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China must retaliate for Japanese prime minister’s war shrine visit: official media

Official media warns China will become a ‘paper tiger’ if countermeasures against Japan are not taken over Yasukuni visit

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 December, 2013, 11:46am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 December, 2013, 4:33pm

China must take “excessive” counter-measures after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial war shrine visit, state-run media urged on Friday, reflecting the smouldering resentment among Chinese at its onetime invader.

China expressed its opposition and summoned Tokyo’s ambassador on Thursday to deliver a “strong reprimand” after Abe paid respects at the Yasukuni shrine.

The site honours several high-level officials executed for war crimes after the second world war, a reminder of Japan’s 20th century aggression and a source of bitterness for China and other Asian countries.

“People are getting tired of such futile ‘strong condemnations’,” said an editorial in the Global Times, a paper close to the ruling Communist Party that often strikes a nationalist tone.

“China needs to take appropriate, even slightly excessive countermeasures” or else “be seen as a ‘paper tiger’”, it warned.

“In the eyes of China, Abe, behaving like a political villain, is much like the terrorists and fascists on the commonly seen blacklists.”
Global Times

It suggested barring high-profile Japanese politicians and other officials who went to the shrine from visiting China for five years.

Abe’s visit was the first by an incumbent Japanese prime minister to the inflammatory site since 2006, and came as tensions between the two Asian powers have escalated since last year over a territorial dispute in the East China Sea.

State-run media also excoriated Abe, who has sought to shore up Japan’s military.

“In the eyes of China, Abe, behaving like a political villain, is much like the terrorists and fascists on the commonly seen blacklists,” the Global Times said.

The China Daily called the visit “an intolerable insult” that had “slammed the door to dialogue shut”, adding that “Abe knew it would be an insult. But he does not care”.

It criticised the leader’s “sheer hypocrisy” and “nasty track record”, including “his denial of the aggressive nature of Japanese intrusions during WWII, his lack of remorse for Japan’s historical sins”.

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Abe’s visit “a flagrant provocation against international justice and treads arbitrarily on humanity’s conscience”, a ministry statement said on Thursday.

China and Japan, the world’s second- and third-largest economies, have important trading ties.

But conflict over the East China Sea islands known as the Diaoyus in China and the Senkakus in Japan have soured diplomatic relations since last year.

The controversial visit has been widely condemned around the world.

South Korea's Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo Jin-ryong, called it a deplorable and anachronistic act that damaged ties between the two countries and summoned a top Japanese diplomat in Seoul to protest. He added: "We cannot withhold regret and anger over the visit."

China and South Korea have repeatedly expressed anger in the past over Japanese politicians’ visits to Yasukuni Shrine, where Japanese leaders convicted as war criminals by an Allied tribunal after World War Two are honoured along with those who died in battle.

The two countries have been especially touchy about visits to the shrine by serving Japanese prime ministers, and Abe is the first leader in office to pay homage at Yasukuni in the past seven years.

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo issued a statement saying Japan’s leadership had “taken an action that will exacerbate tensions” with neighbours.


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China likes to talk tough AND continually receive Japanese aid money. Rising "Superpower", indeed.
i dont condone what the **** did in ww2 & what that idiot pm just did, but didnt china just militarize a disputed zone without care of the world & its neighbours ?
cmon china, grow up
This is tiresome. The only one stirring up trouble and reminding everyone of WW2 is China.
The senior Chinese leadership this week paid their respects to Mao Zedong, the man responsible for tens of millions of deaths and who knows how many ruined lives. The Japanese can't compare to him in terms of the suffering caused to the Chinese people. Paying homage to Mao is an outrage and the Chinese people should retaliate against the bankrupt Communists for it's lack of sensitivity. They should be pulling his portrait off of Tiananmen Square and his body into a trashcan--and not idolizing him.
Think logically people. If atrocities against Chinese people is the one criteria by which the people and govt gonads (organs??) use to complain against the visit to Yasukuni Shrine, then the first thing the CCP should do is to demolish the macabre monument in Beijing with the dead fat guy preserved for eternity, cremate the body and sprinkle the ashes on the food of those who worship the fat guy. I mean, seriously, who committed the worse and more egregious atrocities against Chinese people, Mao or the **** (of WW2 as opposed to "The Japanese people" of today)? By numbers, cruelty, and long term damage done to China, Mao did a lot more harm. But yet, here they are in the same week honoring the 120th birthday of the dead bloated one while the same gonads are calling for "excessive" retaliation against Japan. What the heck is that, "excessive"? Why not just appropriate retaliation for visiting a shrine, whatever that may be. Dunno, send a bunch of Mainland tourists to visit the shrine and **** on their urns (urns, urinals, whatever), throw candy wrappers and orange peels one the grounds. Oh, but they would do that anyway whether to desecrate a shrine or just normally being, you know, Mainland tourists. Just look at Hong Kong not being desacrated. Same same.
P Blair
Paying homage at the Yasukuni War Shrine is without a doubt also paying homage to war-criminals. Given that Shinzo Abe, Japanese rightists and war-mongers insists on paying homage to war-criminals, a good response by the rest of the world including China and Korea would be to pay homage to the atomic bombings of Japan and the execution of Japanese war-criminals. The world should have a "Celebrate the Atomic Bombings of Japan" homage day on August 6 as well as a "Celebrate the hanging of Japanese war-criminals " homage day on December 23.
A Hong Konger
Is this article a joke? It simply rehashes tirades by unimportant mid-level officials made in a personal capacity and incoherent nonsense from emotive editorials in state mouthpieces in a one sided fashion with zero analysis. The provocative title of this article even seems to support nationalist cheer leading for violence in retaliation for an ill-conceived visit by a nationalist Prime Minister to a domestic (albeit controversial) war memorial, with no regard to the broader context. What is needed is strong analysis and balanced journalism that doesn't cater to the more brutish and violent among us (something I'm proud to say is something Hong Kongers are not known for). I know the editorial control and quality of reporting has declined at the SCMP in the last two decades, but this filler article is irresponsible and shows the SCMP incapable of quality journalism and analysis of any kind. I hope the editorial staff will reconsider their position and realise they have the ability to actually lend positive insight into the simmering tensions and will do their part to help defuse things instead of writing this third-time reprinted trash.
Masako Owada
On behalf of Abe and Japanese rightists, thank you. Our descendants of comfort-woman are doing their share for Japan. Your Imperial Japanese father will be very proud of you. Go slave go!
Let's watch the riots take place again in China against all those Japanese companies who are operating there............this time, really kick those Japanese guys back to their own country and let Abe take care of them.
Yakasune Shrine should not house the war criminals' remains. Politicians' visits reinforce the impression Japan is in denial about its militarist history of aggression.
Chinese arrogance and hate mongering, however, reflect a very ugly side of the culture and only deepens international suspicion that China is on the same road as Japan was in its imperialist days. Does the CCP govern China or do Global Times and China Daily? Or are they inseparable?



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