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Kindergarten teacher caught on camera ‘kicking and beating’ Beijing toddlers

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 April, 2014, 11:21am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 April, 2014, 12:25pm

A 27-year-old teacher at a Beijing kindergarten has admitted to beating her pupils after security camera footage emerged that apparently shows her kicking and screaming at the children, local media have reported.

The teacher was arrested yesterday and the education commission of Chaoyang district has formed a special team to investigate the matter, according to The Beijing News.

Parents had previously found bruises on their children and noticed changes in their behaviour. About 20 parents, some clutching doctors' papers and pictures showing the apparent abuse, gathered in the morning outside the school along Qingyuan Road demanding to see the principal and view the camera footage.

Watch: Caught on camera: kindergarten teacher ‘kicking and beating’ Beijing toddlers

What they saw shocked them. The teacher was heard asking all 21 pupils, aged between three and four, to stand in a corner of a toilet, which was off-camera. Two boys were seen trying to run away, but she caught them.

The children were heard screaming and the teacher yelling: "You all like this, right? You all like this, right?" The children's screaming lasted for about five minutes.

Ten minutes later, another security camera showed her bringing the children to the cafeteria, where she separated two pupils, who were not allowed to eat.

The rest of the class was apparently instructed to finish the food within five minutes. Noticing that one boy was slower to eat, the teacher walked up to him and kicked his leg, shouting: "Can you learn from mistakes?" He quietly replied: "Yes."

The teacher then walked on and kicked two more children.

The woman, who taught at the school for two years, admitted to the authorities she began to beat the children in April of last year.

According to the parents, the teacher hit the children on the head, calves and back. Doctors who were asked to examine eight of the four-year-olds said the children had multiple soft-tissue injuries.

One father told the News he had noticed bruises on his son's legs for months. On Friday, he discovered fresh ones as he was helping the boy take a bath.

The child was hesitant to say what happened, but later said the teacher hit several pupils every day and threatened them to keep them quiet. "My son has woken up crying several times at night, screaming, 'Don't hit me'," the father was quoted as saying.

One parent said the teacher saw the video and showed remorse. "After watching the video, she screamed, 'I can't believe I did this!' … She didn't admit [it] in the first place. [She] said she just pushed and shoved them."

Last month, a kindergarten in Lanzhou in Gansu province was found to have given pupils antiviral medicine without their parents' knowledge in order to keep them healthy and boost attendance.

After similar incidents emerged, the Ministry of Education and the National Health and Family Planning Commission ordered a nationwide inspection of schools.


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“Since last October, I saw bruises on my son’s legs constantly,” said Ma. “My son has woken up crying several times at night, screaming, ‘Don’t hit me.’”
Why wait so long to step in?
this just infuriates me!!!
Typical of confucius style of teaching of obedience with the opposite effect
I have never hit a woman - but if I saw a woman hit or kick my child, or any others repeatedly, I would take her to the restroom (away from the camera's - as she did) and thrash her repeatedly while screaming at her 'can you learn from mistakes.
This makes me physically sick.I hope she gets help - after a severe beating.
I am wondering what kind of childhood this teacher had gone through when she's still a kid. This sort if vicious cycle has to be broken if we want to have a better world tomorrow.
There are many unqualified "so-called" teachers in China. That's why their education is a kind of failure to certain extent.
Because it's easier to dump the kid off at a school and take no responsibility for raising him. In a CCP utopia, the brain washing can't start early enough...
So you've got these people teaching kids in China, it's little wonder they treat every situation like barbarians and say they should fight **** with ****.
Typical idiot westerner who attributes everything negative to Confucanism.


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