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22 years for Taiwanese billionaire's son who filmed non-consensual sex with women

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 September, 2013, 7:27am

The playboy son of a Taiwanese billionaire has been sentenced to more than 22 years in jail for secretly videotaping himself having non-consensual sex with numerous intoxicated women, including actresses and models.

In the island's most notorious sex scandal, Justin Lee, the son of Lee Yue-chang, was found guilty on nine counts of "non-consensual" sex, as well as 15 counts of violating privacy by filming sex acts with the women, the Taipei District Court said.

Lee must also pay 12 victims a total of NT$14.3 million (HK$3.7 million) in compensation.

Taipei prosecutors said they would appeal against the verdict. In November, they accused Lee of drugging and raping 30 women - charges that carried a maximum prison sentence of 266 years, although Taiwanese sentencing restrictions would have limited any jail term to 30 years.

The court sentenced Lee to 18-1/2 years for having non-consensual sex with nine of the women, meaning their ability to consent was impaired by drink or drugs. It was a lesser charge than the "aggravated forcible rape" initially sought by prosecutors.

It found that 15 of the 30 women Lee videotaped did not know they were being recorded, earning him an additional three years and 10 months in jail. That portion of the sentence can be converted into a fine of NT$2.8 million. The court did not find enough evidence to convict Lee of raping or having non-consensual sex with 21 of the women.

"The defendant was not found guilty of sexual assaults because the videos showed there was no concrete evidence," a district court spokesman said.

Some victims expressed disappointment at the leniency of the sentencing.

"My client felt very frustrated after learning of such a light sentence," said lawyer Chang Li-yeh after the trial.

Lee said he would appeal against the verdicts and maintained that all the acts were consensual.

In June, a court sentenced two reporters and two editors to six months in jail, convertible into fines, for publishing photos of the women in the sex acts with Lee. It also gave 12 internet users six-month suspended sentences for circulating the videos, which are still on some foreign websites.

The scandal exposed the colourful private life of Lee's father, Lee Yue-chang, a former board member of Yuanta Financial Holdings.


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the dude will have non-consensual sex in jail :)
Dai Muff
If you are a billonaire's son and you still cannot get women to CONSENT to sex, you are a double loser.
Yeah, prison is not kind to rapists like him............especially if they are son's of rich billionaires cause papa's money might not be able to protect his butt in there...............by the time this kids comes out of jail, his buttthole would be as bit as his head once his jailmates have their way with him............
not 1 or 2 more than 30 women. i wonder why the h**l these women go out to drink with such man? just because he has a lot of money and would buy them whatever they needed? And at the end of the day end up like this. i also wonder how many of them were actually looking forward to have this happen so they can claim $$$ from him. there is a saying, don't put the sh*t at your own door. meaning they should not have gone to drink with him at the very first place.
This is clearly warning to those girls who are still going out with high class men.
fine, then go out with no class guy who still wants to get into ur pants :)
They ought to chemically castrate him as well.
One advice to him, don't drop the soap. Prison doesn't take kindly to rapists, and papa will not be able to protect him even with all his money.


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