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Foreigner detained for slapping Chinese boy at Shanghai airport

Woman also fined 500 yuan for hitting child in luggage-claim altercation

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 February, 2014, 3:21pm
UPDATED : Friday, 07 February, 2014, 3:21pm

A foreign woman was detained by police and fined 500 yuan (HK$636) on Friday for slapping a six-year-old boy on the cheek after a small run-in near the luggage carousel at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport.

The youngster was playing with a luggage cart near the conveyor belt when he – accidentally or intentionally – pushed the cart against the unidentified woman, who was waiting to pick up her belongings, according to local news website Xinmin.

The woman responded with a slap to his right cheek. But in an apparent attempt to defuse the situation, she tried to give him money.

According to the airport security’s microblog, the woman was fined and will be detained for 10 days for deliberate assault.

The aftermath was documented by a Weibo user, who posted a photo of the six-year-old with a pinkish mark on his face.

Another photo posted on the microblogging service showed two foreigners – a middle-aged woman wearing glasses, a scarf and her light brown hair tied in a bun, and a man wearing a black jacket and glasses – and captioned as “internet user captures [photo of] two foreigners who hit people”.

It was unclear how the two were related and if the woman was indeed the one who hit the boy.

Juxtaposed against the boy’s photo, however, Chinese users read the pair’s blank expressions of signs “indifference”.

However, netizens’ reactions were split. One user expressed sympathy for the woman, saying: “[It] happens all the time, ill-mannered little kids and their shameless parents. He deserved the slap.”

Other comments were sympathetic towards the boy and harsh towards the woman. “Go back to your country, foreign dog,” one user wrote. “If this were North America, she’d be in [prison] for life.”


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A stranger should not physically assault someone's child.
In some countries, bad move even if it is your own kid!
If you're in Shanghai and furious about what this racist **** did to an innocent Chinese boy, I am calling on you to incite a RIOT!! Smash ALL Western and Japanese businesses. Commit retaliatory assault against ALL of your oppressors! The boxer rebellion will reemerge!
I see Chinese people slapping their own children all the time.
“If this were North America, she’d be in [prison] for life.”
Heh, actually, she probably wouldn't have been fined, and she certainly wouldn't have been put in jail.
Slapping across cultures. In Australia, there was a TV series called The Slap which is about someone slapping another's kid who was running wild at a BBQ. It led to bitter hostilities between the families. So, slapping other people's children is just not on, whatever culture you are in.
The pair looks surly, don't they? If she had not slapped the kid, they would probably have kicked something else.
While the West and the Chinese are mired in tough political diplomacy, the West has already launched a racist war against all Chinese, ****www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25920980 Read this, how the white hipsters are committing cultural genocide against constantly victimised Chinese.
ill mannered kids and wonder if this women is from michigan, a very ill mannered state!!!
With all the polite and friendly people, the woman will long regret coming to China.



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