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Chinese Americans protest across US over Jimmy Kimmel's 'kill Chinese' skit

PUBLISHED : Monday, 11 November, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 November, 2013, 7:04pm

Thousands of protesters, mostly Chinese, rallied in 27 US cities over a perceived anti-Chinese skit that aired last month in a talk show hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Chinese state media reported that protests swept across the United States on Saturday. One was staged at the Los Angeles headquarters of broadcaster ABC, which aired the programme. Participants argued that ABC and Kimmel had not taken full responsibility for what they perceived as an insult to their heritage.

The protesters called for Kimmel to be fired over a segment of his talk show called "Kids' Table" that aired on October 16. Both ABC and Kimmel have since apologised for the episode, in which a six-year-old boy said "kill everyone in China" when asked by Kimmel how the US should pay back the country's US$1.3 trillion debt to China. Kimmel responded: "That's an interesting idea."

However, Chinese-American groups were not impressed. While some accepted the apologies that were offered after the subsequent uproar, others viewed them as insincere and demanded more. Charles Lu, chairman of the Roundtable of Chinese American Organisations, told the Los Angeles Times last week that they wanted a formal apology from ABC not just to the groups protesting, but to all Chinese people around the world.

Online pictures of Saturday's protests showed demonstrators, including college students, parents and children, dressed in red T-shirts with logos reading "Teach kids to love, not to kill", and chanting slogans such as "Kimmel must go" and "Shame on you, ABC".

Protest organisers distributed free posters to demonstrators. One featured Kimmel with a swastika just above his head.

"The protest plays an important role in improving our prestige and national cohesiveness," a Chinese demonstrator in New Jersey said on internet chat room Mitbbs. "The parade is intended to raise the social status of Chinese Americans in the US."

The segment also prompted the submission of a petition to the White House to investigate the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show on the grounds of offensive content. The petition garnered more than 100,000 signatures.

Xinhua said 800 people attended a rally in Washington, where a letter of protest to ABC was read out. The letter urged the broadcaster to fire Kimmel and hold a press conference to officially apologise to Chinese communities. It called on ABC to make sure that such "rhetoric of racial discrimination" was prevented by stepping up regulation of its televised content.

No one from ABC attended the event in Washington to accept the protest letter, reports said. Police were mobilised to maintain order, but the day ended without incident.

The demonstrations are believed to have been the largest held by the Chinese community in the US since those just before the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in response to CNN commentator Jack Cafferty labelling Chinese leaders "goons" and "thugs".

Video: Animators in China to Jimmy Kimmel: Why you shouldn't 'Kill the Chinese'


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try to bubble or cry first in your own world or to Xi Jinping before u bubble to the earth, Chinese = small-eyed clown
let me remind the Chinese, before you bubble or cry to the world, try it first in your own world, China... HAHA Chinese = Clown
I demand the HK Chinese government to finalize the sanctions and publish worldwide, as if we care. In "meow" or Cantonese tone, "kwik, kwik la"! HK is just a small Chinese city with nothing special in this century seriously. Oh wait, on behalf of her majesty and the british empire, I demand apologies for the british pilot stabbed in HK. And what's going on with the Lamma Island ferry tragedy??? how about the HK Chinese died in the ferry tragedy in Thailand, did u ask the kingdom of Thailand for apology to the little crying city of HK???
If the hysterical reactions were based on something Kimmel said they might have half a point. If critics bothered to watch the video they would see it was the six year old kid who came up with the "kill the Chinese" idea not Kimmel. Calm down everyone. This Chinese overreaction displays a grossly inflated sense of insecurity or worse. A perceived slight to a self important national ego from a little kid. For God's sake get a grip....
You're assuming anger against broadcasting pro-genocide statements is not the appropriate response. Nobody I know is angry at the child. They are expressing that they do not prefer ABC air hate statements toward an ethnic group.
Actually what bothers me is that the mentality of killing those who lent you something, 1 trillion in this case. IF they can kill all the people in China, which is the creditor, simply because they cannot pay it. They can also do it to any other creditor, german, british, whatever country on the globe. This is very scary & freaky solution. And the lesson here is? We know it deep inside our heart.
I find your acting like they are not the victims, distasteful.
recall Don Imus? he called black people the "n" word and black women as "water buffalo", "hos" on his morning show. he was fired within 2 weeks AFTER he went on an apology tour in the black community. recall Michael Savage? he call mexicans "wetbacks" and arabs "camel heads". he was fired within 1 week although he never apologized. but Kimmel won't get fired. chinese american have little political power compared to african american, mexican american...



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