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Malaysia Airlines flight 370
Flight MH370

Despairing Chinese families of MH370 passengers seek answers in Malaysian mission

Chinese relatives of MH370 passengers in KL demand answers from top officials

PUBLISHED : Monday, 31 March, 2014, 5:19am
UPDATED : Monday, 31 March, 2014, 5:19am

A group of angry relatives of Chinese passengers on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrived in Kuala Lumpur yesterday demanding to meet top officials involved in the hunt for the doomed airliner.

They carried banners that read, "We want evidence. We want truth. We want our family", while demanding to meet officials from Malaysia Airlines, the government, search and rescue teams and the aircraft's US manufacturer Boeing.

"We didn't get a single satisfactory answer from meetings with the so-called high-level Malaysian delegation in Beijing," said Jiang Hui, a spokesman for the relatives. "We have no choice but to come here."

The plane disappeared in the early hours of March 8 en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Of the 239 people on board, two-thirds were Chinese.

Several countries and some of the world's most advanced aircraft, ships and satellites have been searching for signs of wreckage to narrow the hunt for the "black box" flight recorders since Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said a week ago the flight had "ended" somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.

Objects spotted by aircraft in the search zone and recovered by Australian and Chinese vessels turned out to be fishing equipment and flotsam, a spokeswoman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

Relatives have become increasingly frustrated with answers from Malaysian representatives in Beijing who can't explain why the plane did not send distress signals, or how a Boeing 777 can vanish without trace.

Time is crucial as the battery-powered beacons that help locate the black boxes have an estimated six days of life left.


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The tragedy is sad & nothing can replace the lost ones
However, i am geting sick of the chinese attitude towards the rest of the world, in particular to malaysia. According to some reports, they have demanded data ( going out & coming back, location ) from every SRA vessels from each country. They have demanded for a senior minister to brief them on a daily basis. For gods sake, there is still a country to run.
The years of distrust from their own govt has festered into this. The unreasonable demands shows typical ignorant behaviour. the funny thing of course, is this will never happen in their home country. 20 country's men & women hav risk their lives to search in tough conditions in the last 2 weeks - with no word of appreciation fom these chinese next of kins
Enough is enough.
We all feel sorry for the lost ones and people around me have lost friends. However the hysterical attitude of those Chinese people is going too far. See how many countries are trying to help, spending enormous amounts of efforts and money. There were other nationalities on board, do we see those also attacking the Malaysian embassy? Yes, Malaysia did mess up in the beginning but let those Chinese people attack their own government, they are also not "producing results". We are getting fed up with those people. In the world, everyday people are getting killed in great numbers in horrific numbers. Those Chinese are not the only ones to suffer.
folks........lets just tone down the tune...its the uncertainty/unknown/I don't know what the beep is going on are the factors dat is the root of the issue albeit unnecessary accusation/demands from those Chinese relatives/kin.
lets hope the plane and the blk box are found soonest ....until then, banging back and forth comments accomplish nothing either...


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