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China's African Union ambassador slams ‘troublemaker’ Japan after Abe visit

Ambassador uses photographs of Japanese war crimes to support charges of a 'resurrection of Japanese militarism' during blistering attack in Addis Ababa

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 January, 2014, 9:43am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 January, 2014, 9:47am

China launched a scathing diplomatic attack against Japan on Wednesday, warning African nations of an impending “resurrection of Japanese militarism” and branding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a “troublemaker”.

In a press conference held the day after Abe wrapped up a landmark African tour aimed at boosting Japan’s presence in the continent, China’s ambassador to the African Union accused him of trying to undermine Beijing’s own diplomatic reach.

“Abe has become the biggest troublemaker in Asia,” Xie Xiaoyan, who is also China’s ambassador to Ethiopia, told reporters.

“Think how provocative it would be if Germany were to pay homage to a shrine honouring say, Hitler.”
Xie Xiaoyan

“He has worked hard to portray China as a threat, aiming to sow discord, raising regional tensions and so creating a convenient excuse for the resurrection of Japanese militarism,” the ambassador said at the news conference, during which he showed photographs of tortured and dead Chinese victims of the second world war.

He alleged that the conservative Japanese leader’s visit to Africa was part of what he described as a “China containment policy”.

“The world will have to be on the alert that this prime minister is leading the country onto a very dangerous road, and the international community should do everything to prevent Japan from going down even further along the road,” he said.

Xie also repeated criticism over Abe’s visit last month to the Yasukuni war shrine, believed to be the repository of around 2.5 million of Japan’s war dead, including several high-level officials executed for war crimes after the second world war.

“Think how provocative it would be if Germany were to pay homage to a shrine honouring say, Hitler,” he said.

Abe’s three-country Africa tour, which took him to Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Ethiopia, was aimed at boosting Japan’s economic and political ties with Africa, where China’s widespread investments and interests are long-established.



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I Gandhi
Israel is an admired country and democracy. Compared to Israel, Japan is an uncivilised and barbaric country totally morally corrupt. If China can be another Israel it will be the best thing that can happen in Asia.
A Matsui
It is regrettable that Japan is a single party state that is playing a zero-sum game with her neighbours in Asia. Japan's LDP which have been power for most of the time is corrupt, irresponsible and made up of extremists or fascists. Japan's progress to become a respectable state have been dashed by the extremist behaviour of PM Shinzo Abe who finds provoking the victims of pass Japanese aggression more appropriate than in taking Japan on a road to peace and security and common prosperity with her neighbours. The US have failed during the occupation of Japan to completely rid Japan of extremism. It is this failure on the part of the US that Shinzo Abe and Japanese fascists survive to this day, when in the other former Axis countries like Germany, Italy etc. fascism have been completely destroyed.
I Gandhi
Japanese fascists after creating a storm in Asia is now going back to Africa to create more trouble. Japanese aid are usually worthless as ii is based on corrupting Africans. Japanese lack of human values as shown by Shinzo Abe's praying to war-criminals at the Yasukuni War Shrine will only worsen conditions in Africa which already is too corrupt and have too may conflicts. What can Japan do except to exploit the difficulties in Africa for Japan's neo-colonialism. japan is a fascists state and should be kicked out of the UN and not be allowed to venture out of Japan. The world should lock up the Japanese fascists in their evil territory where the Yakuza criminal gangs and the LDP government is one and the same. Japan should go to hell.
PRC is sounding more and more like Israel!!!
How dare you say it is "steal", no mater who is ruling china currently, no one should ever forget the past when millions of Chinese are killed, now even we cannot get an apology form what they have done, don't mix the past into present, this doesn't make sense.
I don't know the reasons of China that keep calling Japan trouble maker. What really happened in Asia is China wanted to steal islands and lands from its neighbors. China using Japan's past. But Communist China their past is more brutal, barbaric than Japan. Mao Zedong and its present Chinese regime killed almost 100 million of its citizens. Until now communist China maintain concentration camp, most of them are political prisoners. They never elect their leaders unlike Japan. Most polluted country air, river and land. They collect gutter oil and sell it to the restaurant. Most corrupt in Asia.
"Most polluted country air, river and land" referring to Fukushima, sweetie?


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