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Head of Xinhua accuses Western media of pushing revolution in China

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 September, 2013, 6:20pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 September, 2013, 8:14am

Western media organisations are trying to demonise China and promote revolution and national disintegration as they hate seeing the country prosper, the head of China’s official Xinhua news agency said in comments published on Wednesday.

China’s ruling Communist Party has in recent weeks been tightening controls over the internet and reminding state media of its responsibility to promote a “correct political direction”, as President Xi Jinping dashes hopes his administration will embark on political reforms.

Some hostile Western forces and media do not want to see a prospering socialist China
Li Congjun

China also needed to combat the distorted view the Western media gives of the country and reject their anti-China plotting, Li Congjun, president of Xinhua, wrote in the Party’s official People’s Daily.

“Some hostile Western forces and media do not want to see a prospering socialist China and target the spear of Westernisation, separation and ‘colour revolution’ at China,” Li wrote in a column.

They “use their powerful dissemination abilities to massively play up the ‘China threat theory’ and the ‘China collapse theory’, creating rumours to attack and vilify our country and party which harms our interests and national image”.

“Overall, global opinions are still dominated by Western media outlets, and China’s capacity to make its own voice heard fails to match its international standing,” Li wrote.

He did not give examples of Western media organisations but China has long been suspicious of the European and US media.

Last year, China labelled as a “smear” a New York Times report that then-premier Wen Jiabao’s family had accumulated at least US$2.7 billion in “hidden riches”.

Li called on mainstream Chinese media to refute “untruthful reports” as part of efforts to give China a bigger say on the world stage and burnish its much-vaunted efforts at soft power.

“We must continue to be creative in foreign propaganda efforts ... to tell China’s story well, explain China’s special characteristics and proactively publicise the polices and positions of the party and government,” Li said.

China has poured money into trying to get its voice heard internationally, including English-language television news channels, but they are still widely regarded in Western countries as heavily slanted towards the Chinese government.

While China allows several hundred foreign reporters to be based in the country, they face restrictions ranging from police harassment when covering some news, such as protests, to a lack of access to government officials.

Li said China’s media needed to do better at using social media and “take the initiative in leading public opinion in new media”.

“If we cannot effectively rule new media, the ground will be taken by others, which will pose challenges to our dominant role in leading public opinion,” he said.


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Can't you now clearly see the crux of this whole clampdown on "rumor mongering" now??
It's not about Western plots or the desire to see China fail. It's to deflect attention from and protect the WEALTH of guys like "Grandpa" Wen Jiabao...Xi Jinping...Jiang Zemin and all their fraternity buddies by trying to re-direct the Chinese people's attention at home to the evil forces from the outside.
Zhou Yongkang and the CNPC/Sichuan boys (along with Bo XL) are the fall guys, like Tom Holland said, to distract attention and make the populace think there is progress against corruption when it's only the "Sopranos vs. Gambinos" now in this Mafia turf battle.
Gotta LOVE the drama!
Common Chinese people are far too prone to rumours and gossips to leave media uncontrolled. Not to mention nowadays so-called "free media" have swithed from information quality to infotainment (information+entertainment, with the latter clearly dominating). I live in a mid-size democratic country with well-established freedom of speech, to find quality information about f.e. about economic policy of my country's government I must read a London-based international newspaper. I cannot even imagine how much worse it would be in China.
I do wonder if you are a pan democrat doing a really good parody or just a commie who does not realise how much of a joke you are to everyone who reads this website.
Dear Mr Li, why since end of August 2013 I cannot have access to the websites of SCMP, Google.com.hk, South Korea government, and other many more, among them the usual (wordpress, twitter, google.com, facebook and counting)? I can come here, on this page, only using VPN. Why? Is it not SCMP a Chinese newspaper? Blocking more and more access to websites and internet it is what is now called "take the initiative in leading public opinion in new media”?
And by the way: why it should be a party (any party) to rule the new media and have a dominant role in leading the public opinion? Why the public opinion cannot be formed freely, comparing news and sources from all over the world? Why the answer to the NYT article about Wen Jiabao was a censorship toward that paper, censorship that continues now, instead of a legal complaint and request for damages? Why Chinese people in mainland cannot have a free debate with the rest of the world? By the way, last but not the least: how much unfair economic advantage was given to the Internet companies in China, blocking Facebook, Twitter, Google? Baidu, Weibo and so on could not dominate the market as they do, if China was not blocking those companies... Is it this a free market Chinese style?
Li writes of "the distorted view the Western media gives of the country." "Western forces and media do not want to see a prospering socialist China." "global opinions are still dominated by Western media outlets, and China’s capacity to make its own voice heard fails to match its international standing." “We must continue to be creative in foreign propaganda efforts" No mention of truth or justice anywhere, only China's self-interest.
First, China is not a socialist country any more. Nowhere do we see Li referring to advancing justice or the rights of China's citizens as desirable aims. The distortion is in the mindset and oppressive rule of autocrats who are determined to maintain absolute power, stifle free speech, crush any dissent against evil done by the regime and imprison those who think and speak independently, so that the bosses of 'Animal Farm' can continue to get fat, salt away the proceeds of corruption and send spoiled brat princelings to foreign schools, who themselves in turn will join the ranks of the new imperialist bureaucracy.
To the CCP ruling elite, a distorted view means anything which is not complimentary to them, regardless of the truth. What a bleak and terrible world it would be if these fascists ever became dominant. Fortunately, there are nations with governing systems which are ultimately controlled by the people, imperfect as they may be. The free peoples of the world will always see through tyrants and will never surrender to them.
Look! Look over there! Evil foreigners trying to slag off OUR China! They're after all of us you know!
What this here? A billion RMB sticking out of my pocket? Nooooo... Nothing to see here...
you are correct. its simply a kleptocracy. i don't know why its so hard for people to process this simple fact. there is no anti-corruption drive. there is no rebalancing. there is nothing but doing what it takes to keep looting the country without p-ssing off the citizens to the point they revolt.
It is not a matter of "English". China simply has a disastrous PR and refuses to learn, a stubborn and myopic attitude. It does not get it and is surprised why so many people around the world dislikes the country. I tried many times – in vain – to show a better image of China but then the Chinese officials constantly shoot themselves in the foot. China is not that "bad", the PR is.
I disagree. The current regime ruling China is bad. It does not respect the rule of laws, universal justice or compassionate citizenship. It has no legitimacy, and its history is wrought with misadministration, corruption, exploitation of the weak and destruction of the environment to benefit an elite group tyrants, their families and colluding cohorts. No amount of PR can change this irrefutable fact!
Let the revolt begin: "Sic Semper Tryannis"
While "explain[ing] China's special characteristics", spare a word, would you, about how the CCP's enlightened & happy crew nab people off the streets, torture and kill them, please?



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