Attacks on Chinese companies in Zambia leave one dead and six injured

Three assailants killed in two incidents and six injured

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 February, 2014, 4:05pm
UPDATED : Friday, 14 February, 2014, 8:03pm

Two Chinese companies were attacked by armed robbers in a suburb of Zambia’s capital Lusaka on Wednesday, leaving one Chinese worker dead and six injured, local media reported.

Three of the assailants were killed in the incidents while six others were injured.

Four men armed with a firearm and machetes hacked five Chinese workers at the Point and Lime Technologies quarry in what is believed to be an attempted robbery, said local newspaper the Zambia Daily Mail, quoting a statement from Zambia’s police public relations officer Charity Chanda.

Point and Lime Technologies is a company from central China’s Henan province that focuses on stone mining and processing projects.

During the attack, one Chinese worker was shot in the stomach and died later in hospital, and six others were injured, Henan-based newspaper Dahe Daily reported.

Two of the attackers were beaten to death while the other two escaped.

In a separate incident, five men broke into a warehouse at a farm close to the Point and Lime Technologies company.

“The owner of the farm was awakened by barking dogs. He then heard a gunshot. In retaliation, he fired towards the storeroom with the aim of scaring any intruders away, accidentally shooting one of them dead in the process,” Zambia Daily Mail quoted Chanda as saying.

The body of the intruder was found lying in the storeroom on top of soya bean bags with a knife besides it.

Chanda said two masks, a revolver, empty cartridges and a projectile were recovered from the two scenes.

Both incidents happened on Wednesday between midnight and 2am. Local police have launched investigations and started a man hunt. The Chinese embassy in Zambia is also working to help the Chinese companies.

There are now about 100,000 Chinese living or working in Zambia, with more than 500 Chinese companies involved in fields such as road building and mining.

Several assaults on Chinese companies have been reported in recent years.

“Such assaults happened from time to time, not only targeting Chinese companies, but also companies from other countries,” Liu Guang, a company official with Point and Lime Technologies told Dahe Daily.