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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or Asean, was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the signing of the Asean Declaration by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Since then, membership has expanded to include Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Its aims include accelerating economic growth, social progress and cultural development of its member states and the protection of regional peace and stability.


Beijing warns all outside Asean against involvement in South China Sea disputes

Asean states' interests and those of China, not those of US or other outsiders, called paramount

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 August, 2014, 5:53am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 August, 2014, 7:02pm

China warned yesterday that only Asean's declaration of conduct was relevant to how nations interacted in the South China Sea and any competing proposal would harm the interests of Beijing and the regional bloc.

The message was delivered by Foreign Minister Wang Yi after a US proposal to suspend provocative acts in the disputed waters received a cool response from participants at the Asean Regional Forum (ARF).

Watch: Sea row overshadows talks between China, Southeast Asia

The Philippines has also called for a suspension as part of a plan to ease tension.

"Someone has been exaggerating or even playing up the so-called tension in the South China Sea," Wang said at a ministerial press conference in Naypyidaw yesterday. "We do not agree with such a practice, and we call for vigilance in the motives behind them. Any proposal to come up with an alternative would only disrupt discussion of the code of conduct."

Foreign ministers from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations are meeting in Naypyidaw along with top envoys from China, Russia, Japan, India, Australia, the European Union and the US for the ARF.

"We need to work together to manage tensions in the South China Sea and manage them peacefully and also to manage them on a basis of international law," US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Dr Shi Yinhong , a professor of international relations in Renmin University in Beijing, said Wang's remark was aimed at rebutting the US agenda.

"Kerry has made it clear that the US wants to be a mediator, and this is totally unacceptable to China."

Wang also said Beijing would adopt a "double track mindset" in dealing with the South China Sea issue. China would resolve territorial disputes through bilateral dialogue, but work with Asean in maintaining peace in the region. This is the first time China has used the term, although it is consistent with its previous positions.

Asean is working to conclude a binding code of conduct for maritime actions.

Shi said Wang was only clarifying China's stance that it would not accept any multilateral talks over sovereignty disputes, but could agree to negotiating issues relating to maritime rights, exclusive economic zones, and navigation, through the ARF.


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China wants to limit discussions about this completely unfounded, indefensible territorial, or rather aquatic claim to those countries, whom China thinks it can bully or pay into submission.

If a person in China would do that to his neighbors, he would spend time in prison for "creating trouble and quarreling."

If China can be successful with these baseless claims, then this will set the tone for others, too. If China's claim was valid, then German forces could invade Italy in order to restore the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation along the borders of 1192, and China would need to support that.

