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How to raise Shanghai's profile? City must bid to host 2028 Olympics, official says

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 January, 2014, 1:26pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 January, 2014, 1:27pm

Shanghai should consider bidding for the 2028 Summer Olympics to increase its diplomatic influence and international profile, said a municipal political adviser on Tuesday.

Representative Wang Xiaoshu, speaking at the second meeting of the 12th Shanghai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Congress – the municipality’s top political advisory body, said Shanghai would have to take “great action that will make the world notice” to increase its international influence, according to Eastday.com, the city’s main news portal.

Wang suggested that the city bid for the Olympics in 2028 as a warm-up to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China a year after.

He said the city had to actively work and communicate with foreigners and continually increase its influence and competitiveness to be a “national leader in openness”.

Wang noted that since the year 2000, major cities such as Paris, New York and London have either hosted or made a bid to host the Games.

“If Shanghai makes a bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics, the bidding process, and Shanghai’s transformation and upgrade … will help raise the quality of society, culture and ecology [in the city],” he said.

Shanghai hosted the World Expo in 2010, which drew 73 million visitors. Meanwhile, Beijing along with Zhangjiakou in Hebei province announced they would jointly bid in November to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

To host the Games, considered a herculean responsibility owing to the event’s prestige and its scope, cities must submit to a rigorous process that may take some two years to complete. A city must apply nine years ahead of time, and must be elected seven years before the targeted start of the event.

The hopeful must file detailed plans to the International Olympic Committee, along with legally binding guarantees on security, accommodations for the athletes, marketing and transport, and must submit to risk-assessment inspections by the IOC.

The committee then votes and awards hosting duties to the bidder at a news conference which is usually accompanied by confetti, flag-waving and other celebrations in the winning host's country.


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"Shanghainese cooking is attractive."
Chinese food as such is already not much special. But Shanghainese 'food' is simply disgusting.
Better raise Shanghai's profile by reducing the pollution and rampant corruption.
To and...
Every city should maintain a pollution and corruption free environment. But having attain such a state it is not necessary would be an attracitve city.
I hope not many people would agree with you that Shanghainese food is disgusting. Or even so to put it so crudely without my suspect that you yet have to be treated a decent dish from Shanghai.
Don't let politics to desire what is tasty.
Officials are just drooling at the prospect of kickbacks galore when it comes to O-limp-dix infrastructure spending.
Heck...just bulldoze over the areas where the Expo was and build on top. I'm sure the structures remaining are in a state of massive disrepair already...
Shanghai Olympic? Preposterous. Have you seen the air pollution in Shanghai lately?

Shanghai Openness? Shanghai is the city that China's leader fear most. Shanghai has long been seen as a potential source of rebellion. It is the city that most exemplifies the phrase 外鬆內盡-outwardly open, inwardly (i.e. in reality) closed.
Shanghainese food? I like it. Many Chinese don't. Shanghainese is probably among the LEAST
popular local cuisine in China outside of it's home region. Many Chinese have told they don't like Shanghai food or it's cuisines - Suzhou, Jiangsu etc.
While in preparation to bid on to hold the next Olympics which may not have a sure result, Shanghai should promote Shanghai culture to the world. Shanghainese cooking is attractive. Its food consists many of the dishes from its surrounding provinces. As a portfolio, it is wide and diverse covering all varieties of food from the humble everyday rice to the seasonal hairy crabs. I know of people travelling to Shanghai for its seasonal offerings in food.
Shanghai should take a leaf from Paris where French cuisine is a stable for world’s admiration. London and US gained international attention too after improving of its culinary appreciation. So promote Shanghai of its food and cooking.


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