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Air Defence Identification Zone

The Air Defense Identification Zone is airspace over land or water in which the ready identification, location, and control of civil aircraft over land or water is required in the interest of national security. China's Defence Ministry announced its ADIZ over a vast area in the East China Sea on November 23, 2013, which covers the area around the Diaoyu islands, controlled by Japan and known as the Senkaku Islands. The establishment of this zone drew strong opposition from Japan, the US and South Korea, becoming a flashpoint in East Asian politics and security. 


Air defence zone in South China Sea is unlikely, say Chinese experts

Mainland experts dismiss report, which drew warning from US, that air force has draft plan

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 01 February, 2014, 8:53am
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 February, 2014, 3:26am

China is unlikely to set up an air defence identification zone (ADIZ) in the South China Sea in the near future, mainland experts say.

On Friday, the United States warned Beijing against forming a new ADIZ following a report by the Asahi newspaper in Japan that PLA Air Force officials had drafted plans for a zone that could encompass the disputed Paracel and Spratly islands.

"Judging from China's official statements in recent months and its regional strategy, it is unlikely China would set up an ADIZ in the South China Sea and aggravate tension in the region," said Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University.

On Friday, US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said any move to set up an ADIZ in the South China Sea would be seen "as a provocative and unilateral act that would raise tensions and call into serious question China's commitment to diplomatically managing territorial disputes".

Citing unnamed sources, including from the central government, the Asahi said air force officials in the People's Liberation Army had drafted proposals for the new zone, which could cover much of the sea and include the Paracel Islands.

Professor Jia Qingguo, of the School of International Studies at Peking University, said the need to set up a zone for the South China Sea was less pressing than for the East China Sea.

Mainland officials have not responded to Asahi's report.

Amid rising tension, a senior Chinese official said yesterday Beijing's relationship with Tokyo was "probably at its worst".

Fu Ying, chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of China's National People's Congress, said the government in Beijing would "respond effectively to any provocation".

"Many people are worried," Fu said. "The bilateral relations ... are suffering a lot."

A PLA-affiliated website posted images it said showed Chinese fighter jets on their way to the East China Sea to "fend off foreign aircraft".


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Do some homework, dimwit. The US zone does not enter the airspace of any other nation. There is a joint ADIZ with Canada so there clearly was a consultation. The difference is that China's ADIZ covers other nations' territory. So there is a slight difference. China is actively seeking to exercise sovereignty over another nation's territory and to back same up by force.
Will China also adopt Democracy and a free press? If not, then don't compare China to the US.
Do you know how Japan and the US put up "their" ADIZs 30/40 years ago? They just put them there! Were other affected nations consulted? Sorry, they didn't.
China should apply the same security zone around China that the US has protecting America.
The Chinese zone is huge compared to the US Zone and the US Zone does not enter into the territory of other nations. Look it up rather than just aping what the PRC Ministry of Propaganda has told you to say. Learning can be fun.
oh gawd.. the commies must be shitting their pants :) the yanks cant even handle the North Koreans now they wanna warn us?
you are so stupid to said that... china are imposing a zone which doesn't belong to them.. this communist china is simply making an unilateral and a provocative move... rather than a peaceful solution to those disputed island... they are the trouble maker in the asian region and not Japan...
Well done sir
A few weeks back, I opined that China has no inclination to establish an ADIZ in South China Sea unless some countries see fit to provoke China not unlike the "nationalize" of the Diaoyu Islands by Japan. Irrespective of what the China bashers wanting to protrait China as a threat, for the past 150 years or so, China did not even have a defense industry. With the support of the western societies, Japan had the capacities to build its own naval force. During WWII Japan had 26 aircraft carriers, all sunk and a battle ship with the highest displacement for the era. It was sunk before it reached the open sea. Currently, US has over 40,000 Navy, Airforce, Army and Marines stationed in Japan. The reason for the US personnel being there is to keep Japan in check. When convenient, US would also use Japan as a pawn to agitate China to gain advantage politically or economically. Japan is not very happy that it is occupied by US and pays for the occupation. So, Japan through Abe wants to make Southeast Asia a hot spot, too hot for the US to remain or to risk a war with China. Pundits like to make China a common enemy and arbitarily saying that all surrounding countries are against China. But the surrounding countries knows better. The only troublemaker in the area is Japan and it is acting with a purpose; to get US out



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