Car chase and shooting in Zhuhai city 'due to business dispute'

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 February, 2014, 1:07pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 February, 2014, 1:07pm

A hair-raising car chase and shooting during rush hour on Tuesday in a downtown district in Zhuhai city that left a gunmen injured and four vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz, damaged, was allegedly due to a business dispute, Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Thursday

The shooting in Pingshazhen county was allegedly triggered by disputes between the business partners of a construction project, a man involved in the case surnamed Yang told the paper.

The report said Yang, together with two friends surnamed Qiu and Wu, were chased by more than 20 men carrying knives and guns, who Yang said he believed were led by his business partner surnamed Zhong.

The suspects fired their guns eight times during the 30-minute chase, the paper reported.

“They were crazy enough to shoot on a busy street! I’ve never encoutntered such an incident in my life,” the paper quoted Yang as saying.

Zhuhai police said three of the suspects possessing firearms had been detained, and one of the suspects injured during the chase had been sent to hospital.

The police were reported to have found guns suspected to have been involved in the shooting in a residential community nearby. They posted on their official Sina Weibo account on Thursday morning that the sources of the firearms were still under investigation.

Yang alleges that Zhong was furious that a new business partner was allowed to become a shareholder of their construction project before he could approve he appointment.

Yang said he and his two friends were tricked into meeting Zhong at a downtown bar, only to be confronted by the businessman accompanied by a group of seven young men.

They left the bar only to find more than ten more men carrying knives and guns waiting for them outside, he said.

The three then managed to get into their cars and drive away, but were then closely pursued by three vehicles, including two white vans.

Yang told the paper that his friend surnamed Qiu was the first to shake off the gang and then immediately called the police.

Four vehicles, including the Mercedes, were damaged by collisions and gunshots during the car chase. Zhong was also injured in one of the collisions and was later sent to a hospital by the police.

A witness posted on Sina Weibo on Wednesday night of his terror when he drove into the “gangster gun battle” on his way home.

“I saw five or six young men, each holding a gun, running towards my car…what if one [a gunman] shot me and my wife? My hands were shaking so hard,” the man who called himself Youzi wrote of his encounter.