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China warns Vietnam to leave South China Sea drilling area

Beijing accuses Vietnamese vessels of ramming Chinese ships, and tells Washington to mind its own business as tensions rise in South China Sea

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 May, 2014, 2:43am
UPDATED : Friday, 09 May, 2014, 7:47am


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9 May 2014
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China has demanded that Vietnam withdraw its ships from a part of the disputed South China Sea where a Chinese firm is establishing an oil rig, and accused Vietnamese vessels of ramming Chinese ships in the area.

After the latest confrontation between vessels from the two countries, a senior Foreign Ministry official in Beijing said China was "shocked" at the "provocations of Vietnam" and vowed the drilling in the disputed Paracel Islands would continue.

"Vietnamese vessels are colliding intentionally with Chinese vessels carrying out normal operations, trying to disturb and stop the drilling work by Chinese," said Yi Xianliang, deputy director general of the ministry's boundary and ocean affairs department. He also warned Washington not to interfere, referring to remarks by US officials about "dangerous conduct and intimidation by vessels" in the area.

"The remarks by US officials have pushed some parties to resort to provocations," Yi said. "This is a matter between China and Vietnam, and has nothing to do with any other third party."

Daniel Russel, US assistant secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific, who was in Hanoi, reiterated Washington's concerns.

"It's within the rights of the United States and the international community to call all parties to address the dispute in a peaceful way," Russel said.

Tensions flared on Saturday when Beijing announced the drilling off Triton Island, known as Zhongjian Island in China. Hanoi said the drilling was illegal and sent patrol vessels. On Wednesday, Hanoi said Chinese vessels had used water cannon to attack Vietnamese law enforcement vessels.

Yi said using water cannon was the "most restrained measure" that could be taken and China had to send more ships, as its vessels had suffered 171 clashes with 35 Vietnamese vessels.

"Vietnam is sending more and more ships to the area," Yi said. "We need to have some forces around to avoid unnecessary loss and ensure a safe environment for the drilling operation."

Vietnam said China had stationed about 80 ships around the rig, seven of them military. Yi declined to say how many Chinese vessels were deployed, but said none was military.

He said China had been drilling in the area for more than 10 years, and the location, 17 nautical miles from China and 130 to 150 nautical miles from Vietnam, was under the administration of Sansha in the Paracels, which China declared a prefecture-level city in 2012.

"China has indisputable sovereignty over there," Yi said.

He said Beijing would resolve the dispute through diplomatic channels. Officials from the two nations have met 14 times in recent days.

Li Yong, chief executive officer of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, which is conducting the drill, said the Vietnamese vessels posed a serious danger to Chinese workers.


