Video: The dramatic moment Xinjiang chop attackers are brought down by mahjong players

Two attackers killed while the third is arrested after being surrounded by armed police and locals

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 June, 2014, 12:10pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 June, 2014, 4:37pm

Watch: Assailants of gaming hall caught by security cameras

Three axe-wielding attackers at a Xinjiang gaming hall calmly stood watching their victims play mahjong moments before hacking them at random, security footage showed.

Two assailants were seen standing over one of the mahjong tables at a chess hall as dozens of people in the room went about their business, in footage aired by state broadcaster CCTV.

Suddenly, one of the men brings out an axe and hits the neck or shoulder of a man in front of him. The other attacker, in a white T-shirt, pulls an axe from his belt and hits a woman at the next table.

The third assailant was not captured by the security camera.

Chaos ensues as the players use chairs to shield themselves and hit the attackers, while others try to tackle the attackers who are swinging their axes wildly.

Minutes later, three suspects emerge from the Jiaxin Chess Room and run towards the carpark. They are pursued by men holding long sticks or pipes before police arrived.

In edited footage aired by state broadcaster CCTV, the chess hall players and locals in Hetian city surround the men, then the footage jumps to the moment a police car arrives, and officers with shields and rifles rush to the scene of the clash.

Two of the attackers were killed and four other people were wounded. The third suspect was arrested.

It was unclear in the CCTV footage if it was the police or the residents who killed the assailants in Sunday’s incident.

“To me, they’re not humans. [They] made trouble for themselves and for others too,” one of the injured residents told the broadcaster. “[They] created chaos in society.”

Dozens of suspects in the western region of Xinjiang have been arrested and tried in recent weeks, accued of spreading extremist propaganda, possessing banned weapons and other crimes.

With additional reporting from Associated Press