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Six wounded in knife rampage at Guangzhou Railway Station

Witnesses describe seeing four armed men go on chopping rampage in Guangzhou in third assault on civilians at train terminals in two months

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 May, 2014, 12:58pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 13 May, 2014, 12:48pm

At least six people were wounded in a knife attack at Guangzhou Railway Station yesterday, the third assault on civilians at train stations in two months.

Witnesses said four assailants began attacking passengers at random at about 11.30am.

Watch unconfirmed video: Suspected attacker caught by police after Guangzhou train station violence

One was subdued by police and a luggage handler after being shot by an officer. But police said later on social media that only one suspect was involved.

Witnesses also said one of the injured was a middle-aged Westerner, but Guangzhou police denied any foreigner was among the victims.

The police didn’t approach [the attacker] until they shot him twice in his chest

At least four people were taken to the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command, local police said. Three were in stable condition after surgery.

The attack comes less than a week after an explosion at a railway station in Urumqi - capital of Xinjiang , the vast western region home to ethnic minority Uygurs - left two attackers and a civilian dead and 79 wounded.

It also follows a March attack at a railway station in the southwestern city of Kunming , in which machete-wielding attackers killed 29 people and wounded 143 in what many in China dubbed the country's "9/11".

Four attackers were shot and killed by police and four more were captured.

Authorities blamed both the Kunming and Urumqi incidents on terrorists from Xinjiang.

President Xi Jinping demanded "decisive action" against terrorist attacks in Xinjiang following the railway station blast.

The train station in Yuexiu district resumed normal operations by 2pm yesterday. Yet the pungent smell of steriliser used to clean the bloody scene lingered for hours.

Hu Zhong , a 70-year-old luggage handler from Henan province, said: "One of the attackers was only 50 metres away from me.

"Everyone was running for their lives, even leaving their luggage behind. I was very scared."

Hu added: "I saw one suspect in a white shirt and a white hat chopping six people on the left-hand side of the station plaza.

"The other three, also in white shirts and holding long knives, were running away from the scene towards the right. The suspect was blocked by two policemen, but the police didn't approach him until they shot him twice in his chest.

"A luggage handler tackled him before the police grabbed him. The luggage handler was even braver than police."

Ni Zhiquan, 43, from Sichuan province, said the attacker began chopping people 100 metres from the station entrance. He saw one woman receive a wound to her neck.

Police in Guangdong have been patrolling with guns since 1994. Since May 1, more than 4,000 police officers and 10,000 auxiliary police officers have been patrolling the streets of Guangzhou.

All 4,000 police carry guns. On top of that, SWAT teams and plainclothes officers patrol popular destinations.

In addition, 397,000 security cameras in Guangzhou have been turned on since May 1.

Other major cities have also stepped up security after the recent attacks.

Shanghai police have been patrolling with guns and in Beijing armed police had joined local police in patrolling railway stations.

Additional reporting by Chris Luo and Keira Lu Huang


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OldPeak Toad
Time for a black travel alert?
What difference does it make whether it was a foreigner or not? The people who were injured have parents and families or even friends who care about them, their safety are just as important.
As for clc2: It's not about toughening up...if anything, it's about trying to prevent these incidents from happening, that's why there are travel warnings to certain countries. The chances of being injured when you go anywhere is based on statistical probabilities, what's wrong with someone choosing to go to a place that has a lower probability of accidents?
"Witnesses said the wounded suspect was a short man of about 1.6 metres in height. He was wearing a little white hat, white shirt and jeans."

A midget cook!!
Gosh, look at how upset HKers are about too many mainland tourists coming to HK and take over their "land" -- buying up flats, crowding shops and trains... Imagine if mainland took over housing estates by force for the benefit of settlers from Hunan and moved the HK people to new flats in Zhongshan, forbid the use of or teaching of cantonese, gave all good jobs to mainlanders, no religion, changed the timezone, and restricted access of HKers to education, water or other resources? Is it any wonder these xinjiang people are ticked off?
People who believe that they are in danger from terrorist incidents while in China ought not to leave their apartments, lest they be hit by lightning or struck by a falling meteor.
Suck it up.
And this is what terrorists want to achieve...
Mao famously said that if Chinese people die that "it's ok, because there are so many of them", but if a westerner gets injured in China, then that is big news. Why is that? I have to blame the Chinese government for this attitude in the world which considers the deaths of Chinese people as inconsequential "because there are over one billion of them." That is a sad comment on how Chinese people are viewed inside of China.
Add on: terrorists want to achieve this, explicitly - creating trouble for the government on the international level.
It is not about westerners, specifically. If foreigners get hurt or killed by criminals or terrorists in a country it is always an international matter which might ruin the reputation of the country as a safe place. We have seen that already in the Philippines in 2010.
China is very concerned about its reputation about being a safe place for foreigners.
I'm lucky arrived this morning in the station , China is not safe anymore for terror attacks



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