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World unimpressed with Xi Jinping on human rights, but overall views of China positive: Pew report

Overall global impressions of China more favourable than not, but confidence in Xi varies greatly between China and rest of world

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 July, 2014, 9:12am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 July, 2014, 1:50pm

Chinese President Xi Jinping is failing to make much of an impression on people around the world concerned about China's human rights, but on balance the country is seen favourably, especially in economic terms, a report said on Monday.

China has invested billions of dollars to project its soft power, through English-language media and the promotion of its national language around the world, but the research suggests that Beijing has its work cut out trying to convince the world of its intentions.

While more than 90 per cent of Chinese had confidence in Xi, who assumed the reins of state power last year, that dropped to just 28 per cent in the United States and just six per cent in Japan, the Pew Research Center said.

"Xi ... so far has failed to make a strong positive impression on global publics. Overall, ratings for Xi are more negative than positive, while at the same time many are unfamiliar with the Chinese leader," it said.

Xi has overseen a sweeping crackdown on corruption, but has also ramped up pressure on dissidents and other activists.

More broadly, global impressions of China were on balance more favourable than unfavourable, with the country's economic growth generally seen as a good thing in most countries surveyed, the Washington-based group said.

"As China's economy has continued to grow over the past several years, it has developed extensive economic ties with nations around the world, generating both goodwill and anxieties about economic competition," it said.

"Overall, the publics surveyed tend to say China's progress is good for their own country as well."

In the United States though, where in 2011 half the respondents gave China a positive rating, only 35 per cent held that view now, Pew said. In Europe, the only country which generally viewed China more favourably than not was Britain.

More than eight in 10 Germans, a country China has gone to great efforts to court in recent years, thought China did not respect personal freedoms, the poll found.

Still, more respondents than not believed that China would replace, or had already replaced, the United States as the world's top superpower, with feeling strongest on this in the seven European countries surveyed.

Pew describes itself as a "nonpartisan fact tank" that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the United States and the world.


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Is it supposed to be an Oscar or Beauty contest LOL
good or bad, "global sentiments" is good for reporters to make her deliverable. but at the end of the day, a country's standing is all about $$$ and military might. think Great Britain in 19th century, US in 20th century.
More than anything else, this survey shows you which countries are watching CNN and which are not.
Shush, the epitome of enlightenment- when you are taught at birth to question then disbelieve in everything other than science, handed a fundamental deus or two as your sole compass, nothing else is connected, voila, your mettle is ready for the moulding- everything about you can be tweaked and bought, happily you will die sullied and bent, and 'free' as you make up your own mind on choices you were given.
To westerners economic well being, the right to food, shelter, and health care, is not part of human rights. So you can be starving, homeless, and sick with no recourse, but you have the right to vote for the meaningless same two parties, and free speech to yourselves.
A Matsui
Based on the slanted views of the Western World or the Anglo-Saxon world view, if you stand for peace and security and a level playing filed and is against using false evidence for launching wars, massive spying, destabilising other countries, against hegemony and rabble rousing and double standards you are not popular. If you are a liar, a war monger and a double crosser you are obviously great! What is moral is unacceptable. What is immoral especially if it is applied on non-Anglos is desirable. What the anglos mean when they say they want to promote freedom and democracy actually means they want to promote death and destruction like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.
gotcha Reuters, Pew. there are no mid terms primaries or re-election to be considered, the popularity fads that you guys breathe on don't mean squat here, better luck next time.
I Gandhi
The Western media always publishes lies as facts like the WMD in Iraq just to justify Western aggression. In most ways, they are too much like the lying barbarous Japanese to believe in the truth about themselves. It's always the weak that gets bullied by these monsters. For these liars the truth cannot be believed but lies are to be believed. That way the terrorist governments in places like the US can continue to fool their peoples and loot the world especially the Muslims by supporting despotic regimes and taking away their rights. If Jesus Christ were to return to earth, people like Shinzo Abe and Obama will be calling for him to be crucified as praying to war criminals and devils and glorifying wars is better than justice, security and peace for all. Without conflicts and wars, the US mighty military machine will not have any use. This is something the evil Japanese have been **** of for a long time because of the limitations imposed by the peace constitution which is why war mongers like Shinzo Abe is desperate to overturn Japan's peace constitution in order to join the US in her wars.
Always rewrite history and make themselves the good guys. The nippons were hoping to commit atrocities and cover it up with propaganda. Typical imperialist vermin.
With SCMP, every article about China has to sound negative. This one's title could very well be:
"The world has a positive view of China overall, but is unimpressed with Xi Jinping on human rights"
A bit too subtle for you, SCMP??




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