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China fighters in ‘dangerous’ brush with Japanese planes

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 May, 2014, 1:26pm
UPDATED : Monday, 26 May, 2014, 7:26am

China and Japan traded accusations yesterday after Tokyo said Chinese fighter planes had come within 30 metres of its surveillance aircraft.

Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera termed the events "dangerous", while China warned Japan not to intrude on its naval exercises with Russia.

Japan said Chinese SU-27 fighters came as close as 50 metres to a Japanese OP-3C surveillance plane near disputed islets on Saturday and within 30 metres of YS-11EB electronic intelligence aircraft.

"Closing in while flying normally over the high seas is impossible," Onodera said.

"This is a close encounter that is outright over the top."

A ministry official said it was the closest Chinese warplanes had come to aircraft of Japan's Self-Defence Forces.

Hours later, in Beijing, the Ministry of National Defence said it was the Japanese planes that had carried out "dangerous actions" despite "no fly" notices being issued before the exercises.

"Japanese military planes intruded on the exercise's airspace without permission and carried out dangerous actions, in a serious violation of international laws and standards, which could have easily caused a misunderstanding and even led to a mid-air accident," the ministry said.

It called on Tokyo to stop its surveillance of and interference with the Sino-Russia drill.

Such actions will increase tensions in the region and could cause a more drastic incident
Da Zhigang, academic

"Such actions will increase tensions in the region and could cause a more drastic incident," said Da Zhigang, an expert in Japanese affairs at the Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences.

"Both sides should be cautious and restrained."

Tensions have been running high between China and its neighbours over Beijing's land and sea claims.

Beijing lays claim to Japanese-administered islets in the East China Sea known as the Senkakus in Japan and the Diaoyus by the Chinese.

It is also pressing its claims to almost all the South China Sea, brushing aside claims by several Southeast Asian states.

China's proclamation last November of an air defence zone covering disputed islands have raised concerns that a minor incident in disputed areas could quickly escalate.

Back in April 2001, an American spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet collided near Hainan province. The American crew were detained after crash-landing, while the PLA pilot was never found.

China's defence ministry said yesterday the mid-air encounter happened on Saturday morning, as the Sino-Russia navies concluded their three-day drill.

That afternoon, eight ships from both sides fired main guns, high-speed guns and rocket depth charges, Xinhua reported. The two navies also conducted a search and rescue exercise.

Commanders of the two navies are slated to hold discussions on how the drills went today, while the PLA's Zhengzhou missile destroyer and Russia's Varyag missile cruiser are holding an open day for Shanghai residents to check them out.

Reuters, Bloomberg


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China is just making friends left and right. It is hard to find anyone in the region anymore that trusts China at all.
I Gandhi
Russia, China, South Korea and North Korea should form a military alliance against Japan.
I think you need to regroup ideology while Vietnam unfortunately can't be included anymore I would say that China Myanmar and North Korea should for an alliance a true force that would promote their vision of the world. Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines could ally with the savage westerners ( which basically include Europe, North America, probably part of South America) and promote their stupid version of the World. As for Russia nothing is sure for now its still deciding.
Yeah, I can just see North and South Korea forming an alliance.
I would also recommend the reporter of this article, Mr. Keith Zhai, to find time and watch Top Gun, if he has not seen it before. Those of you my age would recall Maverick and Goose inverting their F-14 Tomcat together with the (fake) Russian MiG in an inverted dive and Goose took a Polaroid of the Russian pilot. Lt. Peter Mitchell then debriefed Charlie that the two planes were so close that the Russian Pilot could see Gosse's "international sign of friendship"! What's the big deal? These guys are all Iceman and Mavericks of the sky. "Highway to the Danger Zone!!!" But then after all, I still prefer World Peace!
Another proof that SCMP is a biased post backed by Falun Gong and MI6. Like many of their other prime articles, they could have used the title "Japanese planes in 'dangerous' brush with Chinese fighters. But no, the editors use word scrambling to subliminally force an anti-Chinese sentiment onto its readers.
That is a pretty awesome delusion you are under too. Perhaps you need to stick with the People's Daily to ensure that you only get proper Mainland Approved propaganda and no messy facts that disagree with the Masters' orders.
I guess I missed something. Are you saying that the Japanese planes are being flown by Falun Gong practitioners? You sound like some of those nut case Americans that think the Illuminati are running the world.
How about - don't get emotional with me, if you want to make a case, then make it, don't be offensive and personal or are you going to be always like that. Immature and infantile?
Whether if you're flying at Mach 2 or 0.5, doesn't matter. Air rules are the same.
How About
post1 : "... of nonsense. ...All countries ... are entitled to carry out surveillance work against any country... only hope neither side will be stupid enough to shoot for real." that's entitlement to empty shots not fired, what case was made about the planes, or the report? ICAO guidelines for flight conduct during a sea and air naval drills are?
post2 : "don't get emotional with me..don't be offensive and personal .immature n infantile"
rolftsui- it's been that bad of a weekend and a Monday eh? And you really want it that bad? You succeeded in proving yourself one-dimensional. Sight contact- when unidentified plane is not in the drill manifest what do you do?
Well, the case was already made- despite of my hate for all wars, the Japanese plane could have been shot and if it did, deservedly so, because it KNOWINGLY flew in airspace it's not supposed to during a drill it was not a party to. The Japanese probably knew no live missiles were fired so they did so intentionally, to stir s h i t as they know best!




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