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Caught red-handed: Shanghai party cadre fired after being filmed groping woman on train

Man identified as a state-run firm's deputy official arrested after victim comes forward

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 July, 2014, 1:14pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 July, 2014, 6:12pm

A Shanghai party official has been kicked out of the Communist Party and sacked from his job after a video of him sexually harassing a woman on the subway surfaced online.

In the video the official, sitting by the train doors, notices a woman standing close by. After glancing at her shorts several times, he reaches out and touches the top of her thigh, causing the woman to turn around and then recoil towards the door.

The passenger then quickly turns his attention back to his phone as if nothing has happened.

Wang Qikang, identified as the offender, told police in Shanghai that he had accidentally touched the girl’s leg while he was falling asleep on the train - despite the fact his eyes are clearly open throughout the incident.

His explanation infuriated internet users, who sent the viral video, eastday.com reported.

Wang “has been expelled from Communist Party” and Shanghai Jinjiang International Corporation “decided to terminate his contract”, the company said in a statement.

He had served as deputy director of the party office at one of Jinjiang’s subsidiaries.

Shanghai Jinjiang is one of biggest state-run travel-related enterprises. The news bulletin also said Wang had been detained by local police for “molesting women in public”.

Reports said the Wang was identified by web users after the video was posted online.

The video gained even more traction when they found out the offender was a cadre at a state-run company.

A short notice on the Jinjiang’s websiteposted on Saturday said that the company’s party officials were asked to deal with Wang’s case seriously and in accordance with the law.

The victim reported the case to police on Sunday, reports said.

The harassment of women in public for years went largely unpunished in China and victims tended to remain silent.

In recent years, however, video technology on smartphones has emboldened more people to report such crimes.


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I think it's great that he was busted and fully deserves to be sacked. But, why was the other passenger filming? Had party official done something earlier that had alerted this passenger, causing them to start filming in case it happened again?? Or was this passenger already surreptitiously filming the pretty girl in the short shorts and just happened to catch this moment?? Very odd.
I'm more surprised a high official was taking the subway....
You behave like an animal.You deserve not only to be sacked by your company but also to be caned for such behaviour like in Singapore.
He deserves it.
teehee, mommy and daddy cannot save your little jobby wobby? He will have another cushy job soon as some debt to be repaid to his parents for a promotion someone else got at a state owned enterprise somewhere. but, he sure looks like a high quality individual.
CCP has over 86 million members. That's 12x the population of HK.
Things like this are bound to happen. They gotta seriously reduce the membership size.
Perhaps he is the only person here that clearly does not require a physical. Perhaps only he among the males on that car has not completely lost the ability to act according to his human instinct, the others having lost touch with it through years of social conditioning, their instinct being weak and small enough to be coerced. He molesting the young woman? No! Looking at the photos one knew that this poor guy was visually harassed in the first place. Is there such a thing as visual harassment? Oh yes for sure! This poor guy was already too human. An animal would have pounced in a second! Alas, living in social space is a constant humiliation for men and women. And the funny thing is, many of the humiliated are actually feeling proud and righteous!
CCP cream of the crop
Dumbass, go get a pro, for a few hundred dollars, you can grope all you want.



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