fired warning shots. When Li continued to run away, police shot and wounded him. He was arrested, but the extent of his injuries were not disclosed.

Chengdu police said Li was originally from Jintang county and he may have launched the attacks because of financial problems that resulted from "family discord" and the stress of working away from his hometown.

Caojia Alley is a former industrial area that is a key part of Chengdu's commercial redevelopment programme.

Following the incident, Chengdu Mayor Ge Honglin instructed that the surviving victims receive extensive medical treatment. He also mobilised an investigative unit to examine Li's actions and motive.

Sunday's incident is the latest in a series of stabbing attacks across the mainland. On August 19, a man from Anyang in Henan province stabbed and killed three children, including a three-month-old baby, and wounded 12 passengers aboard a bus before fleeing. He was arrested the next day.

The assailant, who police said had a criminal record, reportedly launched his attack in anger over a family dispute.

In late July, a 40-year-old man, said to be mentally ill, stabbed three diners to death and wounded five others at a small restaurant in Louhu, Shenzhen.