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Malaysia Airlines flight 370

China's media scathing over Malaysia’s handling of hunt for missing jet

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 March, 2014, 11:51am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 March, 2014, 12:19pm

Malaysia drew a fresh round of scathing criticism from China Monday over conflicting information on missing jet MH370, with state media and social media users voicing increasing scepticism as the search enters its 10th day.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday announced that the Malaysia Airlines flight’s disappearance may have been “deliberate” and that the aeroplane flew for several hours after leaving its intended flight path.

In an editorial, the China Daily newspaper questioned why the announcement from Kuala Lumpur came more than a week after the flight vanished and wondered whether Malaysia was sharing all of the information it had gathered.

Malaysia, what else are you hiding?
one sina weibo user

“The contradictory and piecemeal information Malaysia Airlines and its government have provided has made search efforts difficult and the entire incident even more mysterious,” the newspaper wrote.

“What else is known that has not been shared with the world?” it asked.

Two-thirds of the passengers on board the flight were Chinese, and Beijing has been critical of Malaysia’s sharing of information - a concern reiterated Monday as fears mounted that the plane might have been hijacked.

“It is of the utmost importance that any loopholes that might have been exploited by hijackers or terrorists be identified as soon as possible because we need counter-measures to plug them,” the China Daily wrote.

Yao Shujie, the head of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham, wrote in an op-ed in China’s state-run Global Times newspaper that Malaysia “has lost authority and credibility” due to its chaotic response

“The lack of national strength and experience in dealing with incidents has left the Malaysian government helpless and exhausted by denying all kinds of rumours,” Yao wrote.

He added: “If the search continues to be fruitless even following the new information, Malaysia would be better off handing over its command in the international rescue operation.”

The plane’s disappearance remained the most hotly debated topic on China’s popular social networks, with many users of Sina Weibo echoing concerns over the Malaysian government’s release of information.

“Why is it only now that they’ve confirmed it may have been hijacked?” one Sina Weibo user wrote Monday morning in response to the latest revelations by Kuala Lumpur. “Malaysia, what else are you hiding?”

Another posted: “I’m really getting more and more disappointed in Malaysia and their unreliable government. I’m not planning on travelling there anytime in the future.”

Last week, one of the most widely forwarded messages was a posting that read: “Vietnam keeps discovering. Malaysia Airlines keeps denying. China keeps sending rescue teams.”

On Monday, the meme had taken a new twist. “Malaysia has been telling a week’s worth of lies. Vietnam has fished out a week’s worth of trash. China has forwarded a week’s worth of news,” read the latest viral message.


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That's RICH coming from the land of the cover-up and news blackout - Sars, mining accidents, corruption probes, the latest Shanxi tunnel explosion which wasn't reported until a week after it happened.....etc etc, examples are legion. Did PRC media publish scathing criticism about all of those too? Not if their editors wanted to keep their jobs. Malaysia is an easy target.
Can PRC media criticise China for releasing bogus satellite images of "debris" in the South China Sea due east of the plane's last known location, thus misleading all the search parties for at least 2 days. Surely such satellite images should not have been released so lightly and in such haste without careful scrutiny internal to China and without consulting the Malaysian govt (while the Chinese premier declares that Malaysia should work "faster"!)
Maybe or maybe not, but regardless where the plane was taking off, you can't deny that the handling of information and communication itself is a bloody mess.
Malaysia won its freedom from the british in the 1957-60s because all three major races the malay, chinese and indians were united in their desire to be a self governing country. My dad told me when he was young, the children of all three races would play in the streets together in his hometown, but today that is sadly no longer case. The corrupt political class in malaysia is seeking to divide us among racial lines to solidify their own power. But malaysians must not forget that it is only by working together that we won our freedom from the world superpower then, and without bloodshed. The chinese chavinist comments criticizing malaysia policy must remember that those chinese living in malaysia have enjoyed economic and political freedoms they did not have in china, and many malaysian chinese who left malaysia to live in china in the 70s have been disillusioned by communism. Even today many mainland chinese are voting with their feet to emigrate to malaysia. But the chinese must accept that money isn't everything(yes I know its hard) and a price has to be paid for social stability and not a winner take all system. The malays on the other hand have to resist the extreme elements in their ranks, some religious scholars returning from middle east have brought with them a toxic intolerant intepretation of their religion. But having achieved racial harmony and economic prosperity since 1969, Malaysians need not be ashamed but proud and remain vigilant
The arrogance of China is without limits
Would you otherwise if your mother & family was onboard?
withholding information....why did china release those images of some debris found in the south china sea FOUR days after the event?
the malaysia ' leaders ' that have been dealing with the issues are the cousins, nephews & cronies of the ruling party. They are there because of their race, the bumiputras. The NEP ( natl economic policy ) promotes corruption & generations of incompetent bumiputras. The smart, capable chinese, indians & east malaysians have all migrated.
Its ok to **** their way theough domestically, but thrusted into the international arena, the bumiputras have failed spectacularly.
If you are not ready to accept that in other countries things may be different then don't go there and STAY HOME!
Impressions direct from the Prince (Tanda Putera 2013-??) himself- the Malay Dilemma is a formInstitutionalised racism i.e. Malays get preferential treatment till they died because : all Malays (came from kampong i.e. villages) and married their first cousins thus making them and their offsprings are slow, so the Government must continue to give them 51% of all private companies registered in Malaysia when these Malays had contributed zilch towards those companies. Tis is UMNO Boleh, Malaysia Boleh (can), campaign last year!
If Wikileaks, Greenwald or the Guardian can put this in perspective, the world should soon wake up to a political stone-age in the 21st Century!
So go easy on the folks down in Malaysia, they know not what they do and because their parents were first cousins, they cannot handle this kind of complex international crisis involving so much stress and zero returns. There is no 'jalan' out of this situation...sigh!
What utter rubbish, you are either a Singaporean or malaysian chinese who ended somewhere washing dishes after migrating from malaysia. malaysia remains an economic power house with a blooming economy and both the malays and non malays including Malaysian chinese prospered with higher gdp per capita than china.
its pretty sickening you have to claim that malays mary their first cousins when malays are very liberal eith choosing their partners.
you are clearly a bitter person and full of nihilism. the malaysians have been sombre and apologetic in this issue regardless of race and religion.



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