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Malaysia Airlines flight 370

Beijing rules out sabotage by MH370’s Chinese passengers, sends ships to Indian Ocean

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 March, 2014, 11:27am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 March, 2014, 7:41pm

No individuals or groups had raised any political demands over the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, said China's ambassador to Malaysia on Tuesday. 

Ambassador Huang Huikang also said that China had ruled out the possibility of terrorist or sabotage activity by any of its 153 nationals on board the Boeing 777-200ER, which cut off communication with controllers and fell off civilian radar screens in the early hours of March 8 while en route from Kualua Lumpur to Beijing. 

China had "conducted meticulous investigation into all the (Chinese) passengers, and did not find any evidence of sabotage activity," Huang told a press briefing in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday morning.

As the search enters its 10th day, China is focusing on eliminating one of the possible "corridors" where the missing plane might have flown to and landed, Huang said. 

"The key now is to narrow the search area and eliminate one of the two corridors," Huang said, adding that China had started searching the areas where the northern corridor falls within Chinese territory. 

Malaysian authorities said on Sunday that the plane's last satellite contact - at 8.11am on March 8 - revealed it flew more than seven hours after dropping off civilian radar. Two flight corridors are now the focus of the search - one from northern Thailand to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and a southern corridor from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, China said it was dispatching its military and civilian ships taking part in the maritime search to two suspected locations in the Indian Ocean as of 8am on Tuesday morning.

“There are major changes in our search strategy and plans due to the change of situations. The forces will head in two opposite directions, one northward and the other southward, starting today," a press official at the China Maritime Search and Rescue Centre in Beijing told the Post on Tuesday morning. 

But she declined to reveal further details, saying "the intelligence is constantly changing, so is the arrangement."

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A story in the PLA Daily, official newspaper of the Chinese military, said the Chinese military and civilian ships searching the Bay of Thailand in the past week had ended a standby and were heading to Singapore for regrouping and preparation before they sail to the two new search locations in the Indian Ocean. 

China Communication News said on Tuesday that four Chinese ships and three helicopters from the fleet were charged with searching a 120,000-square-kilometre area in the Bay of Bengal, west of the Andaman Islands, and another five ships and three helicopters would focus on a 180,000-square-kilometre, narrow stretch of waters southwest of Indonesia's Sumatra and Java islands. 

Huang trod carefully while commenting on the investigation and search efforts led by Malaysia so far. He repeated China's frustration with the Malaysian authorities' insufficient response and information releases over the missing flight, but also praised them for their efforts.

"The Malaysian government has insufficient capabilities, technologies and experience in responding to the MH370 incident, but they did their best," Huang said at the press briefing.

"Our main problem now is that there is a chaos of information. All sorts of speculation, even rumours, are flying around, making it impossible for one to think," Huang said.

The chaos arises partly from the unprecedented mysteries surrounding the missing flight, and partly from the inexperience on the part of Malaysian authorities, he said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Tuesday that China has deployed 21 satellites to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner with 239 people on board.

China has begun searching for the missing jet in those parts of its own territory covered by a northern corridor that the aircraft could have flown through, state media said earlier in the day.

No trace of the plane has been found more than a week after it vanished, but investigators believe it was diverted by someone with deep knowledge of the plane and commercial navigation.

