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Xi Jinping

Wartime atrocities still fresh in memory, President Xi Jinping says in Berlin

Xi says in Berlin that China must build up defences, while stressing desire for peace

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 March, 2014, 5:51am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 March, 2014, 5:51am

President Xi Jinping said during his visit to Germany that Japanese atrocities during the second world war were still "fresh in the memory" in China and that the nation needed to build its defences to safeguard against aggression.

In a speech in Berlin, Xi also reiterated that China's rise posed no threat to the world and that it was committed to creating friendly partnerships with its neighbours.

His comments came after an earlier speech in France during the president's European tour in which Xi compared China to an "awakened lion" which he said was "peaceful, pleasant and civilised".

In his speech in the German capital, Xi also said China was no Mephisto, a fictional demon character in German literature.

"Some view China through coloured glasses and believe it will inevitably become a threat and even portray China as being the terrifying Mephisto who will someday suck the soul of the world," he said.

These opinions, he said, highlighted deep prejudices against China.

Xi mentioned Japanese aggression twice in his speech and said China understood the importance of peace.

"The war of aggression committed by Japan militarism alone inflicted over 35 million Chinese military and civilian casualties.

"These atrocities are still fresh in our memory … China needs peace as much as human beings need air and plants need sunshine," he told a forum attended by politicians and business representatives.

In a question-and-answer session at the forum, Xi appeared willing to take on some sensitive questions, including China's territorial disputes in the South China Sea with neighbours and the nation's defence budget.

"It is purely normal and consistent with China's need to defend itself as a large country in the world," he said of China's defence spending.

"On the issue of the South China Sea, we will not provoke trouble ourselves. But when it comes to our sovereignty and territorial integrity we will firmly safeguard our interests."

Business ties took centre stage at Xi's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two leaders oversaw the signing of deals including agreements by carmakers Daimler and BMW to deepen ties with their Chinese partners.

A deal was also signed between the countries' central banks that will allow yuan-denominated payments to be cleared and settled in Germany's financial centre, Frankfurt.

Xi also called for a "quantum leap" to boost economic ties with Germany.

Germany is China's largest European trading partner, while China is Germany's biggest export market outside Europe after the United States.


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I Gandhi
Japanese fascists including PM Shinzo Abe have been keeping past Japanese militarism and barbarism in the forefront of Japanese revisionist policies including issues like the comfort-women and the Kamikazes story. Japanese Kamikaze pilots committing suicide missions only shows Japan's misplaced beliefs in a false Shinto religion and the God Emperor. Japanese bravery was absolute against defenceless people like the comfort-women but when the war-criminals were hanged these bastar*ds were shitti*ng in their pants and crying like babies even more pathetic than the most cowardly mongrels of all. After unconditionally surrendering because of only two atomic bombs, these Japanese fascists immediately arranged for thousands of Japanese girls to become prostitutes of the American soldiers occupying Japan. So the Japanese rampage across Asia was just to end with Japanese becoming American prostitutes, the God Emperor losing his divinity and the false Shinto Religion still stirring up Japanese madness. No wonder the Japanese have to pray to devils and war-criminals at the Yasukuni War Shrine.
Dai Muff
When Japanese atrocities are still fresh, while Cultural Revolution atrocities are forgotten, one must ask WHO is keeping those memories fresh, and why.
All this talk about world war 2 victims and historical revisionism ignores one very powerful counter example: The Philippines.
The Philippines was one of the worst affected countries in world war 2. It was the site of the Bataan Death March and hand to hand fighting between the Japanese and Filipino American forces resulted in Manila becoming the second most devastated city in world war 2, after Warsaw.
Yet Filipinos do not hate Japanese. Neither do Filipinos hate Americans who killed almost a quarter of all Filipinos during the Filipino American War at the turn of the 20th century.
The reason is that Filipinos do not teach historical hate to its children.
If you wanted to see an alternative reality of what would happen if China and South Korea stopped teaching historical hate to its children you have to look no further than The Philippines.
Do you know that Philippines doesn't have a written language?
How much history could you summon if all you have is a tongue that is transliterated from pidgin English and bastardized Spanish?
Jonathan Smith
It's very good for Filipinos not to hate the Japanese for slaughtering them. Memory is short for Filipinos who have been committing atrocities against Muslims in Mindanao. Japanese bribes can make Filipinos forget they are Filipinos. When Mindanao becomes independent, Filipinos will also not know anything except how to get even more Japanese money.
Maybe the Filipinos are not very smart if they don't react to being killed and ruined by invaders. Yeah, we watch with admiration a nation that sends us its able-bodied young women to work in our homes. It must be doing something right.
I Gandhi
The West is commemorating the 100 anniversary of WWI this year. Why is the West commemorating millions stupidly killing each other over colonies in Africa, Middle East, Asia etc.? The common man didn't benefit for all the useless slaughter.
Both atrocities should be made fresh.. so? If you are insinuating the Commie gov are only keeping the JPs WWII wrongdoings fresh.. so is the South Korean gov.. You white trash!!!!
Dai Muff
First, you guess wrong. Second, you show what a nasty little racist you are.
"These atrocities are still fresh in our memory..." That is because they (PRC) choose to teach hate and nationalism rather than heal!!!




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