Boy's eyes gouged out by his aunt, police say

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 September, 2013, 5:17am

The person who gouged out the eyes of a six-year-old boy in Shanxi late last month was probably his aunt, police say, adding that she appears to have killed herself after the attack.

But some people remain unconvinced as the boy had described his attacker as a stranger.

The boy, Guo Bin, was found in a field, covered in blood and with his eyeballs gouged out, after he went missing on August 24. The case prompted widespread anger across the country, where many speculated his corneas had been stolen for cash.

The police said in a statement on Tuesday night that they had found blood belonging to the boy Bin on the clothes of his aunt, Zhang Huiying , according to Xinhua. Police have sent the sample for DNA testing.

Zhang, 41, was the wife of the boy's paternal uncle and worked on a local livestock farm. She killed herself by jumping into a well at her home on Friday, six days after the boy was attacked.

"How could she be so cruel?" the boy's mother asked the Shanghai Morning Post. "Her death ends all her troubles, but how about us?"

Bin's father was still "unable to accept the facts", the newspaper said.

The Beijing News had reported that there had been arguments between the families of the two brothers - Guo's father and the attacker's husband - over how to care for their paralysed father. But Zhang's brother denied that there was any dispute.

The boy's relatives told mainland media last week that he had described the woman who grabbed him as a stranger with dyed yellow hair and a non-local accent. When a reporter from the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily asked Bin whether he knew what his aunt looked like, he said: "Yes".

Guo, who is recovering at Shanxi Eye Hospital in the provincial capital of Taiyuan , is regaining his strength, the Shanghai Morning Post said. His family told the newspaper that it was still trying to decided how to proceed with his treatment.