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Jiang Zemin

Born in 1926 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Jiang Zemin graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a degree in electronic engineering, and rose up in state-owned factories and government agencies overseeing industries. He was promoted to China's top power bench soon after the bloody crackdown on student movement in Beijing in 1989, becoming general secretary of the Party and chairman of its Central Military Commission. He became president in 1993. He held on to the military chief job for two more years even after handing Party leadership and presidency to successor Hu Jintao in 2002-2003. He is believed to still wield massive influence on Chinese politics a decade after his retirement. 


Spain orders arrest of China’s ex-president Jiang Zemin

Spanish court issues international arrest warrant for ex-president and three others over actions in Tibet

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 November, 2013, 10:14am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 November, 2013, 11:56am

A Spanish court on Tuesday issued an international arrest warrant for China’s ex-president Jiang Zemin in a case brought by activists alleging that Chinese forces committed genocide in Tibet.

Tibetan rights groups brought the case against Jiang, former prime minister Li Peng and three other Chinese officials, alleging they were responsible for “genocide, crimes against humanity, torture and terrorism” against Tibetans in the 1980s and 1990s.

Spain’s National Court issued the arrest warrant under the doctrine of universal jurisdiction, which allows its courts to try certain cases of human rights abuses committed in other countries.

It accepted the case because one of the plaintiffs, Tibetan exile Thubten Wangchen, has Spanish nationality, and the Chinese courts have not investigated the allegations.

The National Court wrote in a ruling released on Tuesday that there were “indications of participation” by the accused in the alleged crimes “given the political or military responsibility” they held at the time.

On those grounds the court said it “considered it necessary to approve the issuing of international arrest warrants” against the five.

The three other defendants are China’s former state security chief Qiao Shi; the Communist Party’s leader in Tibet at the time, Chen Kuiyan; and Peng Pelyun, minister for family planning in the 1980s.

The Spanish court has also agreed to investigate a charge of repression in Tibet brought against China’s most recent ex-president Hu Jintao, who left office last year.



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Does the plaintiff or the Spanish court even understand the meaning of the word genocide? What a political farce! It reminds me of JFK's assasination 50 years ago in Dallas, Texas. You need a town with strong anti-Washington sentiments to make likely the murder of a US president. They even talk of Texas secession. It seems demonizng government is universal. This Tibetan boy has brethren by the millions everywhere.
Ridiculous as if China would follow this court order. How about charging and arresting G.W. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell and Wolfowitz as well for lying about Iraq's MDW and dragging many countries into a war with many Iraqis dead and for which they pay with lives until today. No? oh yes, I forgot. How dare to accuse the holy and righteous USA.
PRC doesn't need to follow the court order. As long as lecherous Jiang and the other four suspects don't set foot on EU soil, they will be sound and fine.
This should be fun. Cue the standard Foreign Ministry talking head with standard-issue indignation. "interference with internal affairs" blah blah blah.
Viva Spain!! Well done!!
Will China see such funny antic deserves a word on it? Let's wait and see.
Spain has given a real slap in the face to China.
What is Spain's problem?
Let's see if China acts tough with Spain the way it did with little Norway and the Philippines.
China is nobody! Wait and see when various countries pull out their businesses away from China bcoz of cheating and unproffesional businessmen! The whole world will simply gang up on China for its arrogant and inhumane acts!
That won;t happen, and you'll live a very frustrating life, ha!
Money talks! The countries wont gang up on China for the reasons you cited. Many are eyeing the billions that China has. Maybe Spain has a valid reason for its action but so far I am still not convinced.




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