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Beijing urges Japan's Shinzo Abe to learn from post-war German leaders

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 January, 2014, 12:33am
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 January, 2014, 8:55am

Chinese state media kept up the heat on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the first day of the new year, urging him to learn from Germany in dealing with divisive historical issues.

"Abe's conspicuous lack of historical honesty contrasts shamefully with the courage and vision of late West German Chancellor Willy Brandt," Xinhua said in a commentary.

It highlighted Brandt's 1970 visit to a monument in Poland to victims of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising - a revolt by Jews against deportations to Nazi death camps that was brutally crushed by German troops - when he famously fell to his knees. What Brandt did was a "spontaneous act of genuine repentance", Xinhua added. "He said no words, but his silent apology spoke a lot: Germany repents its history, is willing to make up for the past, and stands ready to earn the international trust it needs to move on."

The Beijing News ran photos of Brandt kneeling in Warsaw and current German chancellor Angela Merkel standing before a wreath with her head bowed during a visit to the site of the Dachau concentration camp.

The photos accompanied short articles on reactions - including by the German government - to Abe's shrine visit.

"The sincere remorse and in-depth reflection of Brandt and other German leaders paved the way for their nation to be accepted by the international community," Xinhua said. "The moment Brandt knelt down, his nation stood up."

Yesterday one of Abe's cabinet ministers paid his own visit to the shrine. Yoshitaka Shindo said he was renewing a wish for peace.

Watch: Abe's controversial visit to the Yasukuni shrine


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Even their Emperor Hirohito (he was the Emperor at the time of the Second World War) stopped going to that particular shrine when the war criminals were moved there in 1978. Their present Emperor has never been to that shrine at all.
Both China and South Korea is not acting in an irrational nationalistic manner. Japanese Prime Minister is and is trying to stir up his people.
But you didn't mentioned that Germans today do not honour Hitler and his aides as national heroes. while Japan now still honors and glorifies the Class A war criminals as national heroes, an act that says clearly Japanese still believe the invasion of other countries and massacring their people are the interests of Japan. So China is well justified to be vigilant of the possibility of the coming of more "heroes" from Japan, and Abe looks like to be eager to be a "hero".
For once, I actually agree with the China propaganda!
Abe's government must face up to Japan's wartime past (following the example of Germany) before it can move on to the future.
China should learn from Germany and not print pictures of mass-murdering criminals on their money
the problem with typical right wing japanese mentality till today, till this very minute as I type my comment… they are still clinging hopelessly on to their co called superiority race/country over others and especially perceive other races/countries in asia as inferior.…they are too bloody ashamed to even acknowledged honestly to the fullest their atrocities during ww2 to china, korea and SEA countries.
Abe and some or maybe most of his party loyalist were brought up with this mentality and they are adamant they did no more wrong than others did during ww2. They were the victims and they were provoked to enter the war.
What germany had done or rather specifically chancellor brandt courageous action in poland was perhaps a standard too high for japan to duplicate due to their pride aka the bushido way.
Japan needs to deal with their ghost of the past and handle it with humility. this is not between china, korea or SEA against japan but the world is looking at japan with serious second thoughts.
'You countries still have to borrow money from me,
why should I say sorry to you?
We only worship those countries much stronger than ours (as shown by the disgraceful ceremony given to the new US ambassador to Japan).'
This I guess is how Abe and most Japanese think.
What the Chinese state media has been doing is just a waste of time.
Be strong, and you'll be respected.
Like it or not, this is human nature.
It's just one of the legacies of evolution (no doubt the most important human scientific discovery, so far).
It takes two to make peace and shake hands...
Asia Pulse
If PM Shinzo Abe should learn from post-WWII Germany, then it is only fair to say China should learn from France post-WWII working sincerely and durably to be friend with Germany, not finger pointing them, pushing the French in school to learn German, setting up the European Steel and Coal Community in 1951 by French Minister Robert Schuman in a bid to "make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible" and then the European Atomic Energy Community and in 1957 the European Economic Community with French Minister Jean Monnet.
But then again, at that time west Germany was not communist...
The point is, it takes 2 to tango, and China has to sincerely wants good relations with Japan, which it does not for a bunch of political, economic, energetic reasons. In other word, this is called hypocrisy.
Not "who" decides, but "conscience" decides. So you think the warriors who started the war in China and killing millions of civilians are not war criminals. Some may push Mao out as a shield to protect Japan, but the shield will disappear if I say Mao is a devil, so are the Japanese Imperial Army and their commanders, who are still now worshiped as national heroes by Abe.



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