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  • Dec 21, 2014
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Vietnam airs video of Chinese ship sinking fishing boat in South China Sea

Footage shows large Chinese vessel ramming wooden boat near oil rig in disputed waters

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 June, 2014, 4:15pm
UPDATED : Monday, 16 June, 2014, 9:10pm

Watch: Video showing Chinese ship sinking Vietnamese fishing boat

Vietnam has released dramatic footage showing a large Chinese ship chasing and ramming one of its fishing boats that then sank near an oil rig in contested waters in the South China Sea.

The communist neighbours have traded accusations over the May 26 sinking incident, with Hanoi decrying an “inhuman act” by China, which blamed intrusion by the Vietnamese vessel.

The footage, shot from a nearby Vietnamese vessel, show a much larger Chinese ship racing after a small wooden Vietnamese fishing boat, ramming into it and causing it to tip over and sink.

Vietnamese officials have said the 10 fishermen on board were rescued by nearby vessels after the incident, which occurred about 12 nautical miles southwest of the oil rig.

Vietnam said on Thursday that Chinese vessels guarding the oil rig had injured 12 people – including the 10 on the sunken boat – and damaged 24 Vietnamese law enforcement vessels since the stand-off began in early May.

An additional 12 fishing vessels have been damaged, according to Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Department deputy head Ha Le. “They were prevented from fishing, threatened by Chinese vessels, had their equipment destroyed and the crews were brutally treated,” he said.

Relations between Vietnam and China have plummeted over the oil rig’s presence, which has worsened an increasingly heated dispute over territorial claims in the area. The oil rig is positioned in the vicinity of the contested Paracel Islands, which are known as Hoang Sa in Vietnam and called Xisha in Beijing.

“Every day, China has between 30 and 137 boats around the oil rig, including six warships,” Vietnam Coast Guard deputy commander Ngo Ngoc Thu said. “Vietnamese ships are being restrained ... and trying to avoid China’s ramming.”

He added that Vietnam had not been using water cannon against Chinese boats.

Tensions over the oil rig sparked violent anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam last month. Beijing says four Chinese citizens died in the unrest, while Vietnam says three Chinese died.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has said China’s placement of the rig in the contested area “seriously threatened peace”.

China claims nearly all of the South China Sea and has become increasingly assertive in staking those claims. Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan have competing claims to parts of the sea.




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I've seen a lot of your 'pro CPP' comments here 'I Gandhi' Does your name calling racism represent the views of the Chinese government and / or the people of China? The things you say make you look very small, very ignorant, very mean and immature. If the Chinese government is paying you for your comments then they really ought to fire you because you are making China look very very bad.
….. the oil rig is in Vietnam's EEZ.
The 9-dash line (the justification for the placement of the rig) has no standing in international law. All it is is 9 dashes on a chart. It is not a continuous line. There are no co-ordinates defining where the dashes are. Chinese representatives continue to fail to answer questions in international forums about the meaning of the line.
Under UNCLOS Vietnamese fishermen have the EXCLUSIVE right to fish within 200 NM of Vietnam's shores. Under UNCLOS no nation has the right to drill for oil within 200 NM of Vietnam's shores.
So is this what China means by 'bilateral negotiations'?
Quite sickening! The green vessel makes no attempt to slow down. These guys are playing at war.
Really??? Impressive???
If (and I hope it does not come to pass) mothers have to receive their sons and daughters in body bags will you also be also 'impressed' then? You must be forgiven for you know not what you are saying. You are mired in a state of ignorant foolishness.
na na na na na na Jonathan Smith is a poo-poo head!!
Honestly, with guys like you I really feel like I am back in grade 1 or 2 having fights with other children. Trying lto speak reasonably with you guys is like a 'a chicken trying to speak with a duck' You simply are incapable of having civilized dialogue because you are apparently not civilized. You are yourselves what you say other people are - "vicious and dirty" for example. You see other people as vicious and dirty because you yourselves are vicious and dirty. It's all you know! What is astounding to me is that your 2 bits worth is the best that the interests you represent is able to come up with. I imagine you are probably university students, doing this part-time. If this is the case, how did u ever get into university? Is this the best your country can come up with?
I was so shocked to see this. China government and the PLA is really barbarian. They lied to their own people, they lied to neighbor country and do such inhuman to a normal wood ship. How come on earth Chinese people with thousand years of civilization would have this kind of government, the one underestimate and abuse the rights of peoples and humankind. Shame on you, CCP
Triton Island (17 miles from the rig) is a rock, not an island, and at best generates a 12 mile territorial sea, not a 200 NM EEZ.
So this incident occurred in Vietnamese waters. The rig is also in Vietnamese waters.
… and all of this happened within 200 NM of Vietnam's coast i.e. within Vietnam's EEZ.



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