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  • Dec 22, 2014
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Chinese embassy in Spain demands apology for 'racist' TV show

The head of China's diplomatic mission in Spain Huang Yazhong says TV station Telecinco should apologise after it broadcast a 'vulgar' sketch insulting Chinese during its New Year Gala

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 January, 2014, 12:15pm
UPDATED : Friday, 10 January, 2014, 5:01pm

A Chinese diplomat to Spain has demanded an apology from a TV station that broadcast a show he said insulted Chinese people.

Charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Spain Huang Yazhong wrote a letter to Telecinco's chairman and director general in protest against a “racist” sketch that featured in the channel’s New Year Gala.

“In the show titled Mesa para Dos [Table for Two], a clown wearing strange ‘Chinese clothes’ jumped up and down, making all sorts of exaggerated gestures,” he wrote in the letter published on the embassy’s website. “What’s more, the other actors openly insulted Chinese people using words so vulgar it would make any educated person blush.”

The customers twice say “este Chino es gilipolla”, which means “This Chinese guy is an idiot”.

The actor spoke in broken Spanish and implied the restaurant served dog and cat meat, which Huang said was an obvious reference to a false rumour that a dog’s microchip was found in a beef dish at a Chinese restaurant last year.

I would like to draw your attention that behind these 180,000 Chinese people stand another 1.3 billion Chinese people from the world’s most populous country and second largest economy!
Huang Yazhong

“I don’t know if the creators of this show are proud and prejudiced or if they made this trashy show just for ratings. But objectively it has already hurt the feelings of Chinese people in Spain and Chinese people around the world. This is an undeniable fact,” he wrote. “When wrong, you should change. When you hurt other people, you should apologise.”

Huang added that he did not believe most Spanish people enjoyed the “vulgar” show and the 180,000 Chinese people who live in Spain shared in the economic ups-and-downs of the country.

“Perhaps … Telecinco is a commercial TV station and only cares about ratings, so 180,000 Chinese people is a small enough audience to ignore,” Huang wrote. “But I would like to draw your attention that behind these 180,000 Chinese people stand another 1.3 billion Chinese people from the world’s most populous country and second largest economy! … even if you don’t care damaging your country’s reputation in China, at least please observe basic civility and social image of a broadcaster.”

Video: A CCTV news report about a 'racist' Spanish TV show

An earlier version of this story named the TV station in question as Tele 5, its previous name. We apologise for the error. 


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i doubt much "pure genius" will come out of your head, sir
With your comments kieran.tsao you just prove to be that which you critisize.
Tele5, the channel which did this program stands out as being probably THE most retrograde channel on Spanish TV, and most Spaniards will tell you that they themselves are pretty fed up with it (just happens to belong to ex-Itallian PM Silvio Berlusconi, by the way).
Pretty much any Spaniard will agree that this sketch is insulting and will regret its existence.
So please don't start judging. I don't know who you are to think you are so much better than us Spaniards and start saying that we should "wearing sombreros, have fiestas and cleaning **** from white people's shoes". You are no one to make such insulting comments.
You know kieran.tsao, luckily your ambassador is at least quite a bit more intelligent than you, and he knows this. Reason for which I hope you're not a diplomat or anything relevant in this world. Because if you are I fear for us all.
I'm Spanish. I'm ashamed of this sketch. And am sorry for whatever indirect fault I may have in it.
But you kieran, do EXACTLY what you critisize.
And now I feel offended by your comments. Wow!
The Chinese government should not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations nor hurt the feelings of the citizens of those nations.
Matthew Chen
First the Spaniards wiped out the Inca and Mayan civilizations after their brutal invasions and colonisations for the sake of stolen gold. Now they are at risk of wiping themselves out by insulting the very country that can invest and save Spain from an economic depression.
With their 27% unemployment rate and a negative economic growth rate. They need to find a stupid way to get some fun. China has the power to give them a choke hold in their trade to shock the heck of their shrinking economy.
“But let me warn you: behind these 180,000 Chinese people stand 1.3 billion Chinese people from the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy!”
China being a big bully again! sounds like a threat to me.
Spanish employment is at record levels, youth unemployment over 50%. Racism may hurt, but you know what hurts more, Spaniards? Not being able to pay for your family and leeching off in benefits.
The Chinese Embassy rep should have said that. Will have been pure genius.
and whoever did it would prove that they are as retarded and racist as these people from Tele5
Its funny, isn't it? Is China really a civilized country? Now they are complaining someone non-civilized.
Why don't they pick Korean? Its Korea's culture to serve dog meat. Is there any chance that this is really Chinese's image in the bottom of some people in other countries or even in China. Instead of bluffing, Huang had better think what wrong with his nation, being such notorious.
Have you ever experienced that sometimes you don't want to admit you are from mainland China when you traveling aboard? You really want to shout "Hey I am from Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is absolutely different from China!!!"
No I don't. ... I lied !



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