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Beijing blasts Japan's defence spending plans

Programmeto boost spending on Tokyo's military over next five years amid unresolved maritime row is 'resolutely opposed' by Beijing

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 21 December, 2013, 7:59pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 December, 2013, 4:55am

The defence ministry yesterday lashed out at Japan's plans to boost military spending, accusing Tokyo of raising regional tensions under the pretext of safeguarding national security.

China "resolutely opposes" the five-year defence plan adopted by Japan on Tuesday, spokesman Geng Yansheng said in a statement posted on the ministry's website. Japan "continues to deny its history of [second world war] aggression, challenge the post-war order, and harm the feelings of the people of those victimised nations".

The strongly worded statement marks the latest salvo in the string of accusations over who is responsible for a sharp rise in tensions in the East China Sea.

It also contrasted a rare courtesy call described as "friendly" on Friday between Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Cheng Yonghua , China's ambassador to Tokyo.

China's military has taken an increasingly hawkish stance amid a bitter dispute with Tokyo over uninhabited islands in the sea controlled by Japan but claimed by China. Japan's nationalisation of the islands in September last year sparked violent demonstrations in several Chinese cities.

In the months since, Chinese patrol vessels have routinely confronted Japanese ships in the area, sparking international fears of an incident.

Under the arrangement adopted on Tuesday, Japan will raise defence spending by 5 per cent over the next five years to purchase its first surveillance drones, more jet fighters and naval destroyers, and to set up an amphibious unit similar to the US Marines.

"Where is Japan's military and security policy heading?" Geng said. "Its Asian neighbours and the international community have every reason to have serious worries."

Broader defence programme guidelines also adopted on Tuesday say Japan is "gravely concerned" about China's growing maritime and military presence in the East China Sea, and its "high-handed" approach. Last month, Beijing said aircraft entering a vast zone over the sea must identify themselves and follow its instructions.

Geng accused Japan of maintaining a "cold-war mentality" that runs counter to the trends of peaceful development.

"We urge Japan to reflect deeply on its history, strictly adhere to its commitment to peaceful development, and take concrete measures to improve relations with its neighbours to play a constructive role in maintaining regional peace and development," he said.


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well...rest assured that when china make their next announcement for arms procurement, it will specifically mention and target japan as the threat and the cause for the significant increase....it works both way...until they find a solution to resolve the issues..
obviously those finger pointing china as the threat or warmonger knows nothing and just blindly making accusation based on bias western media analysis....ask thyself...who or which country started this ???
"Where is Japan's military and security policy heading?"
Funny, that's what everyone is asking China. 5 years ago any change to the JP stance on armaments would have been shot down with over 90% of the Diet voting against it. In fact most Japanese citizens distrust the military. There is only one culprit in Japan's military expenditure, and it's called China. Peaceful rise, no one believes it, and the Weibo mob is frothing to invade the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and heck even North Korea. Depending on which way Global Times is farting that week. Warmongers are in Beijing, nowhere else.
The human being of all the countries of the world is annoyed by a Chinese crime
I am annoyed by the Chinese who is an abnormal madman in all the countries of the world
china wants bombing off the face of the earth.
While the hypocrisy remains laughable, the capacity of the Chinese to believe their own nationalistic rhetoric makes them a real risk in the world. They are like arrogant teenagers who have accumulated knowledge but lack wisdom. Exactly like Americans.
And the winners would be … drum roll .. the grim reaper, the arms dealers and the banker’s.
This is not action by Japan, it is a REACTION to China's military build up and aggression.
With its typical double standards and breathtaking arrogance, China once again tries to turn morality upside down.
Abe is a direct descendent of those war criminals who would rather sacrifice the entire JP civilian population than surrendering to allies.. They hv the same agenda today only fools like cant see thru it!!! Take off ur China-biased glassess plz!!
Do they just recycle these press releases?


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