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Foreigner detained for slapping Chinese boy at Shanghai airport

Woman also fined 500 yuan for hitting child in luggage-claim altercation

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 February, 2014, 3:21pm
UPDATED : Friday, 07 February, 2014, 3:21pm

A foreign woman was detained by police and fined 500 yuan (HK$636) on Friday for slapping a six-year-old boy on the cheek after a small run-in near the luggage carousel at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport.

The youngster was playing with a luggage cart near the conveyor belt when he – accidentally or intentionally – pushed the cart against the unidentified woman, who was waiting to pick up her belongings, according to local news website Xinmin.

The woman responded with a slap to his right cheek. But in an apparent attempt to defuse the situation, she tried to give him money.

According to the airport security’s microblog, the woman was fined and will be detained for 10 days for deliberate assault.

The aftermath was documented by a Weibo user, who posted a photo of the six-year-old with a pinkish mark on his face.

Another photo posted on the microblogging service showed two foreigners – a middle-aged woman wearing glasses, a scarf and her light brown hair tied in a bun, and a man wearing a black jacket and glasses – and captioned as “internet user captures [photo of] two foreigners who hit people”.

It was unclear how the two were related and if the woman was indeed the one who hit the boy.

Juxtaposed against the boy’s photo, however, Chinese users read the pair’s blank expressions of signs “indifference”.

However, netizens’ reactions were split. One user expressed sympathy for the woman, saying: “[It] happens all the time, ill-mannered little kids and their shameless parents. He deserved the slap.”

Other comments were sympathetic towards the boy and harsh towards the woman. “Go back to your country, foreign dog,” one user wrote. “If this were North America, she’d be in [prison] for life.”


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Your ramblings are totally inane.
I am sorry you posted a comment of complete and utter nonsense. I feel more stupid having read it. The article you suggest we read is about the decline of China towns in the US as luxury shops and apartments move in pushing out small shop owners. It's nothing at all to do with racism. Living in Beijing for over a decade and watching all the hutong's and courtyards getting ripped down and demolished to make may for shopping centers, real Beijing local neighborhoods and historic buildings getting cleared by powerful property developers to make way for generic shopping malls and residential development, the scale at which this happened is incredible. So you think US city planning regulations are not doing enough, Chinatowns across the US are not a integral part of US history so why should there be any protective regulations put in place when in China they do not even care about their own building or zoning and planning. When you throw around terms like cultural genocide and racist war in the context of prime property redevelopment or gentrification of real estate you really present yourself as someone that should spend a lot more time educating yourself or learning what those terms actually mean.
Well I agree you never have the right to slap someone else child. I can say as someone who has spent a long time in Asia there is a vast difference between manners across the region and China is really one of the worst. You can notice small things even when in Hong Kong if you hold open a door for a child even the children say thank you if their parents are from HK, in China you lucky if an adult thanks you. I have seen a children's birthday party, there was a person making balloon animals and the HK children wait their turn than say please and thank you, the mainlaind kids push to the front and say "give me, give me" or "I want" "I want". At lunch or dinner the differences are more pronounced, the differences in standards are quite startling. I can say in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong (mostly) if they are local the children's manners are very good on average but mainland China on average is very poor and ill mannered. However this is my perspective as a European with my own cultures manners installed in me, so even many years in China I realise that you can not hold others to account according to our own cultures standard or manners. This is where this woman is very wrong as she is in China not her country. I just hope that when this child or parents were overseas they try to adapt to the local environment, just as we should try to adapt to the mainland local manners, I guess she tried that part when offered money for compensation.
Badly behaved Chinese tourists are rincreasingly ruining holidays for others. They are not unique in this and It's mostly not intentional, simply selfish and inconsiderate. Shame the oldest civilisation often acts in an uncivilised way. I have huge sympathy for the French lady but she should not have hit the child, instead, those affected should confront the adults and complain to relevant authority figures. These thuggish parents then stamp their feet and scream for compensation like spoilt brats. Only yesterday I witnessed several incidents starting with children shouting and running around in a hotel restaurant (staff quickly and correctly intervened) and ending with two middle-aged ladies on an international flight watching a personal video on an iPad without earphones.
Parents who pamper their kids and do not discipline them are the guilty ones. These ill mannered kids ought to be slapped.Can happen to any nationalities all over the world. However the Chinese are among the worst.
The mainland press reports that the woman spoke French and was resident in China. Probably not for long.
Had had the same thing taken place at Charles deGaulle airport and everyone been French, would the woman be seen as having committed assault and battery and detained for 10 days? Had the same thing taken place in PuDong Airport but everyone been Chinese, would there have been an arrest at all? (I genuinely don't know the answer to either question.)
There's much else that hasn't been reported that may or may not throw more light on the incident. Was the kid hit so hard that he lost a tooth? A permanent or a loose baby tooth? Was the woman "bashed" by the trolley or luggage? Was the woman at her wits end after having arrived in the airport after a long flight, say from India or Europe?
If the woman commits suicide or is otherwise injured while in jail, this is the kind of story that will further discourage tourism as the story gets out. Air pollution has already begun to push down the number of foreign tourists.
As a foreigner, I'm left feeling a bit vulnerable pending a more complete explanation, just as I felt vulnerable in SH during the 2005 anti-Japanese riots. While having no sympathy for Japanese ultra-nationalist textbooks or museums, I was also well aware that xenophobia was being ladled out in heaping helpings by the Propaganda Department and in the schools and could be be turned on any foreigner at any point.
Ha, Ha . . . I wonder she would do the same time when this happened in a EU airport involving a EU boy. I have seen many naughtier foreign children.
In North America,the law will do nothing as it is only a small incident;but the boys' relative may pull a gun and shoot the woman.
Normally i would say slapping the kid in this situation is justified but since i don't like French people so better kick them out of the country!
You never have the right to hit anyone else's child. Discipline is the parents' job. Better to slap the mother upside the head and knock off her trucker cap and sunglasses.




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