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Chinese insults show Philippines is right, says Benigno Aquino

Benigno Aquino dismisses insults over his comparison of China with Nazi Germany in staking claims to disputed territory in the South China Sea

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 February, 2014, 8:33pm
UPDATED : Friday, 07 February, 2014, 8:44pm

Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Friday brushed off a barrage of Chinese insults that were triggered by him comparing China’s rulers with the Nazis, as the two sides traded further angry accusations over a territorial dispute.

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency released a blistering commentary on Wednesday in which it labelled Aquino “amateurish”, “ignorant” and “lame”.

Well, I thank Xinhua because they are re-affirming the validity of our position
Benigno Aquino

The commentary came a day after Aquino said China’s efforts to seize disputed parts of the South China Sea were similar to Nazi Germany’s actions before the second world war, and called on global leaders not to make the same mistake of appeasement.

“Well, I thank Xinhua because they are re-affirming the validity of our position. As the saying goes, if someone cannot answer an issue, then he resorts to name-calling,” Aquino said when asked for a response to the Xinhua commentary.

“If you are intentionally insulting me, I thank you because it shows the Philippine position is correct.”

In Beijing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei maintained the pressure on Friday, insisting that comparing China’s actions to those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler were “inconceivable and unreasonable”.

“China is strongly dissatisfied with the relevant remark. We hope that the Philippine side will correct its mistake,” he told a press briefing.

China insists it has sovereign rights over almost all of South China Sea, even waters approaching the coasts of neighbouring countries and down as far south as Borneo.

The Philippines, as well as Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan, also claim parts of the sea, and the disputes have for decades made the waters a potential trigger for military conflict in the region.

Tensions have escalated in recent years as an increasingly muscular China has built up its naval and coast guard presence in the South China Sea, drawing complaints from the Philippines of Chinese bullying.

Hong said the Philippines had created the most problems with its “illegal occupation” of islands in the South China Sea.

But Aquino said the disputes could be resolved if all countries abided by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), to which both China and the Philippines are signatories.

The Philippines launched legal action with a United Nations tribunal last year, asking it to rule if the Chinese South China Sea claim was invalid. China refused to participate in the UN process.


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Its not name calling when its true.
Finally someone in Asia shows some balls, and calls the Beijing scum for what they are.
So Aquino says that if someone calls someone else names then it proves that he is correct. By the same token does he not think that, in effect, calling China Nazis is not the same thing - name calling? While we are in this childish mood, how does it reflect on Aquino that he is in effect saying that if he can't get his way then he will get his big brother to beat China up?
What ejmciii fails to understand is that 'other nations' particularly in N America and Europe are sitting back and scratching their heads as to how insensitive Aquino could be in using the evil Nazi regime to further his own agenda. There is also little or no evidence to suggest that the general population of the countries such as the US, UK and others would support Japan militarily given their past record. Furthermore, given Japan's role in World War II as part of the Axis - Japan, Nazi Germany, Facist Italy - it would seem to even the most dim witted that evoking such memories would not go down well in Tokyo.
This whole sorry episode is an embarrassment for the Philippines even if they themselves cannot see it.
The German Nazi regime might have been bad, don't know actually. But they seem keen amateurs compared to China's fascists. About 60-100 million people where driven to their death by Mao alone. Not counting the 'Buthcher of Lhasa' Hu Jintao, and the ongoing genocide in East Turkestan.
Masako Owada
Benigno Aquino insults China by calling China Nazi Germany. In turn he received some blunt criticisms for his crazy insults. Aquino is a joker president of the Philippines. Compared to his mother he is just sh*t! If Aquino thinks that his fascist evil "friend" Shinzo Abe will save his hide the next wrath of nature visits Manila he's just dreaming.
Apparently you still do not understand the statement. That is unsurprising. The joke is that you think that other nations are just going to stand by while the masters in Beijing try to steal their territory and resources. The world does need to focus more on this activity and to stem it now. Nazi Germany was undertaking parallel tactics using threat of force and claims of historic control. Sorry you don't like it but that is life.
Most telling is the CCP's refusal to submit to the professional, knowledgeable and efficacious UN dispute resolution process, preferring to turn to amateurish, ignorant and lame name-calling instead.
Only as telling as the US ignoring ICOJ's ruling against it in the case vs Nicaragua. Or as telling as Israel refusing to cooperate on a UN investigation. Or Russia ignoring ITLOS with respect to Arctic Sunrise. Can't have it both ways, that's where the ignorance comes in for a lot of folks out there.
The very fact that Aquino needed to address this shows it got under his skin.....can't take it, don't dish it out.
“If you are intentionally insulting me, I thank you because it shows the Philippine position is correct.”
Don't think the man's thought his comment through. If using his logic from that quote, since Aquino is intentionally and constantly trying to mud sling China, it means China's position is correct. Thank you Aquino.
If China is correct then why not join the Arbitration?.. this is regarding to Scarborough Shoal that the chineese occufying..Why china is using historical claim when it is not supported by the TRIBUNAL of the Law of the Sea... Now if historical claim be valid then why not Biejing, Nanning and Shanghai china claimed by the Italians when Marco Polo lived and travelled those oceans and places of China?....Got the Picture?




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