Three children among six dead after driver with 'marriage problems' rams after-school crowd

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 April, 2014, 3:28pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 April, 2014, 4:44pm

Six people, including three children, were killed and 13 injured when a driver ploughed into bystanders in Fujian province yesterday.

The incident happened along a two-kilometre stretch of road just before noon in Qingkou town, Minhou county.

The man repeatedly drove his car onto the pavement, forcing startled pedestrians to jump out of the way.

He ploughed into parked scooters and other vehicles during his frenzied ride.

Police were alerted and forced him to stop.

Watch: Police stop the driver

The man threatened to set fire to the car and police managed to overpower him 20 minutes later after they failed to talk him into surrendering.

They identified the suspect as Lin Jianxin, 37, and said he had "lost control of his emotions due to marital issues".

Lin reportedly had just left court, where his wife was seeking a divorce.

A villager said he had tried to save one of the children.

"I tried to do first aid and blood was all over my hands. The child died on the spot," he said.

The villager suffered minor leg injuries when he was forced to jump out of the way of the speeding car.

Another villager said: "It was just horrible. I still feel horrible when I think about it."

One of the injured was an eight-year-old girl who suffered serious head injuries and was taken to hospital in critical condition.

A young brother and sister were killed and their eight-year-old sister was injured.

Their grandmother, who had gone to pick them up from school, was also injured.

China Central Television said the man hit cars and pedestrians along a two-kilometre stretch of road and he only stopped because his car was badly damaged.

The man threatened to ignite gas, but police took him down with water cannon.

Pictures circulating online showed a man dressed in black being put into a police car.

The light-brown car he was driving, whose front was badly damaged, was parked in an open area, with crowds condoned off by police.