Lip-smacking tune? Xi's famous shop visit inspires new 'Pork Bun Song'

Songwriter pens tune about visit by 'humble' president to eatery, but some hear propaganda

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 January, 2014, 3:54pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 January, 2014, 4:00am

A fawning song about President Xi Jinping's visit last month to a pork bun shop in Beijing will be released after Lunar New Year, the West China City Daily reported.

The song titled Pork Bun Shop was written by the popular Guangzhou-based composer Wu Songjin.

"I saw a news report that said President Xi queued up to buy pork buns - I was very moved," Wu, 60, told the newspaper.

The song describes how the president walks into the shop and, refusing special treatment, queues up and eats with the singer. "Big brother Xi, who is close to the people and loves the people, a chance encounter at a pork bun shop," the lyrics read. "You warm the hearts of the common people in the cold winter!"

The newspaper reported that singers from Hunan, Beijing and Shandong were recording renditions of the song in their regional dialects.

It also said a version by Chen Sisi, Gong Linna, Yu Wenhua and other famous Chinese singers would be released after Lunar New Year.

But Gong, denied the report on Weibo, writing: "There will be no pork bun or dumpling song." "Pork Bun Shop" became the second most popular topic on social media, with many users saying the song implied a cult of personality.

Professor Zhao Shilin from the department of philosophy and religion at Minzu Central University wrote on Weibo that the Communist Party banned personality cults during the reform era and the song "seriously damaged the leader's image".