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Malaysia Airlines flight 370
Flight MH370

China hits back at US reports criticising Beijing over MH370 search

US media reports accusing Beijing of dragging its feet spark angry response

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 April, 2014, 3:28am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 April, 2014, 8:15am

China has angrily hit back at mainstream US media that accused Beijing of dragging its feet in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

The Beijing-based Global Times defended the nation's stance yesterday, after foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Tuesday called a Monday report in The New York Times an irresponsible and pointless provocation.

The report said: "The mission has clearly been a prime opportunity for the Chinese government to demonstrate its determination and technological abilities to its domestic audience and to improve on its response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines last year, which was widely criticised as late and tepid."

Another report by The Wall Street Journal the following day also highlighted China's "reluctance" to partner with others, citing delays in sharing information about detecting suspected ping signals, as well as its absence at regional search and rescue co-operation forums before MH370 went missing.

On April 5, Chinese patrol ship Haixun 01 announced it had detected pulse signals, while Shanghai party mouthpiece Jiefang Daily posted photos of the Chinese search team using rather rudimentary equipment more suitable for shallow water search.

Australian defence vessel Ocean Shield detected two further signals near the same area. They were later ruled out as relating to the plane. According to the Times, analysts believed the false alarm "served to distract and delay the search effort".

More than a month after the plane disappeared on March 8, families of the 239 on board - 154 of whom were Chinese - remain in the dark as to the whereabouts of their loved ones.

As military assets are at stake, some of the 26 countries working together have been reluctant to share all their data.

A multitude of countries, including China, Malaysia and Australia, have reportedly seen satellite images and spotted debris possibly relating to the missing aircraft.

Beijing-based naval expert Li Jie said it was "common practice" for countries to withhold sensitive digital data they receive until the data is analysed and publicly announced.

"It's a pity the countries have been unable to co-ordinate. Even the news reporting mechanism is a mess," Li said. "All of this has delayed the search."

But he was hopeful all the countries involved would come up with a more efficient system of collaboration.

Shanghai-based military expert Professor Ni Lexiong said no country was to blame for slowing down the investigation. "China has always stressed that its technology lags the US' by at least 30 years, especially those technologies used in the military sector," Ni said. "This incident has showed the world that there is a big gap between China and the West. China knew of its weakness before taking part in the investigation, but it went ahead because more than half of the missing passengers are Chinese."

Additional reporting by Teddy Ng and Minnie Chan


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The only thing about this situation that bothers me is that we have not found ANY aircraft parts or bodies, or floating foam seats....nothing. It's hard for me to picture a plane staying intact while experiencing crushing water pressure. Odd, that's all I'm saying!
I agree with some that no one is to blame for "misleading the search" because to mislead you need an intention to mislead. Can anyone prove that China had such a clear intention to mislead and for what purpose? China is not that stupid to mislead and later found wrong.
Without proof of a clear intention, the NY Times, and the Wall Street Journal, were being unfair and premature in their "jumping" to judgement. China has every reason for searching for the plane, and to succeed in doing that.
Even now, the US high tech equipments are not helping much, because the plane is not found, and the signals are no longer detected. To accuse China of delaying intentionally is wrong.
China can do what no country in the west will do and make a lasting memorial for the passengers and families of MH370. They can prevent most fatal crashes by telemetering the flight recorder data to the ground (Remote Flight Recorder - real-time data streaming) and proactively using that data to prevent fatal crashes.. China has the capability and technology to do it. The western nations haven't done it and won't do it due to the aviation industries fear of liability, They have locked the critical safety data up in the aircraft and only China can free the critical safety data genie. Everyone would know the position, velocity, heading and autopilot way- points of the aircraft every second so there would be none this "can't find the plane" problems. It would make China the leader in Air Traffic Control and show that China is not only a great nation but it is a humane and caring nation willing to protect all the passengers of the world.
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China had more ships involved than any other country and more people lost. Malaysia's handling of the accident has made it worse for many and the unwillingness of some small countries to reveal information because of security issues is lame.
It is not a matter of how many ships involved. It is what you actually DO with them. Other than political window dressing that is. And what exactly did Malaysia do wrong with the limited information available? In hindsight everything is easy.
Dai Muff
Funny, China never had any problem criticising OTHER countries involved in the search.
Whatever the various opinions most will acknowledge there is a great deal of political foreplay here-- the feelings are largely irrelevant as far as I can make out!
Hey Giggsy72 - agree with you in that the chinese response would have been minimal if there were only a handful of chinese involved. Just back paddle a little and remember that poor 29 year old woman from shanghai who was abducted in a Malaysin dive resort by Philippino kidnappers together with a philippino female staf. You don't see any news report about China sending a search team comprising navy frigates + coast guards vessels etc to look for her. Poor girl... if neither she nor her folks could not come up with HKD20 Million ransom money (which was the amount paid by a taiwanese widow for her own freedom after her husband was killed by the same group of kidnappers), her faith seems doomed.......
Formerly ******
Well, it seems that Ms. Hua is correct in her assessment of the NY Times. It's always and only irresponsible, as well as predictable, boring, and a propaganda arm of the U.S. Democratic party and other assorted left-wing wackos.
嗯,看來華女士是正確的在她的紐約時報 》 的評價。它總是和只有不負責任的以及可預測的、 無聊的和美國民主黨及其他宣傳手臂什錦左翼那些瘋子。
Yes, the NY Times report on the assets of Wen Jiabao's family, for instance, was irresponsible, predictable, and boring. I nearly died of boredom reading it, too full of propaganda. I much prefer the Global Times; it so much more responsible, exciting, and so unpredictable!
Left wing people are wackos, yes. Except Chinese communists, of course!




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