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  • Sep 16, 2014
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Vietnam airs video of Chinese ship sinking fishing boat in South China Sea

Footage shows large Chinese vessel ramming wooden boat near oil rig in disputed waters

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 June, 2014, 4:15pm
UPDATED : Monday, 16 June, 2014, 9:10pm

Watch: Video showing Chinese ship sinking Vietnamese fishing boat

Vietnam has released dramatic footage showing a large Chinese ship chasing and ramming one of its fishing boats that then sank near an oil rig in contested waters in the South China Sea.

The communist neighbours have traded accusations over the May 26 sinking incident, with Hanoi decrying an “inhuman act” by China, which blamed intrusion by the Vietnamese vessel.

The footage, shot from a nearby Vietnamese vessel, show a much larger Chinese ship racing after a small wooden Vietnamese fishing boat, ramming into it and causing it to tip over and sink.

Vietnamese officials have said the 10 fishermen on board were rescued by nearby vessels after the incident, which occurred about 12 nautical miles southwest of the oil rig.

Vietnam said on Thursday that Chinese vessels guarding the oil rig had injured 12 people – including the 10 on the sunken boat – and damaged 24 Vietnamese law enforcement vessels since the stand-off began in early May.

An additional 12 fishing vessels have been damaged, according to Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Department deputy head Ha Le. “They were prevented from fishing, threatened by Chinese vessels, had their equipment destroyed and the crews were brutally treated,” he said.

Relations between Vietnam and China have plummeted over the oil rig’s presence, which has worsened an increasingly heated dispute over territorial claims in the area. The oil rig is positioned in the vicinity of the contested Paracel Islands, which are known as Hoang Sa in Vietnam and called Xisha in Beijing.

“Every day, China has between 30 and 137 boats around the oil rig, including six warships,” Vietnam Coast Guard deputy commander Ngo Ngoc Thu said. “Vietnamese ships are being restrained ... and trying to avoid China’s ramming.”

He added that Vietnam had not been using water cannon against Chinese boats.

Tensions over the oil rig sparked violent anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam last month. Beijing says four Chinese citizens died in the unrest, while Vietnam says three Chinese died.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has said China’s placement of the rig in the contested area “seriously threatened peace”.

China claims nearly all of the South China Sea and has become increasingly assertive in staking those claims. Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan have competing claims to parts of the sea.




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Maps don't signify ownership. They change and evolve. Vietnam has no clear historical claim, only a history of being owned by others. See the bigger picture and quit using empty useless arguments.
I think China should come clean. If it's claims of Paracel's & Spratly's are based on historical claims, than it should provide maps before the so called nine dash line released in 1953. There are no maps recorded during the Qing Dynasty that shows both these island chains as their own.
Maps and documents provided by both Western and Vietnamese historians clearly shows both these island chains to be of Vietnam's possession. It should be noted that throughout the 1800's, Europeans were the leading navigators and mappers of the seas. They have mapped these islands to be of Vietnamese possession.
If China argues that it has these islands is their legal sovereignty, than it should provide treaties or documents that support other nations recognition of this.
If It uses the late Phan Van Dong's letter to China, than this letter does not s state in anyway that Vietnam has rescinded sovereignty of these island chains to China, it merely states the respect of 12nM territorial integrity. This was in response to in case the US intervenes for Taiwan if China attacks it. Furthermore, if it is interpreted as recognizing these island's as China's sovereignty than there is no validity to it as these islands did not belong to North Vietnam at the time, it belonged to the US backed South Vietnam. As they say, you cannot give something that you don't yet have.
It has been noted by many nations that Vietnam has a clear legal a historical claim.
The same can't be said about China.
Europeans? mapped to Vietnamese possession? More like invaded and taken by the French for plantations. Viets only have claims to whatever tree they might be swinging on.
That is correct, the French did invade Vietnam and use it as plantations. They also assumed control of both Paracel's and Spratly islands after conquering Vietnam as they was part of Vietnam's territory. There are numerous documents and treaties which confirm this. Please provide some historical facts or legal evidence that proves China's claims. There is none.
Instead of name calling, provide some constructive rebuttals. The only comments I've seen from people that support the Chinese claims is name calling and utter nonsense that their government has told them. Read some books, do some history and legal research and then you'll come to see the bigger picture.
A Matsui
Vietnamese bullying this time is resulting in the Vietnamese being spanked.
You must be blind !
The pathetic aggression by the PRC is newsworthy for sure - but in the long run, the PRC is desperately without the natural resources necessary to achieve and maintain the hegemonic dominance they so desperately aspire to. This is the equivalent of two grasshoppers quarreling over a blade of grass. PRC - next super dominant world power some say? Balderdash. They have neither the resources nor a system of government capable of threatening the current world order. China is merely a minnow swimming in an ocean.




Ships that are not ocean worthy are hazardous to everyone else. If they won't scuttle their ship someone ought to do it for them. Probably another made in japan....
What now? What would happen to the Beijing version of the event?




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