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Malaysia Airlines flight 370
Flight MH370

China slams Malaysia over 'chaotic' response in hunt for missing flight MH370

As hunt for missing plane enters its sixth day, Beijing asks for clarification on conflicting reports about the jetliner's change of direction

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 March, 2014, 11:42pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 March, 2014, 11:30am

Beijing slammed Malaysia's "pretty chaotic" answers concerning the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, as Kuala Lumpur officials failed to pinpoint the plane's last known whereabouts.

In a statement late last night, foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said China had asked Malaysia to check conflicting information about the change of course of the jetliner, which vanished on Saturday with 239 passengers and crew aboard, including 154 Chinese.

As the search enters its sixth day, Malaysia's acting transport minister Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein admitted: "We don't know where the aircraft is."

China obviously feels aggrieved ... as they have so many nationals involved

Guo Shaochun, head of the Chinese government task force in Kuala Lumpur, said Beijing "requests that Malaysia releases authoritative and substantial information" on the missing plane.

"It's pretty chaotic, so up to this point we too have had difficulty confirming whether [information is] accurate or not," said Qin, responding to conflicting information provided about the flight path of flight MH370.

"[China] has requested Malaysia to verify the 'turn-back' rumours and act accordingly," Qin later said in a statement on the ministry's website, "and notify the situation to China timely."

Military personnel from 12 countries and territories are sweeping seas and airspace around Southeast Asia for traces of the Boeing 777 jetliner.

The search has expanded to 27,000 square nautical kilometres, involving 42 ships and 39 aircraft, although Vietnam said it would scale back its efforts.

Malaysian officials in Kuala Lumpur were bombarded with questions about the contradictory statements on the plane.

Hishammuddin, quizzed about Beijing's frustration, said: "China obviously feels aggrieved because they have so many of their nationals involved." He added: "It's not a matter of chaos ... it only seems confused if you want it to be seen so."

Watch: Malaysia says hunt for jet not in disarray

Confusion reigned after reports indicated the plane had moved significantly off course.

Malaysia's air force chief, Rodzali Daud, denied reports quoting him saying the plane was last detected by military radar at 2.40am on Saturday at the northern end of the Strait of Malacca.

One Malaysian military official told the Post that while reviewing readings, he saw "weak signals" on the military radar showing an object moving west towards the Strait. Another Malaysian military investigator corroborated the sighting.

Watch: No idea where to look: the hunt for MH370 continues as mystery deepens

At a meeting in Beijing with passengers' families, Datuk Iskandar Sarudin, Malaysia's ambassador to China, said his country's national airline lost contact with the jet after communications were handed to air controllers in Ho Chih Minh City.

A spokesman for Vietnam's aviation authority confirmed the transfer took place. He said Vietnam could not communicate with the plane, told Malaysia, and passed responsibility back to Malaysia's aviation authority.

Danny Lee; Adrian Wan in Kuala Lumpur; Phila Siu in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam; Stephen Chen, Sijia Jiang and Angela Meng in Beijing


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wow talk about pot calling the kettle black. Didnt china just release 4 days old satellite images of debris? And doesnt it go to insane lengths to hide and misreport tragedies on his home soil? So the best bet a chinese has of dying with some dignity and accountability is if they die on foreign soil (or sea)? How about China stop throwing its weight around like a spoilt chinese princess and contribute its formidable military and economic strength to the rescue operations? Oh and also send satellite images when they are found...
next, they will blame Anwar Ibrahim in some way ........
China must know that the Malays in Malaysia are anti chinese.
Moreover the malays are all talk and non doers,.....
It is clearly evident the Malaysians do not know what they are doing.
You have American experts who have offered there assistance but the Malaysians refused even though it is clear as day they do not know what they are doing.
Saving face and violence go hand in hand Muslim culture.....
International coordinated efforts cannot find flight MH370, so what does the SCMP, the New York Times, and the Guardian do? They make headlines on the political process and expose the contradictions between who said what. The headline says "China Slams...." but sorry, it was not a Chinese government official that was quoted, it was an editorial in a Chinese newspaper that was quoted. Malaysian civilian and military officials have stated contradictory things, the military being used to secrecy. Now one sentence reveals that Vietnamese air traffic controllers, when they could not find the aircraft after it was handed over to them by Malay ATC, handed the responsibility back to Malay ATC. Would the SCMP say that the VietNam ATC are incompetent or the Malay ATC are incompetent. Why is there so much ado about the turn of the aircraft? The radar signal were weak. It is clear that the reporters & editors are going after the easy stories, not the guts of the matter. Any global reading the search is that every countries' search effort is astounding, and that is the real story. All the rest, the political stabs, are incendiary fuel from the reptilian process of headline making.
the only thing racist is malaysia's apartheid constitution, which states that the bumis have more rights than non-bumis.
its time for MAS to hire the best person to run the airline, instead of insisting that it has to be a bumi.
Seriously, during the first press conference, the current CEO looked more like a janitor. i thought he was cleaning the microphones until they identified him as CEO. He couldnt even speak properly.
i agree with most of your points, every country has issues...but at least unlike malaysia, racist laws are not enacted...
racist people are everywhere, but in malaysia , it's the law. in 2014, when south africa is free from apartheid, why is malaysia still in the dark ages. is it any wonder the country's elite are so inept?
I flew Malaysian to France and switzerland with my kids dozens of times and they have consistently been very good, cockpit and cabin crew.
The whole search is out of their hands. They can only relay what info they are handed. the mess surrounding this terrible happening is due to the civil and military aviation clear incompetence/unwillingness to coordinate and very poor PR representations on the part of all. The Chinese authorities in this situation would no doubt present a united response and inundate us with propaganda of one kind or another, but they would be neither swifter nor more transparent, because in the absence of real knowledge, Ignorance and its cohorts of misinterpretations and fanciful imaginations will prevail, as is the unfortunate case here.
and as for the bomoh, if it brings relief to someone, let it be. nobody would reproach religious people their prayers and rituals.
I am sorry but i have to say it again. The Malay govt just seems so ill-equipped in handling this trajedy. It is showcasing its incompetence as the whole world watches on, and as each pain deepens in the hearts of those grieving families. This is a circus. So many mouthpieces, no clear data, hilarious shaman on board, saying one of the two fake passport holders looked like a certain footballer when it was farthest from the truth, WHAT IS GOING ON???? Get your act together, this is not just damaging to everyone concerned but this will leave an everlasting tarnished image of Malaysia. Yeah, truly Asia, eh?
How do you start a small business? First you buy a large business. Then u hire a malay to be CEO. wait 2 weeks.



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