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Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine, located in Tokyo, Japan, is dedicated to over 2,466,000 Japanese soldiers and servicemen who died fighting on behalf of the Emperor of Japan in the last 150 years. It also houses one of the few Japanese war museums dedicated to World War II.The shrine is at the center of an international  controversy by honoring war criminals convicted by a post World War II court including 14 'Class A' war criminals. Japanese politicians, including prime ministers and cabinet members have paid visits to Yasukuni Shrine in recent years which caused criticism and protests from China, Korea, and Taiwan. 


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ‘unwelcome’ in China after war shrine visit

Talks are ruled out as fears grow that the strained relations with China will only improve when Japan's prime minister is out of office

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 December, 2013, 5:21pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 9:15am

Beijing said yesterday that Japanese prime minster Shinzo Abe would be "unwelcome" in China because of his visit to a shrine honouring Japan's war dead, including war criminals.

The remarks suggest that the chances of any improvement in Sino-Japanese ties will be slim as long as Abe is in office, analysts said.

Foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said yesterday that leaders of the world's second- and third-largest economies would not have any political dialogue at the highest level.

Abe needs to admit his mistakes to the government and people of China

"Since assuming office, Abe has miscalculated on Sino-Japan ties, and made mistake after mistake, especially visiting the Yasukuni Shrine which houses class A war criminals. These people are fascists, the Nazis of Asia," Qin said. "Of course the Chinese people don't welcome such a Japanese leader, and Chinese leaders will not meet him. Abe has himself shut the door on talks with Chinese leaders."

Abe said that he hoped for talks with Beijing after visiting the shrine last week - the first pilgrimage to the Shinto-style war shrine by a sitting Japanese prime minister since Junichiro Koizumi's visit in 2006.

"Abe's hypocrisy in his claims of prioritising relations with China and hopes for dialogue with the Chinese leaders has been fully revealed," Qin said. "Now, Abe needs to admit his mistakes to the government and people of China, cut loose from the past and make a new start."

On civilian ties - as opposed to government ties - between the two countries, Qin said Abe's actions had created a "tremendous obstacle" to bilateral co-operation and would "eventually hurt Japan's own interests".

Analysts said Beijing's latest remarks suggested there would be no bilateral summit as long as Abe is in office.

Liu Jiangyong , deputy dean of Tsignhua University's Institute of Modern International Relations, said Abe had inflicted greater damage on Sino-Japanese ties than Koizumi.

"Abe's recent moves are all targeting China … and at the year end he visits Yasukuni to report his work," Liu said.

Da Zhigang, a Japanese affairs specialist at the Heilongjiang Academy of Social Science, said Beijing has lost hope with Abe, and will wait for Abe's successor to improve Sino-Japanese relations. "Abe will not have the chance to visit China, and talks between him and Chinese leaders on the sidelines of international meetings are also not possible," Da said.

"But China is unlikely to resort to economic sanctions because this will hurt China's trade and trigger sentiment in China."

Zhang Baohui, a security specialist at Lingnan University, said there was almost no room for improvement in Sino-Japan relations under Abe.

"The Sino-Japan relationship is in a very difficult situation given the two nations are embroiled in bitter territorial disputes, and the matter is now seriously complicated by historical issues."

Liu said relations between China and Japan would continue to deteriorate under Abe's reign. While Abe's Liberal Democratic Party is due to have another round of elections in 2015, Abe faces tremendous pressure both internationally and domestically in his bid to be re-elected as the party's president.

"If the Japanese people are not happy with his foreign policy, and if the economy does not improve, if the stock market's bubble bursts, Abe could fail," Liu said.


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Glad to see China take a firm stance against this hypocrite who thinks he's above everyone else......Abe is a failure as a Prime minister and as a human being for his actions.........he deserves to get a whatever is coming to him.......
Abe is probably one of the biggest hypocrites ever to step onto the Prime Minister seat in Japan.........of course, all his predecessors were hypocrites as well.
Is this the same slogan during WWII? No lesson learned? Still shamelessly honoring the war criminals? Their names should be wiped out from the shrine to settle everything.
Asia Pulse
"Abe has himself shut the door on talks with Chinese leaders"
How can one shut a door that was already closed in the first place?
PM Shinzo Abe did it probably because he knew he had nothing to lose.
Though I don't agree with what Abe has done and think it is unnecessary for him to visit the shrine, China still honors the overall worst criminal of all time (in war and otherwise) in Tiananmen and on the banknotes. This is an offence to all Chinese citizens and people who escaped the persecution of Mao.
"These people are fascists, the Nazis of Asia," Qin said.
They WERE, and China along with many other nations, is entitled to feel deeply about the past atrocities, but not against the present Japanese people and leadership who are not fascists.
The present Chinese leadership are shaping up to be the new 21st century fascists.
Let all people, especially the Chinese, beware of the nationalist monster that is emerging in their midst, lest another global tragedy is let loose.
@ chanaa
the big difference is dat Germany has sincerely apologized and accepted their brutality during ww2 and making every effort to ensure all her citizens understood what nazi did was gruesome and Europe as a whole have move on and all is forgiven. that shows courage and commitment to peace which is sorely lacking on japan part.
...whereas dat abe is still under the illusion japan is still the victim and continues to dig up wounds to glorify those war criminals without any remorse. Action speaks louder than words ! only a fool will think otherwise.
as far as other south east asia nation, you are bloody wrong to assume we do take this visit @ ys as an insult.
ppl get killed during war and dat is a fact but what the **** did was hideous. They were given orders ( by those criminals abe just worshipped ) to go and slaughter citizens...does not matter how old or how young....and you think it is ok ?
It's appalling and sad ppl like you could not reason while given the opportunity nowadays to better yourself through education and to learn from history.
You are right, the Japanese is no different from the English, the Dutch, the Portuguese or the Spanish. That's why hose nations should also be condemned for their war deeds and killings. Queen Victoria is also a war criminal, and she is the biggest drug lord in the entire human history.
Don’t agree and unnecessary…? Dats the best you can describe. Very lenient from your part in regards for someone dat continue to deny their extensive carnage and refuses to admit the existence of sex slave aka comfort women and Nanking Massacre during ww2 and worshipping those very same ****s and yet it is perfectly fine for abe to glorify them while it is damning for china to honor mao.
Talk about double standard …. why not just say abe is a saint and abe is your idol !!
The sad truth is that the Indonesians, Thais and in the main the Malays, Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodians all collaborated with the Japanese as they saw them as an alterative to the European colonialists. Soekarno was especially supportive in using the **** to obtain guarantees of freedom after the war was over, he just misread who would win. The Singaporeans were a different kettle of fish as were the Burmese. By and large the SE Asian nations were spared most of the matters as to which China and Korea complain because of their willingness to accept the Japanese invasion as a positive. The Philippines is really the only one that put up a fight in most of Asia and did so for most of the war.



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