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Chinese businessman shot dead and 3 others injured in Manila car 'ambush'

Identities of three others injured in ambush unknown, but one is reportedly a Hongkonger

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 04 May, 2014, 5:55am
UPDATED : Sunday, 04 May, 2014, 5:55am

A gun attack in Manila has left a Chinese businessman dead and three more Chinese injured - one of them reported to be from Hong Kong.

Officials were last night trying to confirm the identities of those involved in the attack, which comes less than two weeks after the two places stepped out of the shadow of the 2010 Manila bus hostage incident and a travel ban to the city was lifted.

The shootings took place overnight on Friday on the boundary of Manila and Pasay, two areas in Metro Manila, when an unidentified gunman opened fire on a car carrying "four Chinese" in what appears to have been an ambush. One of those in the car was killed and at least three other people injured.

A police source in Manila told the Sunday Morning Post the dead man was 27-year-old Chen Lijun from Shenzhen and that one of the injured was Zhao Zhijun, from Shanghai. The driver of the car was reportedly a Taiwanese businessman, Bruce Huang.

However, the source added: "We are investigating information received that alleges one of those injured was a nurse from Hong Kong."

A number of the men who were in the car are said to have connections to China Airlines and the international seafood business. The motive for the attack was unclear but police did not rule out the possibility of robbery. Initial checks revealed bullet holes in the rear of the car.

A spokesman for the Immigration Department in Hong Kong said: "The Immigration Department has contacted the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in Hong Kong and the Chinese embassy in the Philippines. It did not receive any requests for assistance from a Hongkonger."

Less than two weeks ago the Philippines expressed its "most sorrowful regret and profound sympathy" over the Manila bus hostage tragedy, which left eight Hongkongers dead.

A joint statement issued by the two governments announced the immediate lifting of sanctions against Philippine officials and a "black" outbound travel alert against the Philippines.

The current level of the travel alert is yellow - Hongkongers intending to visit the country are advised to monitor the situation, exercise caution and attend to personal safety.

Additional reporting by Minnie Chan and Amy Nip


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The comments here are ridiculous. haha.
This is what happened: Those four chinese are drunk. They crashed into another car. When the other car's driver confronted them, they left to escape liability. Victim chased them and shot the back of their car and the bullet hit the one who ducked (put his head down for cover) in the head. They probably thought it's okay to bump into someone and escape like what they probably do when in china.
The death is unfortunate since the one who died isn't the one driving (who pressed on the gas to escape but since they're drunk they really didn't get that far). I'd wager that the shooter is also of chinese descent. They've been wreaking havoc here for the longest time (although some are good natured, many are really bad).
A Kuro
Shootings in Manila is very common as is all kinds of crimes including rapes, murders, extortions, kidnappings etc. Even Benigno Aquino Sr was shot like a dog.
Kind of interesting seeing all the HK arrogance here, speaking of corruption, crime and violence in the Phils but take a look at your own backyard. The Philippines is a democracy. They choose their leaders. They do not always make the best choices but they choose. Hong Kong's leaders are chosen by princelings in Beijing and their hand picked minions because they view HK people as mongoloid children who need to be controlled. Next story. Corruption in the rail link. The project is delayed and all know it but CY only jumps because the masters in Beijing were irritated that their plan to complete the subjugation of HK is delayed. Then the government appoints a guy to be the independent reviewer of the problem and he is on the inside of one of the contractors on the delayed project. Lo and behold. Finally we have 600 HK perverts who want to fornicate with and abuse underage Filipinas and it is the Philippines fault. Too funny but not unexpected as any HK woman with a clue dates a foreigner rather than a boy who cannot lift his head from his video game once in a while to have a conversation or conceive a child. I do love the irony. The best part is that the Filipinos are largely a happy people. People smile, laugh and sing. And the lion's share of people here in HK spend their lives looking morose and unhappy. Yeah, you are superior. Not!
A tad overly complex but the point is well made. Hong Kongers think that they are a superior breed but too many have bad manners and love their phones too much.
Manila's sister city ?
Chicago's murder rate is 15 per 100,000. Manila's murder rate is less than 10 per 100,000. Manila is more comparable to Dallas because Dallas has 11 per 100,000. There are many cities in the US that are much more dangerous, for example, Detroit & New Orleans have a murder rate of 40 per 100,000. Much much higher than Manila. The US should be ashamed because it's much much wealthier than the Philippines but it has cities with higher murder rates.
Thank God Typhoon Haiyan clean up the Philippines a little. A bigger one is required in Manila to clean up the sordid place. .
Just imagine the death toll in HK if the news of a typhoon didn't get delivered via mobile,
Here we are again! Is the "black" travel warning up already?
Thank god they took a bunch of Chinese crooks out.




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