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Kunming railway station attack

On March 1, 2014, dozens of commuters were killed and more than a hundred others injured when a gang of knife-wielding attackers rampaged through Kunming railway station in Yunnan province, China. Authorities blamed "separatist forces from Xinjiang" for the deadly attack. Four of the alleged assailants were shot dead by police at the scene.


Police name Kunming massacre 'mastermind' as three suspected attackers are arrested

Ministry says Abdurehim Kurban was among eight who went on deadly knife rampage

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 March, 2014, 9:35pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 March, 2014, 6:09pm

Police said last night they had identified the mastermind behind Saturday's deadly attack at Kunming train station and captured three more suspects.

Citing the Ministry of Public Security, Xinhua said a group of eight people was responsible for the attack, including the alleged leader it named as Abdurehim Kurban, and two women.

Four suspects died at the scene and one of the women suspects was wounded and captured.

The brief report did not mention whether Kurban was among those detained or dead.

In a rare move, some 2,000 delegates observed a minute's silence for the victims at the opening of the top political advisory body's annual session yesterday.

Watch: China pays tribute to Kunming dead

Many delegates condemned Saturday night's assault, which claimed the lives of 29 people and injured more than 130 others. Some delegates called for anti-terrorism legislation.

There have been only two other occasions when a Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) observed a period of silence - for martyrs at its first annual meeting in 1949, and at the 1997 session after the death of paramount leader Deng Xiaoping .

"China so far only has directives on addressing terrorism, so I think it's necessary to draft an anti-terrorism law. [The Kunming incident] also shows that establishing the new national security committee is completely necessary," said Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo on the sidelines of the CPPCC opening yesterday.

The authorities have described the massacre as an organised terrorist attack by Xinjiang separatists. Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said yesterday that flags from East Turkestani separatist forces were found on the ground.

A Uygur community in Kunming has seen a heavy police presence since the gory attack. Residents of Dashuying, a community in the eastern part of the city, said police and Swat teams had been stationed in the area since Saturday night.

The area was rumoured to be a secondary location of "terrorist" attacks, but this was later denied by police.

Yesterday, the atmosphere was tense but quiet in Dashuying, a poor neighbourhood with a large Uygur population eight kilometres from the train station.

Heavily armed police have been guarding entry points and checking people arriving and leaving.

Ten policemen carrying rifles entered a Uygur restaurant yesterday to conduct identity checks.

"We didn't wish for this attack to happen, but what can we do now?" said a Uygur restaurant manager. "In the past, even local government officials and tourists came here, but not anymore."



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Compare the race riots in China with those in the US and elsewhere. In Xinjiang and Tibet, rioters target the innocents, among them are women and children.
Death tolls are overwhelmingly majority Hans and police. Thanks to Chinese leaders, we never hear the official press demonizing the minority for heinous crimes.
Let’s turn the camera to inner city race riots in the US during the 60s. The 1965 LA Watts riot alone left 34 dead and 1,032 hospitalized and 3,438 jailed. They were all minorities. The 1967 Newark race riot killed 26, seriously injured 725 and arrested 1,500. In US riots, the National Guards (soldiers) are called. Need I say more? During Hurricane Katrina, the governor ordered guards “shoot to kill” looters. Wonder why Thai and Russian governments are not allowed this exclusive Western 007 privilege.
Beijing must redouble its effort to disseminate majority good will to minorities. Bringing them into full participation in all walks of professions will be a long slog -- at least 2 more generations.
@newgalileo, most of the western mainstream press is more of a propaganda tool than the Chinese state media, they're a corporate media in bed with the political elites in Washington and London, which are ideologically anti-Chinese and no doubt celebrating over this attack.
In reference to nick.morgan.7549's sentence,
"The Western media is not perfect and is sometimes biaserd towards big business, but rarely towards government."
I'm slightly astounded to read that. Although I'm not sure of the exact geographic span that is referenced as "western media", but I'm sure there are others out there who's heard of a television network known as 'FOX TV' that has significant international coverage. I recall witnessing endless vehement anti-Chinese feeling broadcasts and I need not quote specifics for 'source' evidence.
I appreciate nick.morgan.7549's good-will for harmony but I'm slightly astounded at what he calls "nonsense" and "...will find only good will towards Chinese people".
... Where ever nick may hail from, I only wish is to immigrate there as I too dream of Thomas More's "Utopia" and fantasize as John Lenon did for "Imagine".
I must agree with the Chinese side that the Western press is not fair in its news coverage. Like the NYT, they say " Beijing calls them "terrorists".
Is there are "better" word than that? Those are terrorists, no doubt, and ugly ones. No need for " "
What has this to do with terrorism and race riots? Read my comment posted above.
What has your comment to do with terrorism and race riots?Perhaps you're unaware. Lies about a country, its leaders and people are the daily diet that feeds terrorist attacks.
You seem to be totally unabashed by your own indulgence in a furtive wicked pleasure now temporarily sated by the massacre of innocents.
Dig deep into your soul. Aren't you insisting that China deserves its punishment because of the government tyranny against its people?
Your feel good passion is predicated on the "necessary" wanton killings of some Chinese because in your sick mind, this tragedy vindicates your perception of the evil Communist government.
It is hateful rumor mongering – that China doesn’t have governance mandate from the people – that causes terrorism and violence. You have plenty of company from the readers/writers in this publication and in this column.
Unfortunately, we, the civilized, have to accept this dark side of human condition, a lurking hate passion that can’t be reconciled until everyone holding the opposite ideology is purged from the face of the earth.
Yeah, well the largest mass murder in U.S. history was committed by a foreign national. In fact he was Asian.....can you guess where from?
raglan, pls refer to my comment posted at Mar 4th 2014, 3:02pm. respect.
The western media is not perfect and is sometimes biased towards big business, but rarely towards government.
The Chinese media is not actually a "media" it's just another Government department. That combined with a govt controlled legal system and you have a totally different environment.
This nonsense about anti-Chinese feeling in the west is offensive and I have never seen evidence for that. I don't know where that idea comes from, but I suggest you question the source carefully.
The only mistrust and dislike is in the current Chinese government and its inherent corruption and secretiveness. You will find only good will towards the Chinese people.
You also have the choice of many, many sources of media, including foreign media.


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