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Beijing urges Japan's Shinzo Abe to learn from post-war German leaders

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 January, 2014, 12:33am
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 January, 2014, 8:55am

Chinese state media kept up the heat on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the first day of the new year, urging him to learn from Germany in dealing with divisive historical issues.

"Abe's conspicuous lack of historical honesty contrasts shamefully with the courage and vision of late West German Chancellor Willy Brandt," Xinhua said in a commentary.

It highlighted Brandt's 1970 visit to a monument in Poland to victims of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising - a revolt by Jews against deportations to Nazi death camps that was brutally crushed by German troops - when he famously fell to his knees. What Brandt did was a "spontaneous act of genuine repentance", Xinhua added. "He said no words, but his silent apology spoke a lot: Germany repents its history, is willing to make up for the past, and stands ready to earn the international trust it needs to move on."

The Beijing News ran photos of Brandt kneeling in Warsaw and current German chancellor Angela Merkel standing before a wreath with her head bowed during a visit to the site of the Dachau concentration camp.

The photos accompanied short articles on reactions - including by the German government - to Abe's shrine visit.

"The sincere remorse and in-depth reflection of Brandt and other German leaders paved the way for their nation to be accepted by the international community," Xinhua said. "The moment Brandt knelt down, his nation stood up."

Yesterday one of Abe's cabinet ministers paid his own visit to the shrine. Yoshitaka Shindo said he was renewing a wish for peace.

Watch: Abe's controversial visit to the Yasukuni shrine


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Prince Yasuhiko Asaka, who ordered and presided over the Nanjing massacre of 300,000 civilians, was protected by American occupational forces from being tried as a war criminal.
Are SCMP imbecile readers listening? They must have enjoyed countless pictures of men beheaded, pregnant women and babies bayoneted.
These facts were admitted by Japanese combatants. They competed among themselves how many Chinese civilian heads they lopped off in one day. SCMP readers defending such behavior have no right to live in our civilized society.
Of course, victors run their courts and tribunals and they protect their war criminals by "rule of law" from prosecution. They carve out territories and use them as geopolitical devices for divide and conquer. No one wants to talk about that territorial waters disputes exist among Japanese, Russians and Koreans, as well as among Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., not just between China and her neighbors.
Japan lost the war. It should be divested of Ryuku and Okinawa Islands stolen in early 20th Century. Germany and Austria lost many territories, including much prized Prussian capital Konigsberg. So should Japan. The rise of China is now challenging Anglos' cozy status quo.
It is about justice, not nationalism.
Feel-good hate passions of some SCMP scumbags compel them to divert to myths about Great Leap Forward every time we talk about Japanese atrocities. (My account below.)
I know for sure that 30 million is an outright lie perpetrated by Western media propaganda.
Even with the Mao's economic mismanagement, China's grain production per capita during 1958-1961 exceeded India’s. How many Indians died from famine?
Professor Sun Jing Xian had spent over 3 years on this problem. He came up with many census errors in hukou registrations during “massive” migrations from rural areas to the cities.
At least 30 million were involved during this migration. Out of which 11.62 M new registrants in cities were not offset by the same from their origin.
Fact checks showed 7.5 M deaths in rural areas in between 1953 and 1957 were counted short in old census reports. A detailed study of Shandong death reports alone showed it missed 1.52 M deaths.
In 1964 census, a 19.12 M (=11.62+7.5) correction was restated in the 1960 census.
Because of the severe decline in China’s GDP in 1960, 30 M were repatriated back to the villages. 14.82 M had their hukou canceled from the cities while the corresponding figure was not added to the rural registry.
Other scholars who studied the deaths from malnutrition during GLF placed the upper bound at 2.5 M, which unfortunately won’t satisfy the demonized instincts of SCMP readers.
An anecdote. My relatives experienced hardships. But none died from famine.
Feel free to persist in your myth of 30 million deaths as you wallow in the 6000-year old universe.
just wondering why Australia’s foreign minister, bishop did not summon japan’s ambassador to voice her concern and demand an explanation for this provocative abe’s visit @ ys. She definitely does not sound so enthusiastic now... MIA likely....
even Philippines’s foreign minister, Rosario is not commenting on this issue...tongue tied perhaps ? surprisingly cause in Philippines case, their women have denounced abe for the insult.
As i recalled just not too long ago, both were keenly in the news to prove/show their rightful justice to world peace immediately by denouncing the azid by china and calling it a threat to peace and blah blah blah.....
I agree fully that Japan could and should learn from Germany - and China could and should learn from European countries that were invaded by Germany during WW II.
the problem with typical right wing japanese mentality till today, till this very minute as I type my comment… they are still clinging hopelessly on to their co called superiority race/country over others and especially perceive other races/countries in asia as inferior.…they are too bloody ashamed to even acknowledged honestly to the fullest their atrocities during ww2 to china, korea and SEA countries.
Abe and some or maybe most of his party loyalist were brought up with this mentality and they are adamant they did no more wrong than others did during ww2. They were the victims and they were provoked to enter the war.
What germany had done or rather specifically chancellor brandt courageous action in poland was perhaps a standard too high for japan to duplicate due to their pride aka the bushido way.
Japan needs to deal with their ghost of the past and handle it with humility. this is not between china, korea or SEA against japan but the world is looking at japan with serious second thoughts.
Abe's government must face up to Japan's wartime past (following the example of Germany) before it can move on to the future.
Good. The moment Abe stood up his nation knelt down.
Seems like we can learn from the WEST Germans..... what about the East? Strange you don't hear many apologies or admissions of past mistakes from that kind of system.......
China should learn from Germany and not print pictures of mass-murdering criminals on their money
Indeed, I don't think a moron like you know the great mathematician on German money. Your IQ is all the way to the left of his eponymous function.




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