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'You're late!' Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi irked as John Kerry keeps him waiting before bilateral talks

Meeting during Asean event dealt largely with South China Sea tensions

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 09 August, 2014, 10:41pm
UPDATED : Monday, 11 August, 2014, 10:02am

US Secretary of State John Kerry ticked off his Chinese counterpart on Saturday by arriving late for talks between the superpowers as Washington attempts to cool regional maritime tensions.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointedly remarked that he had been waiting “for more than half an hour” in comments through an interpreter after Kerry arrived late for a meeting between the two countries.

Kerry, chuckling sheepishly, apologised for keeping Beijing’s top diplomat waiting.

“I am very, very sorry,” he said ahead of the meeting on the sidelines of talks between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and regional and global powers.

The US has urged an end to all acts that may worsen already strained relations between China and regional rival claimants over parts of the South China Sea.

Wang on Saturday said China was not the aggressor in the disputed waters, but vowed Beijing would have “clear and firm reactions” to defend its interests in the sea.

China earlier in the day vowed “clear and firm reactions” to defend its interests in the South China Sea but rejected suggestions of aggression, as America’s top diplomat urged restraint from all claimants to the bitterly contested waters.

A series of incidents between Beijing and several other nations with territorial claims to the sea has sent tensions soaring across Southeast Asia and spurred Washington to call for a halt to any activities that could worsen regional maritime relations.

Animosity over the South China Sea, a crucial maritime route that is also believed to hold huge oil and gas deposits, is dominating the Asean talks.

“The position of China to safeguard its own sovereignty, maritime rights and interests is firm and unshakeable,” Wang told reporters following a meeting with Asean counterparts.

Beijing claims sovereignty over almost the entire sea including waters, islands, reefs, shoals and rocky outcrops nearer to other countries.

The reach of mainland China’s claims has stirred years of diplomatic protest from Asean states Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, which also claim parts of the sea, while Taiwan is a sixth claimant.

While Beijing has always acted with “self restraint”, Wang warned “for those groundless provocative activities, the Chinese side is bound to make clear and firm reactions”

Kerry’s trip is seen as part of a wider US foreign policy pivot to reinvigorate alliances in the Asia-Pacific.

Quoting a 2002 declaration of conduct for the disputed region, also signed by China, Kerry urged claimant states to voluntarily agree to step back from any actions that could “complicate or escalate disputes”.

The 2002 declaration is non-binding, a sticking point for the region’s nations.

The Philippines is at the forefront of a push for a legally watertight code of conduct for the seas – something China rejects, preferring to negotiate on a bilateral basis with its rivals.

While insisting Beijing was ready to listen to “well-intentioned proposals”, Wang urged Manila to drop a legal challenge it has filed with the United Nations over China’s claims to the most of the sea.

Washington had said discussions of the South China Sea at the Asean Regional Forum (ARF) on Sunday are expected to be robust, but a State Department official insisted the US was not looking for a “showdown” with China.

A draft statement from Asean foreign ministers, who met Friday, said the bloc had “serious concern” over recent developments in the disputed sea.

Sunday’s ARF will bring together ASEAN foreign ministers and key partners, including the US, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the European Union.


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Wow, the little s**t had to wait for half an hour. Boohooo, what a pompous clown.
"China is not the aggressor in the disputed waters." As if there are people who actually believe this.
China is growing in importance internationally, and starting to learn how to throw its weight about, but I think it is a little early to call it a "superpower". If it gets through the next 20 years without imploding due to bad government and its demographic problems, and if it avoids the middle income trap so it can afford to match the US in expenditure, then it may emerge as a superpower. In the meantime, "rising power" is probably more appropriate.
The title of the article reads opposite of the first paragraph. If Kerry is "ticked off" it means the Chinese FM made HIM mad. Get it together SCMP. This is literally embarrassing... speaking of embarrassing, when will Kerry get replaced by somebody more competent?
I can agree with one point, that is whenever the U.S. got involved after WWII they created mess and tragedy. Remarkably, the U.S. seem to be completely unable to learn from their own failures and keep repeating them.
If it was America calling on China for being late you'd sing praises for America's assertiveness and attention to detail. Are you even Chinese?
My concern is that if President Obama will create another crisis in Asian Continent, such as the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia conflicts, like dog eat dog. Sometimes, he dealt with the world crisis with not flexible and it is very African characteristics. This is the main reason that Africa continent has always been at war. Prevent a third world war and history repeats itself again, yes, China and Russia must stick to their positions.
Again, if there are any disputes over maritime territory, then, it should be resolved by disputed parties through a dialog, not outsider. The question is if maritime territory disputed parties in South China Sea are willing to settle the disputes through a dialog. As information provided by media, Vietnam and Philippine exhibit more aggressive behavior than any involving countries in disputes as Vietnamese or Philippine leaders have felt that they are valuable to or to be great use for the United States for purpose of surrounding China. I am sure that the disputes will be resolved peacefully as long as other disputed parties are willing to dialog or negotiate with China to settle the disputes and eventually Vietnam will join in with others. Chinese leaders know very well, it is not Chinese best interest to settle south maritime island in South China Sea by force. So far Chinese leaders have exhibited patiently.
Jennie PC Chiang/江佩珍 08/10/14 美國
Can't really blame the Dracula looking US Secretary of State John Kerry for being late, the blood transfusion was taking a lot longer as the Japanese donors are too anaemic these days after spilling too much blood at the Yasukuni War Shrine.
I have deep respect for Wang Yi.
The opposing countries should form a coalition to oppose China. Unfortunately, Russia, which has had claims as well, will probably no longer oppose China in order to buy their friendship. ie. due to world political fallout over the Ukraine issue.



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