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du má mày Trung cộng chó đẻ con tổ cha nhà mày,....tao chém chết cha dồng họ nhà mày...đỉ mẹ mày China
Talk of potential wars and the wars currently being fought in the middle east, Ukraine and Africa along with the troubles with China’s Island grabbing desires and still others that would take 1/2 a page of typing to include are all part of what Jesus told us would happen in the "end times". Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948 and from that point on we have seen Biblical end times prophecy unfold. I wrote a book in 2012 that discusses some of the prophecies written about in the Bible. It’s a short read of 6 or 7 pages and it’s totally free. I hope you will have a look: ****www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next
The US military now has access to Philippine bases.
China may soon find the US military at Vietnam's Cam Ran Bay.
I hope United States will not have another Vietnam war from 1960 to 1975 which had killed 2 to 3 million innocent Vietnamese and almost 60 thousand US soldier and million US servicemen wounded.
This location is 180 nm from Vietnam's coast line, under 200 nm which's in Vietnam's EEZ by UNCLOS 1982 that both Vietnam and China are members. We (ALL Vietnamese) do not want to be your enemy, just protect the justice recognized by all of the world including all Chinese people.Respecting others (even they're too small and weak) mean you're bigger.We respect all.
There are two think NEEED to be clear:
1. Paracel islands and Spratly islands DO NOT have in the map that's Germany's Prime Minister gifted for China's President (You can find infomation from internet on Mar 28, 2014. HOW DO YOU THINK? WHY CHINA’S GOV HIDDEN THE MAP?). And many maps of China showed that extreme south of China is Hainan island (even in many your maps printed in 1904) WHILE all of Vietnam's maps from 1834 with our Paracel militiamen team had been created from 17th century meaning from 1800s (with 70 people). So, we have clear evidences showed Paracel islands and Spratly islands belong to Vietnam.
2. Paracel islands and Spratly islands can not be defined to determine EEZ because that is not an islands nation such as Indonesia, Cuba, just islands only. So you can not argue that one country has rights to its EEZ base on Paracel islands.
Last: China had used army to own Paracel in 1974 while Vietnam had tried to reunited our country. That was not only inlegal but also not a good act of a big nation as China. That can not be standard for territory.
Jonathan Smith
The Vietnamese economy is just about to collapse because of all the mismanagements and corruptions. The Vietnamese military card could end up with Vietnam divided into two warring parts again as the south Vietnamese with US encouragement are itching for a showdown again with the North Vietnamese. India helping Vietnam would result in India being conquered by Pakistan with China's help.
How About
@Sifu_628, your selective version of alternative 'history' is deplorable:
1) "Historically, China and Vietnam ..disputes through military force .. Chinese got its **** kicked royally there" : obviously you didn't know why China stopped at Vietnam's borders and you fail to include USSR's involvement.
2) "Philippines .. relied almost entirely on American goodwill .. for over a century" : again check how many Filipinos were killed by USA in that century, who was Marcos and who kicked them out of Suvic Bay and what their Constitution says .
3) "China would have long invaded and taken over all disputed area including Taiwan and some part of Japan and the Philippines. " - correct on Taiwan but no truth on Japan or PP. USA has been distorting history from 1950s to 1970s, failed to recognize the winner of the China's civil war - KMT was the loser and USA backed the wrong horse which it denied until 1972 Nixon's normalization; saying anything else would be like saying the Confederate South was the winner of the USA civil war and had the mandate- pure rant.
Go read what some of the USA media has been writing about BHO in the past 6 months..
Formerly ******
@ How About:
Have you ever written anything other than a fragmented sentence? Do you have any concept of English-language punctuation? Why the phony pseudo, claptrap, rambling semi-literate junk prose? Do you think that this is intellectual? It's not.
So, in your self-described brilliant mind, the US should've backed the winner, which winner went on to murder at least 40M Chinese. Obviously, you're in favor of mass murder, so your mindless ramblings are ludicrous.
By the way, it's Subic, not Suvic. So much for your understanding about anything concerning the Philippines.
Further, no one needs to follow you around clicking "Dislike" on your posts. It seems that there are plenty others who've done this.
@ 怎麼樣:
你寫過一個支離破碎的句子之外的任何內容嗎?你有任何的英文標點的概念嗎?為什麼假偽、 嘩眾取寵,漫步半文盲垃圾散文嗎?你認為這是智慧財產權?它不是。
所以,在你自我描述的輝煌腦子裡,美國應支援過的優勝者,哪個獲勝者去謀殺至少 40 M 中文。很明顯,你是支援大規模謀殺,所以你沒腦子的散漫是可笑。
順便說一句,它是蘇比克,不 Suvic。您瞭解任何有關菲律賓這麼多。
After WWII Americans that had supported continued rule in the Philippines and other larger territories voted without decent to give the Philippines and other peoples their freedom. It was going well until Marcos subverted his way into a dictatorship. Unfortunately Marcos had too many people at that time that indeed supported him in his dictatorship. The US did not want to rock the boat in fear of starting civil war. The Philippine people decided to take back their rights and kicked Marcos out but it still remains a sore spot inside the Philippines. Today the US Presidency may end up in a dictatorial state due to new powers granted to the executive branch under emergency powers.




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