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Henan prosecutor vows to go after more 'big tigers' of corruption

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 January, 2014, 12:42pm
UPDATED : Monday, 20 January, 2014, 4:59pm

Echoing President Xi Jinping’s calls to go after "big tigers" of corruption cases involving high-ranking officials and large sums of dirty money, a senior prosecutor in Henan Province has pledged to crack open more "big cases," a local newspaper reported.

Yang Zuwei, the chief prosecutor of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, lamented that his graft-fighting task force had investigated too few "big cases" involving more than 1 million yuan in illicit money, reported the Henan Business Daily.

In an anecdote Yang shared with fellow delegates at the local legislature, which started their annual meetings last week, Yang said one local official under investigation had confessed to locking all his illegal gains in cash into an iron safe at his home, to the intrigue of investigators.

"He explained that he would look at his money twice a week, which lifted his spirits," Yang said.

Yet, to the senior graft-fighter, there is more potential yet in uncovering more corruption in Party and government ranks.

“The number of cases is increasing, but I feel there’s not enough in-depth investigations, such as those into cluster cases,” Yang was quoted as saying, referring to cases involving multiple officials connected to each other through official ranks or personal relations.

“We must dig deeper, work on bigger cases, even if that means we work on fewer cases, only this way can we have better impact,” Yang reportedly said.

Throughout the province, a total of 2,861 government officials were investigated in 2013 for suspected embezzlement or bribe-taking, Cai Ning, the chief prosecutor of Henan, told the legislature last week.