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China must retaliate for Japanese prime minister’s war shrine visit: official media

Official media warns China will become a ‘paper tiger’ if countermeasures against Japan are not taken over Yasukuni visit

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 December, 2013, 11:46am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 December, 2013, 4:33pm

China must take “excessive” counter-measures after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial war shrine visit, state-run media urged on Friday, reflecting the smouldering resentment among Chinese at its onetime invader.

China expressed its opposition and summoned Tokyo’s ambassador on Thursday to deliver a “strong reprimand” after Abe paid respects at the Yasukuni shrine.

The site honours several high-level officials executed for war crimes after the second world war, a reminder of Japan’s 20th century aggression and a source of bitterness for China and other Asian countries.

“People are getting tired of such futile ‘strong condemnations’,” said an editorial in the Global Times, a paper close to the ruling Communist Party that often strikes a nationalist tone.

“China needs to take appropriate, even slightly excessive countermeasures” or else “be seen as a ‘paper tiger’”, it warned.

“In the eyes of China, Abe, behaving like a political villain, is much like the terrorists and fascists on the commonly seen blacklists.”
Global Times

It suggested barring high-profile Japanese politicians and other officials who went to the shrine from visiting China for five years.

Abe’s visit was the first by an incumbent Japanese prime minister to the inflammatory site since 2006, and came as tensions between the two Asian powers have escalated since last year over a territorial dispute in the East China Sea.

State-run media also excoriated Abe, who has sought to shore up Japan’s military.

“In the eyes of China, Abe, behaving like a political villain, is much like the terrorists and fascists on the commonly seen blacklists,” the Global Times said.

The China Daily called the visit “an intolerable insult” that had “slammed the door to dialogue shut”, adding that “Abe knew it would be an insult. But he does not care”.

It criticised the leader’s “sheer hypocrisy” and “nasty track record”, including “his denial of the aggressive nature of Japanese intrusions during WWII, his lack of remorse for Japan’s historical sins”.

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Abe’s visit “a flagrant provocation against international justice and treads arbitrarily on humanity’s conscience”, a ministry statement said on Thursday.

China and Japan, the world’s second- and third-largest economies, have important trading ties.

But conflict over the East China Sea islands known as the Diaoyus in China and the Senkakus in Japan have soured diplomatic relations since last year.

The controversial visit has been widely condemned around the world.

South Korea's Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo Jin-ryong, called it a deplorable and anachronistic act that damaged ties between the two countries and summoned a top Japanese diplomat in Seoul to protest. He added: "We cannot withhold regret and anger over the visit."

China and South Korea have repeatedly expressed anger in the past over Japanese politicians’ visits to Yasukuni Shrine, where Japanese leaders convicted as war criminals by an Allied tribunal after World War Two are honoured along with those who died in battle.

The two countries have been especially touchy about visits to the shrine by serving Japanese prime ministers, and Abe is the first leader in office to pay homage at Yasukuni in the past seven years.

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo issued a statement saying Japan’s leadership had “taken an action that will exacerbate tensions” with neighbours.


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This Japanese Shrine (Yasukuni Shrine) is different from the regular Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ! The latter is a generalized memorial, not dedicated to any specific person, but the armed forces in general. But Yasukuni Shrine is totally different, it memorialises Japanese soldiers with specific names, and the worst is that it also includes the names of 14 Class-A documented war criminals (same level as Hilter, Joseph Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, etc), and the names of around 1000 Class-B war criminals. It is completely different from the regular unknown solder tombs in other countries !!!
Think this way: this Japanese shrine is more the equivalent if Germany had a shrine dedicated to their fallen soldiers (with all their names listed in the Shrine). Well till now everything looks Okay if all names are of normal solders. However, what's unacceptable is that the Shrine also includes the names of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, and so forth. It wouldn't be very diplomatic for the German Chancellor to visit a memorial and pay respects to a list of names that include Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler, now would it? Just remove these Class-A war criminal names from the shrine please !!
Is it Okay for German Chancellor to visit a shrine which also includes Adolf Hitler's name (if there's one) or German choose to erect one. What would be the reaction from the Jewish community and western world??
Abe's visit to the shrine was a bad PR move. What about him visiting the Nanjing Massacre Memorial and paying respects and condolences to the people Japanese forces killed? That would be an astute move. Or doesn't he care about being seen to be insensitive to the feelings of Japan's victims, and be deliberately provocative? Shall we celebrate the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the same spirit?
The 'senior Chinese leadership' also pronounced that Mao is not a god. Even if Mao was bad, does that mean that it was OK for Japan to do what it did to its neighbours?
But who is provoking whom? Japan started the Diaoyutai standoff by 'buying' part of it. Abe visited the Yasakuni Shrine knowing full well the hurt that does to the countries it brutalized. Which 'old and traditional diplomatic tone' are you offended by? Did China not have the right to respond the way it did? Ask the Jews whether or not they still feel aggrieved at their treatment by the Germans. Germany has wisely stayed quiet and not provoked them. Not so the Japanese.
I Gandhi
Notwithstanding your obvious dislike for Chinese if Abe gets his way and resurrect a new Imperial Japan, soon your country will be invaded, all your women will become comfort-women and people like yourself will be used for bayonet practice. After that you may find the Chinese more acceptable than the Japanese. On the good side we don't have to see this kind of **** being posted again!
explain why it is ok for japan or any other countries that has setup their azid is ok for you whereas in china case, it is a threat ?
japan zone was unilaterally setup without any consultation nor care of the worlds & neighbours as well ?
A Hong Konger
Because Japan's long standing ADIZ did not overlap an area that was the focus of sovereignty issues, at least at the time. Furthermore it did not and does not overlap any area administered by another state. The new Chinese ADIZ directly affects and undermines Japan's administering of the islands and can be used as a precursor to intercept both civil and Defence Force air traffic that Japan routinely employs, thereby changing the status quo, unnecessarily increasing the risk of conflict. This being the case it was deliberately designed to change the structure and destabilise the region a bit more. Irresponsible by any standard, and just as irresponsible as Abe's visit to Yasukuni, but each side have their reasons for both actions. What frustrates me is this comment has more analysis than the actual article.
that is the argument for us to ponder...something both sides agreed to put those rocks into cold storage but no longer valid and initiated by japan despite repeatedly warned.
yes and its a fact that china zone is aim at challenging the so called status quo but I simply just disagree with the wording irresponsibility or threat.
lets get real here...china will not and I do not think china is stupid enough to send warplanes to harass civilian planes.
double standards are applied in media trashing china and anything bad about china news sell ! a more balance analysis is definitely welcome but sadly, its not.
yes....the war is over and done with...we have move on...most of us in south east asia but
why do japan govt idiots think it is ok or cool to pray or glorify or whatever their respect at YS and constantly remind us what that shrine is all about on a yearly basis ?( I have to assume you know what lies there.)
simple....I find that insulting ... simple as dat and I don't expect someone like you to understand..
oh...btw, that was a lousy example of using july 4th to raise your point and to boycott japan brands. its the gov and not the ppl of japan. two separate issues ..

are you suggesting that china should just shut up and accept the outcome ?



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