This is how ludicrous these "historical" claims are.
Strange that China Always say no one should medle in their own buisnis But they Always medle in all other countrys buisnis.
China will work together & peacefully in SC Sea provided that US not involve in the conflict.
My concern is that if President Obama will create another crisis in Asian Continent, such as the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia conflicts, like dog eat dog. Sometimes, he dealt with the world crisis with not flexible and it is very African characteristics. This is the main reason that Africa continent has always been at war. Prevent a third world war and history repeats itself again, yes, China and Russia must stick to their positions.
Again, if there are any disputes over maritime territory, then, it should be resolved by disputed parties through a dialog, not outsider. The question is if maritime territory disputed parties in South China Sea are willing to settle the disputes through a dialog. As information provided by media, Vietnam and Philippine exhibit more aggressive behavior than any involving countries in disputes as Vietnamese or Philippine leaders have felt that they are valuable to or to be great use for the United States for purpose of surrounding China. I am sure that the disputes will be resolved peacefully as long as other disputed parties are willing to dialog or negotiate with China to settle the disputes and eventually Vietnam will join in with others. Chinese leaders know very well, it is not Chinese best interest to settle south maritime island in South China Sea by force. So far Chinese leaders have exhibited patiently.
Jennie PC Chiang/江佩珍 08/10/14 美國
Formerly ******
So, from China's perspective, it's okay for China to interfere in the business of other Asian countries and occupy these countries economic zones, but it's not okay for the anyone outside of Asia to take issue with this.
Ah, has China noticed that India and Vietnam are conducting joint naval exercises? Likely, these two countries next will conduct joint ground ops.
Does China really believe that it's big enough to take on India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, the Republic of China (referred to by some as Taiwan), the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and Japan? The US wouldn't even have to help. Is China aware that India is a nuclear power? Due to China's belligerence, Japan, too, soon will be a nuclear power. Is China ready to fight a two-front war, let alone an almost 360 degree war.
China's bullying and aggression is making it a pariah with almost all of the other Asian nations. The US will do and say as it pleases, because, given a choice between hegemonic powers, many Chinese, let alone most of Asia, would opt for US hegemony and the US knows this.
中方是否真的認為它是足夠大,對印度、 越南、 緬甸、 新加坡、 印尼、 中國的共和國 (被一些人視為臺灣指)、 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國、 菲律賓、 和日本採取嗎?美國甚至不需要幫助。中國是意識到印度是一個核大國嗎?由於中國的好戰,日本,也很快就將是核電。是中國準備戰鬥一場兩個前面的戰爭,更遑論幾乎 360 度的戰爭。
Marcus T Anthony
This is an inherent contradiction. The ASEAN nations would want nothing to do with the US if China had a less aggressive policy in the region, and had not invested so much into militarisation. Remove China's aggressive foreign policy and peace would return, and the US would gradually be forced out if the region.
Every year when China hosts those huge military parades in Beijing, it merely drives the ASEAN nations closer to the US. Therefore if China really wants peace, all it has to do is back off all it's aggressive claims. But of course that is not what Chiba wants. It wants control and power over and above all other countries in the region - and free access to any energy-rich territory. It wants a return to the ancient power structure where Other countries were subservient to China. But the ASEAN countries do not want this - thus the US presence in the region.
"China should not forget that in the early 1900s China was occupied by military forces from several of the world powers at that time- Japan, United States, Britain, France, Italy and Germany."
This is precisely the reason why China needs to stand up to foreign forces so it will never be dominated again.
China is not acting as the world's master/bully but reacting to outside forces that tries to dictate the region when it is none of their business.
I totally agree with Xi's idea of Asians for Asia.
The probability of China today again to be occupied by outside forces like the 1900s is close to zero. I suggest you read more about China today before making ludicrous comments like that.
Kerry has made it clear that the US wants to be a mediator, and this is totally unacceptable to China.- OF COURSE, HOW WE CAN ACCEPTED KERRY'S PROPOSAL WITH THE ATTITUDE OF 'DOUBLE STANDARD' FROM THE US SIDE.
Once again China says one thing and does the opposite. It employs well tried ancient tactics, a two faced policy, saying its intentions are peaceful and it does not interfere in other countries' affairs. Its real intention is to divide ASEAN from the USA and dominate each country one by one until it isolates Japan. If achieved, it may well make make a military grab for Taiwan and the region's maritime territories and resources. In the meantime it is using its fishing fleet as a 5th column to inflitrate and bully.
The USA is the only credible guarantor of security against Chinese aggression because China fears the US 7th Fleet.
Just as in the 1930's with H i t l e r and the N a z i s in Europe and and militarist J a p a n in East Asia, no self respecting neighbour should trust a racist, totalitarian dictatorship whose true intentions are "Lebensraum" and rape of the planet's natural resources.
China must be brought into line to respect international law. The best way to do that is for the free world to disinvest and take its capital, technology, expertise and trade elsewhere. This is beginning.
Jennie...sweet as you come across, unfortunately your image is that of an utter re_tard...
China should not forget that in the early 1900s China was occupied by military forces from several of the world powers at that time- Japan, United States, Britain, France, Italy and Germany. China's claiming 90% of the China Sea which really belongs to the entire world with the purpose that it serves in facilitating international commerce and security is a world problem not just Asean. Thus, if China continues to act as the world's master or bully, soon it will find itself in such a situation again, occupied by military forces and this time from a coalition of many other countries affected by China's evil doing.



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