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  • Dec 21, 2014
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Two firefighters plunge hand-in-hand to their deaths from blazing Shanghai tower block

Two young firemen lose their lives in horrifying fall from 13th storey of Shanghai residential block as witnesses look on

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 May, 2014, 11:36am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 May, 2014, 12:47pm

This is the horrifying moment two firefighters plunged 13 storeys to their deaths while battling a blaze at a residential building in Shanghai’s Xuhui district.

The picture was captured by a resident of a neighbouring block as smoke poured from the building.

Qian Lingyun and Liu Jie, aged 23 and 20 respectively, were blown through a window in the structure by an explosion while engaged in rescue efforts, media reports said. The pair had been working with the fire service since December 2012.

The fire broke out at 2pm on Longwu Road on Thursday and emergency services responded to control the flames.

Witnesses at the scene said the colleagues had held hands as they fell onto a platform on the building’s second floor.

Both were taken to hospital, but later died of their injuries

Another fireman was sent to hospital for treatment, reports said.


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I am sadder for the two young men at the moment of that fall, knowing the inevitable but unable to do anything about it except to hold hands with the only person around. Poor young men.
Very sad. Condolences to their families and colleagues.
This is truly sad. A real case of 为人民服务。
Hope their families will be well taken care of and they will be memorialized for their sacrifices...
Perhaps someday the technology will be there. I don't think it is today. there are several factors to consider. First is the amount of additional weight the firefighter will need to carry. We already wear an additional 60 pounds, then add equipment. It gets heavy. Second consideration is having a fireproof and kevlar lined parachute. If the firefighter is wearing it on his back, it will be exposed to flames and heat as well as having sharp objects falling on it, or scraping against the obstacle course that a fire often creates, and be subjected to large amounts of water and vapor. The kevlar lining would likely slow the deployment and often hinder it. The kevlar and the fireproofing would make it super heavy. Perhaps someday. Hopefully the death of these two young men will not be for naught and something will come of it. May they rest in eternal peace.
Can you imagine the grief, the hurt of the parents for witnessing the death plunge & losing their sons so young, precious, stalwart & so brave? Having to live the rest of their lives now empty of the only ones they hopefully would like to see them to their own graves? This is too cruel.
Maybe firefighters working in high buildings should be given parachutes just in case. Would have helped them.
I thought you didn't believe in anything Chinese :)
Condolences to their families. RIP.
I don't believe in the CCP which claims to represent China and Chinese but is nothing more than a self enriching criminal organization.


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