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Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, struck the Philippines in November 2013 with winds of up to 190 mph (305 kph). At least 10,000 people died in one Philippine province alone.


China should send warships to Philippines: state media

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 November, 2013, 3:21pm
UPDATED : Friday, 15 November, 2013, 4:09pm

China should send warships to the Philippines as part of the typhoon disaster relief effort to counter US and Japanese influence, state-run media said on Friday.

Beijing and Manila are embroiled in a row over disputed islands, but if the Philippines rejected the warships proposal, that would only “underscore its narrow mind and will be of no loss to China”, the Global Times said in an editorial.

An eight-strong flotilla of US vessels, headed by the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, arrived off the Philippines on Thursday bearing badly needed equipment, supplies and expertise for the thousands left homeless and hungry by one of the strongest storms in history.

Tokyo is tripling its emergency aid package for the Philippines to more than US$30 million, and plans to send as many as 1,000 troops to the disaster zone – the largest single relief operation team sent abroad by its de-facto military.

“We believe China should send its warships to the Philippines too,” said the Global Times, which is close to the Communist Party, adding such a move would be “well-intentioned”.

The dispute over islands in the strategically vital South China Sea – which Beijing claims almost in its entirety – has been running for years.

Video: Next Media mocks Chinese government's donation to typhoon-striken Philippines

Manila says Chinese vessels have occupied Scarborough Shoal, which it claims itself, since last year, and it is open to question whether it would welcome a Chinese navy presence in its waters.

The US and Japanese militaries’ part in the relief efforts was an element of Washington’s Asia strategy and may have “more intentions hidden behind the humanitarian aid”, the newspaper – which often strikes a nationalist tone – said in a separate report.

Beijing could send a hospital ship, the Peace Ark, escorted by warships if dispatching its newly commissioned aircraft carrier the Liaoning was “sensitive and premature”, said the editorial.

It came after China said on Thursday it would provide a further US$1.6 million aid to the Philippines, mainly in tents and blankets, after widespread criticism of its initial modest response of a US$100,000 government donation, matched by the Chinese Red Cross.

The country was cautious about sending troops overseas in the past because of “a lack of capabilities, experience and many other concerns”, said the Global Times editorial, which was similar in both English and Chinese editions.

But now, it said: “The Chinese military must gradually assume a more forceful role in China’s diplomacy.

“There is no need for a stronger China to worry about what we should do if our offer is rejected by the Philippines or if we are criticised by global public opinion due to poor performance,” it added.


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Jesus!Almost everybody with means around the world(including a six year old Japanese kid) dropped everything to donate and respond as soon as possible to save the dying humans(Politics comes later)
While the middle Kingdom is rationalizing on why to give as little as possible and then calculating what to POSSIBLY GET BACK IN RETURN from sending in the massively needed sea air assets to mobilize the rescue-Then Publishes it for people to read?
Is Beijing really that detached from Humanity and common sense? I'm sorry but, sending in the navy after this will just make it worse!Jesus Christ! Even the JEWS from Israel that is diplomatically detached from the Philippines are there already in full force!Everybody is disgusted and laughing at China and and who are we going to blame for this!Beijing lost a GREAT and I mean GREAT chance to show the whole world that we can be great after all what Philippines has done to us!Instead, we chose to be calculating!I think we just took over the Jews' reputation for this. Beijing should prepare to pressure American Comedians in the coming days.
Chinese in the US are wondering why Americans would find something funny about a child saying "kill all the Chinese." Of course, this joke was in poor taste.
But after watching China's initial lack of sympathy for Filipino typhoon victims and China's subsequent demand to allow its warships into the Philippines waters because American and Japanese ships are allowed, makes one wonder what are Chinese thinking.
Chinese should look in the mirror and ask is there something wrong in their culture? They can blame other if they want, but they should ask why a six-year-old child would joke about "killing the Chinese."
Dear SCMP. State run media in China is for the brainwashed and for the ones to be brainwashed. So, please do not just copy and paste their vomit.
I was laughing while reading this article.
With Sino-Ph relations being what they are (read as: tense), that kind of offer would be... so awkward.
And the video was hilarious!
...and sad. Because it seems like people (be they governments or comedians or people in general) are using this disaster to measure each others' dicks (or epenis, or cup sizes, etc.) in the form of who did or gave more.
I want to point you to the fact that the suggestion by the 6 years old was in the context of money, he was suggesting a means to shed all the debt the Americans own the Chinese.
That incident reflected an actual fact of the American people, the facts about their education and the value system taught to their kids. I would not blame the host Jimmy Kimmel but I would blame the kid's parents.
During WW2, Chinese and American were allies fighting the Japanese shoulder to shoulder. However, the Americans turned against China after 1949 just because they feared and hated China being a communist country.
To me, you comments are very much hatred mongering. It is sinful mongering hatred and linking it to killing people whoever that people they may be, be them Chinese, Americans, Japanese, or people of whatever race.
You, and the parents of the kid, should search your own souls and correct your own minds, so that we can give our kids, who hold the future of our world, a correct value regarding human lives.
Gotta Love the Panda **** ....!!


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