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Basing on latest Indonesian reports, fishermen had seen the plane go down in the Straits of Malacca - Antara News says probably off the Idi Village in East Aceh. The plane had probably developed trouble and was on fire as reported earlier by a New Zealander off the coast of Vietnam. The pilots tried to turn the plane and head back to KLIA but I believe they passed out...as it is plausible that a fuselage section near the SATCOM antenna adapter failed, disabling satellite based - GPS, ACARS, and ADS-B/C - communications, and leading to a slow decompression that left all occupants unconscious. The pilots may have put the plane on auto pilot before they were knocked causing the plane to fly through the Malaysian peninsula and into the Straits of Malacca causing it to crash after running out of fuel.
The plane had problem before it even took off the tarmac on the 8th of March at 00:41. This was according to a 2013 prophecy by TB Joshua. Due to impatience to get the plane flying off on schedule the fault was missed and got the plane into trouble. Hopefully, they manage to locate the plane soon on the new info they had got from the Indonesian fisherman. All we can do is pray.
Simon Gunson
One of the ignorant PRUNES here asked if there were any examples of aircraft generator fires as if to imply there were no examples. I cannot find the post again to identify the person however happy to oblige and educate the ignorant sod.
A321, en-route, Northern Sudan, 24 August 2010, an Airbus A321-200 operated by British Midland, loss of cockpit displays and un-commanded turns which vanished with de-selection of No.1 generator.
A319, London Heathrow, 15 March 2009, an Airbus A319-100 on pushback lost all cockpit displays and developed smoke.
Boeing 757-200, Chicago O’Hare IL USA, 22 September 2008, a Boeing 757-200 operated by American Airlines
Tupelov Tu-154 at Surgut on Jan 1st 2011, arcing caused by overload of generator bus relays.
McDonnall Douglas DC-9 operated by Air Canada 2 June 1983, inflight fire actual electrical cause never identified. Knocked out cockpit instruments.
Boeing 787 5th prototype test aircraft generator fire on approach to land 10 November 10, 2010 10:01am, knocked out cockpit displays and disabled autothrottle.
McDonnall Douglas DC-9 AirTran flight 913, 8 August 2000, inflight arcing of relay bus cables.
And for his information I correctly postulated the cause of Air France AF447 publicly online three days after it came down in the Atlantic whilst he was on PPruNe dismissing my theory. He makes much noise but is seldom right.
I will continue to pray for those involved. I also am taking note that China is taking part. This hardly seems like the action of a nation that wants to steal land. As a result, I am going to follow my own advice and start searching for old maps that show the disputed Islands going back to the period of when the US took possession of the Philippines in 1898 following the Spanish/American war. If it turns out that I can find that China had a claim on the disputed land then I will change my position to one that all sides involved really ought to sit down and negotiate an equitable settlement. I only hope that all sides involved can do the same. No one side can or should attempt to force it's will on another as that will only lead to certain death over some small bits of land and oil. 30 years from now few will really regard oil as much of an energy source.
Can Malaysia show the cargo manifest? Is there anything extremely valuable on board the cargoes? Maybe the Taliban wanted to raid its cargos of...Of...D24 durians? Or even more valuable, Mao Shan Wang durians?
Masters cannot accept that the slaves might challenge their lords. Perish the thought
Simon Gunson
I understand there may be reports that cell phones continued to ring on the aircraft after it flew through the Straits of Malacca. If that is true then it should be possible to roughly track the flight according to records from cell phone networks which cell towers connected these calls. If this was true then it must have flown in sight of land with cell phone towers. Therefore looking in the Indian Ocean is looking in the wrong direction. I suggest more likely it turned north and flew over Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh Assam or even western China. I urge the Chinese Government to request all these countries to go through cell phone records for the phone numbers of Chinese citizens who were on that sad flight. This will save time and stop wasting effort in the wrong place. If anybody has survived in a remote crash site it might even save lives.
Simon Gunson
Here is an alternative explanation which has never been considered. In 2011 Egyptair flight 667 had an electrical fire under the cockpit whilst the aircraft was on the ground. It burned out the cockpit and made a large hole in the side of the cockpit. If Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had a generator not producing enough voltage the pilots might reasonably have switched on a second generator to work in tandem and raise voltage. However the DC current would want to reverse direction and flow to the faulty generator. The only thing to prevent this is a diode. If the voltage differential was too high the diode could have overheated and exploded under the cockpit. This would cause an explosion and fire plus send a surge of reverse current through all the aircraft systems. It could have opened fuel valves on the engines and left engines at full thrust explaining a climb to 45,000ft in a de-pressurised aircraft, killing everyone on board within minutes just like the Helios Airways flight in 2005. When the aircraft ran out of enough energy to stay at 45,000ft it violently dropped and changed direction to the west. An oil rig worker off Vietnam saw an explosion and flames in the sky which have been ignored. The aircraft would have recovered and flown on by itself even without an autopilot. The Malaysian Air force saw it fly west rising from 23,000ft to 29,500ft when they last saw it.
Simon Gunson
Lucifer it is the malaysian Government not the Chinese who have been misleading everyone since day 1. For example Malaysian Airlines refuses to pay for satellite bandwith for the ACARS system so requires pilots to turn it off after take off. The engine leasing agreement requires it to be switched on during take off for Rolls Royce to monitor engine performance. The Malaysian Government falsely inferred that ACARS was deliberately turned off as proof of a pilot suicide action. For the first week they allowed searching to continue in the South China Sea when they knew they had monitored the aircraft disappearing in the Indian Ocean. Perhaps you should consider the possibility this airline which may not have performed proper maintenance and might wish to falsely blame pilots or hijackers. I think you should apologise for your comments too.
Did the Chinese ministry of propaganda pay you yet?
Here is the real mystery...China has ruled this out without knowing anything about the 50 Malaysians and other passengers....
The mystery is why has China been trying to throw everybody off track? Come on, do you really think the Chinese government and military are a bunch of buffoons? OK, i won't let this mystery get the better of me. Anyway, first they send us bogus satellite photos. We know they are bogus, because they are vey low resolution and sent by the academy of scientists. Who believes a government ministry or a closely affiliated organization can send imagery to foreign media with approval? The images were worse quality than google maps. Of course they have better, but they don't want to show us their technology. So why did the military not verify the images were two boats parked next to each other first? Better yet, why n verification? They have ships all over the place in the region, besides the search and recuse ships. Why did they not go there first, so in the Chinese style they could claim a propaganda coup for finding the plane and also avoid embarrassment? We are told they were released by mistake. Then, all of a sudden, they tell us they have detected seismic activity...and it could be the plane, but again, in there wrong spot and a ridiculous claim at that. Nobody paid any attention at all to that discovery. Again, not a government ministry, but a closely affiliated organization.....its almost like somebody is saying, let try this...




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