Top police academy launches degree in counterterrorism studies

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 May, 2014, 3:50am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 May, 2014, 3:50am

A top police academy has introduced a degree in counterterrorism studies amid rising security threats across the country, the Guangming Daily reported.

The Chinese People's Public Security University in Beijing, administered by the Ministry of Public Security, will recruit 80 undergraduate students this year for the programme, which was set up by Department of Public Security Intelligence.

Li Yan, deputy director of the university's admission office, said the degree was tailored to counter rising terrorist violence that was threatening national security and social stability.

Wu Shaozhong, a counterterrorism expert at the university, told the Beijing Youth Daily the programme aimed to hone students' practical skills.

Related courses would cover collecting evidence of cybercrimes and terrorist organisations, and general counterterrorism intelligence.

While some other institutions offer majors in counterterrorism studies, the new degree announced at the country's top police academy reflected the importance the top leadership placed on anti-terror efforts.

Earlier research conducted by the same university said the country's counterterrorism efforts faced "grave" challenges, ranging from poor intelligence to the capability of local governments to deal with major emergencies.

China established its first anti-terrorism bureau in 2002 under the security ministry. This year the Communist Party founded its state security committee, chaired by President Xi Jinping, to assess terror threats.

A knife attack at the main train station in Kunming , Yunnan , left 29 innocent people dead and dozens of others injured. Three people died in a suicide bombing at the main train station in Urumqi, Xingjiang on April 30.

A knife-wielding man injured six people at Guangzhou's main railway station earlier this month. He has been taken into custody.