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China, Russia to hold joint naval drill in politically sensitive East China Sea

Decision to stage exercise in East China Sea may be a way of showing displeasure at US policies

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 April, 2014, 11:29pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 May, 2014, 8:19pm

China and Russia will stage a naval drill in the sensitive East China Sea at the end of this month, a move analysts say could be aimed at showing their displeasure over Washington's policies regarding the Diaoyu Islands and Ukraine.

The Ministry of National Defence yesterday confirmed the Chinese-Russia naval manoeuvres, named Joint Sea-2014, would be staged in waters and air space near Shanghai and in the East China Sea.

I do not believe it will be so beneficial to Russia to ally itself with China over the issue of the Senkakus

"The naval drill, which is a regular exercise between the Chinese and Russian navies, aims to deepen pragmatic co-operation between the two militaries as well as to improve their capability to deal with maritime security threats," the ministry said in a statement.

The East China Sea has become more sensitive after Beijing announced the creation of an air defence identification zone in November. The zone includes the disputed Diaoyu Islands, known as the Senkakus in Japan, over which both China and Japan claimed sovereignty, but which are now controlled by Tokyo.

The drill will start at almost the same time as a scheduled visit to Shanghai later this month by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Russia might want to use the joint drill to remind the United States and the European Union that Moscow and Beijing are going to strengthen their 'full-fledged strategic partnership', a consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Putin," Shanghai-based military expert Ni Lexiong said.

Since last week, the US and EU have imposed new sanctions targeting a string of Russian individuals and companies that Washington says are linked to Putin's "inner circle" as a retaliation against Moscow's actions in Ukraine.

Beijing-based naval expert Li Jie said Beijing was also unhappy at US President Barack Obama's remarks in Tokyo that the US-Japan security treaty covered the Diaoyus, and Washington's decision to sign a new 10-year military pact with Manila, which has territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea.

"Choosing the East China Sea as the drill's location is obviously a political gesture to protest against US sanctions toward Russia, as well as Washington's intervention in China's territorial disputes with Japan and the Philippines in the East and South China seas," Li said.

Masafumi Iida, a China military analyst at the National Institute of Defence Studies in Tokyo, said the joint exercises could be seen "as a message aimed at the Japan-US alliance or to Tokyo or Washington individually".

"But I do not believe it will be so beneficial to Russia to ally itself with China over the issue of the Senkakus," he said.

Additional reporting by Julian Ryall in Tokyo


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We need a joint Sino-Russian exercise in the Kuril Islands as well.....put those **** in their place.
Japans relationship with America is like that of dog and owner. China and Russia are like two cats in the alley hunting rats.
Formerly ******
@ ******:
Dogs eat cats. So, are you postulating that Japan will devour both Russia and China? It's possible and, should Japan decide to become a nuclear power, then it would be well within the realm of probabilities.
@ ******:狗吃貓。所以,你假定日本將吞噬俄羅斯和中國嗎?它是可能和應日本決定成為核大國,然後它將井內的概率的境界。
P Blair
The joint naval drill in the East China Sea by China and Russia is just a way of showing that Chian and Russia are good neighbours and friends.
two thumbs UP. way up.
China and Russia deserve each other. Neither could have made the technological advances they have without a photocopier (probably made in Japan).
I Gandhi
At least China and Russia uses the Japanese photocopier for useful things. Japanese uses photocopiers to copy Shinzo Abe ars$e and for pornography.
Formerly ******
Nobody in the world trusts Russia and few in Asia trust China. This will solidify the soon-to-be Circle China military pact - Japan, S. Korea, the Republic of China (aka Taiwan), the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, India, and the US. Thanks Russia and China. It wouldn't have been possible without your stupidity.
世界上沒有人信任俄羅斯和少數亞洲信任中國。這將鞏固很快就會圓中國軍事契約-日本、 韓國、 中華民國 (aka 臺灣)、 菲律賓、 印尼、 越南、 新加坡、 泰國、 印度和美國。感謝俄羅斯和中國。它不會被可能的沒有你的愚蠢。
"trust"? in global politics? wake up dude!! in global politics, one only trust $$$, benefits, freebies. take japan as example, japan "trusts" US so much that she refused to concede to Obama's request for more US farm and automobile import and resolving the huge trade imbalance with US. trust?
Formerly ******
Mr. or Ms. jayb:
Allying for national defense and the existence of trade issues between or among allies are two different matters. Almost all countries have some trade differences with all other countries, whether or not they're allies on national defense matters.
先生或女士古蘭經的 jayb:加盟國防和之間或盟國之間的貿易問題的存在,是兩個不同問題。幾乎所有國家都有一些貿易差異與所有其他國家,不論他們是在國防問題上的盟友。




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