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Beijing tells G7 nations to stay out of disputes

Foreign ministry hits back after group's leaders express concern over regional maritime tensions

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 June, 2014, 3:49am
UPDATED : Friday, 06 June, 2014, 1:20pm

China vowed to resolutely respond to provocations against its territorial sovereignty yesterday after the Group of Seven leaders expressed deep concerns over maritime tensions between Beijing and its Asian neighbours.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the territorial disputes should be resolved by negotiations between the nations directly affected, and the involvement of external forces would only complicate matters.

"External countries should respect objective facts and bear a fair attitude in the dispute rather than stirring up tensions and creating divisions, and making complications to the regional situation," he said.

"China will make a resolute response to any provocative attempts by a few nations to intentionally infringe upon China's territorial sovereignty and rights and jeopardise maritime peace and stability."

Leaders of the G7 nations, including the US and Japan but not China, said in a statement after their talks in Brussels that parties involved in disputes over the East China Sea and South China Sea should clarify their claims in accordance with international law.

"We are deeply concerned by tensions in the East and South China Sea," the statement said. "We oppose any unilateral attempt by any party to assert its territorial or maritime claims through the use of intimidation, coercion or force."

China and Japan have been locked in tense exchanges since 2012 over the Diaoyu Islands, which Japan calls the Senkakus, in the East China Sea.

If Beijing cared so much ... it would not have set up the oil rig
Professor Shi Yinhong

Beijing also claims large parts of the South China Sea, against competing claims of Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Ships from Vietnam and China have clashed since last month when China established an oil rig in the disputed Paracel Islands, leading to deadly anti-Chinese protests across Vietnam.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on the sidelines of the Brussels talks that navigational freedom of the disputed waters should be protected and intimidation should not be allowed, Kyodo News reported.

Jia Xiudong, a researcher at the China Institute of International Studies, said both the US and Japan wanted to exert pressure on China through a multilateral platform.

"But the impact of G7 is diminishing and overridden by G20," he said.

Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing, said: "If Beijing cared so much about international pressure it would not have set up the oil rig."


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@ Justice First
You make it sound like China is the innocent and naive party in all this. China claims a huge area of the South China Sea, which looks like a tongue licking the coasts of their neighbours. Look at the map. They claim that they will negotiate with those countries on a unilateral basis and ask everyone to be calm, but at the same time they push ahead with oil drilling and infrastucture in these disputed waters. Surely this exposes China's total lack of sincerity in finding a fair solution to these disputes. The fact that they will not go the international arbitration is more because they know that their territorial claims are ambitious rather than any fear of bias against them.
Although nobody wants to admit or say it, in the "old days", Britain plundered and bullied, so did The Netherlands, America, USSR, France, Germany and Japan. Why did they do this? Because these countries were weak and defenceless. Now China says, without exactly using those words, "it's my turn" - to stand up. You watch with bemusement how China switches between Airbus and Boeing. Business is business, the Europeans and Americans are fighting hard for aircraft sales (let alone other products). I don't see them compromising business for morality. You also watch with bemusement how the Europeans and Americans harp about the immoral acts of Russia in Ukraine, harp and no action. These countries fear a war (it's costly you know! Look at Afghanistan and Iraq), so let's just shout about how bad and immoral the Russians are, just shout. We ordinary citizens look at the international game of politics as though a group of children were playing with sand castles. Now you see them, now you don't. We laugh, we lament and we give up. Let them fight. We care and we are compassionate but there is only so much we the citizenry can do.
A Kuro
The G7 is dominated by the US and the rest are just servants or spectators like Germany more concerned with German relations with Russia. And as long as servants like Japan can s u c k it up, the US will throw a bone from time to time. Why do you think Russia doesn't even care a hoot about the G8? Even Germany have the good sense to distinguish between right and wrong. An example is German refusal to participate in the US aggression in Iraq which was based on lies about WMD despite overwhelming pressure by the US to take part in the bloodthirsty orgy in Iraq. But Japan with her bad DNA can only watch the ongoing orgy of violence in disgust not being able to participate in the mass murder and mass looting. So now we know why Shinzo Abe wants to change Japan's "Peace Constitution" into a "War Constitution".
Winner not always the keeper, but loser always the weeper. US lost the Vietnam war and now it is just weeping at the G7 that it is a 5-star flag flying over the rigs and not the red-white-blue. Americans, try your luck elsewhere. You have already recently added Iraq and Libya to your oil coffer so that your countymen can drive big oil-gobbling cars. Curb your greed. Use smaller cars to leave some oil to other countries and then you will have less war over the world and less terrorist attacks on your countrymen.
Pretty much all of these countries except Canada benefited from the colonial age. Who's going to hand the US back to the natives? And they criticize China for aggression....
The Group of 7 most insolvent nations on earth, the source of most if not all of the world's troubles today, from Syria, to Ukraine, to the containment of China, is really losing in it in terms of relevance and importance, they are lashing out given opportunities like this.....sad but their decline is well deserved.....
Hong Lei cracks me up every time he opens his trap.
"should respect objective facts..."
---oh boy. Is he elevating an old map with a few dashed lines to the level of "objective facts"? Man, when you have "facts" according to the CCP, who needs fiction?
And he just seems dazed and confused when he whines about the G7 "external countries" meddling, when Japan is an active party in one of the disputes.
Anyway, if China is concerned about "stirring up tensions and creating divisions", she really needs to look in the mirror instead of whining on the international stage all the time.
With the heavy interference of the US and Japan in the SCS, and now with a possible "deep concern" from the G7, Japan would be further emboldened to press against China on its own territorial dispute with China, and to further interfere with China's effort to manage the SCS disputes. The end result is more tension, and more Chaos for the SCS. I think the US pivot to Asia and the Pacific is a major factor causing the disputes to deteriorate into bitter fights between contesting parties.
The question is: can international arbitration able to settle the disputes? In the new climate of a cold war, China is definitely not willing to trust the neutrality of international arbitration, because the US and Japan have been using it as a weapon against China, while themselves are violating the very principles of those laws The double standards are destroying trust.
China is the party stirring up divisions with their outrageous and immoral aggressions.
ngsw, please clear the BS out of your eyes and read the article again. It is not about the USA - it is about the G7!



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